3 Benefits of Choosing Saniton for Toilet Bowl Replacement

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Regardless of the toilet bowl brand you use, it will eventually develop issues or cease to perform entirely. Then you will be forced to replace your old toilet. In Singapore, numerous brands are selling a variety of toilet bowl models, which may leave you confused. If you only want the best and want to buy from one of Singapore’s most well-known brands, Saniton is the way to go.

Before you buy a Saniton toilet bowl, you will want to know what sets it apart from the rest – the benefits of purchasing a Saniton toilet bowl are listed below.


You can save water in the long run


All of us know that it is very important to try and save as much water as we can. However, most of us are unaware that even making the right choice in the toilet can help us save a significant amount of water. The  Camellia Saniton ST2488-SC3033 toilet bowl is known to help save water. This model’s cistern is refilled with water from the IB sprout, then utilized for the subsequent flush.

The Saniton Melissa toilet bowl model has a dual system – one of the features to look out for when buying the best toilet bowl for your home. There is a partial flush for liquid waste, and for solid waste. In contrast to single-flush versions, you will not be using the same quantity of water in both circumstances and save a significant amount of water in the long run.


Eco friendly


Since water is reused in toilet bowl models such as Saniton Camellia ST2488-SC3033IB-3, you will save a lot on water bills. Additionally, it makes a Saniton toilet bowl eco-friendly as well. One of the best types of eco-friendly toilet bowls is the Saniton toilet bowl with a dual flush system. It only uses about 3 litres of when you push a single button for liquid wastes while 4.5 litres of water will be used to dispose of solid waste.


Has a flexible design


Another benefit of choosing a Saniton toilet is its flexible design – one of the factors to consider when selecting a toilet bowl for your home. For instance, Saniton Indica ST2999-SC3122 toilet bowl has been developed to adapt to a variety of bathroom settings. Therefore, if you enjoy all of the characteristics of this model, you would not have to worry about whether it will fit comfortably in your bathroom. However, if you are unsure about which Saniton toilet bowl model to choose, you can always seek assistance from our Toilet Bowl City Singapore experts. Our professionals have installed toilet bowls in various Singaporean houses and will quickly assist you in selecting the ideal Saniton toilet model for your home.



If you are experiencing problems with your toilet bowl, then it might be a sign to replace your old toilet bowl with a new one. There are several brands in the market but the Saniton toilet bowl is one of the most popular in Singapore. The Saniton toilet bowl has different models that are equally great and have several benefits. The benefits include saving water in the long run, it is eco-friendly and having flexible designs. If you need assistance in installing and replacing your toilet bowl, engage professionals such as Toilet Bowl City Singapore to ensure that your toilet bowl is installed properly and efficiently.


At Toilet Bowl City Singapore, we understand the need to keep home service expenses within your budget. Hence, we offer honest and reasonable pricing for any of your toilet bowl installations works. Select from our range of toilet bowl brands, browse our past toilet bowl installation projects for inspiration, or read up on toilet bowl-related articles to find out more about toilet bowl installation services. Get in touch with us now via WhatsApp at +65 8241 0032!