3 Benefits of Replacing Your Old Toilet Bowl with a Baron Toilet Bowl

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A toilet bowl is a simple fixture that consumes nearly 27 percent of the total water usage in a household. You may not notice your toilet bowl until a problem arises and that is the time you opt to replace your toilet bowl. There are a lot of new toilet bowls that can replace your old toilet bowl, but most Singaporeans prefer the Baron toilet bowl. The Baron toilet bowl is one of the best-selling toilet bowl brands in Singapore and the most preferred for a toilet bowl replacement because it offers the following benefits:

Water efficiency

One of the most important benefits of replacing your old toilet bowl with a Baron toilet bowl is that it saves water. Older toilet bowl models use too much water, and not only does it waste water but also increases your utility bills. If you choose to install one of the popular Baron toilet bowl models such as Baron W888 or Baron W-203A, then you will be saving a lot of water. Every Baron toilet bowl has a flushing system that uses only about 4.5 liters of water per flush. Therefore, water usage will be 50 percent less compared to the older toilet bowl models.


Compact Baron toilet bowl size


Baron toilet bowls are the best options if you need a classy toilet bowl that is also space-saving. For example, the Baron W-203A toilet bowl is compact in size – it can fit easily and look pleasant with your small bathroom. People often buy a toilet bowl that takes up too much space which is one of the common mistakes to avoid when getting a new toilet bowl.


Soft-closing Baron toilet bowl seat covers


Another benefit that you can enjoy if you install a new toilet bowl with a Baron toilet bowl is its soft closing seat cover. These seat covers have an interesting mechanism that enables slow closing and will not slam hard. Thus, you will avoid loud noises and you will not worry about your toilet seat being damaged from regular slamming.


Why you should install a Baron W888 or W-203A toilet bowl?


A Baron W888 model is a 1-piece toilet bowl that has a soft closing seat cover that ensures no slamming of the seat. You can enjoy a problem-free flushing experience with its smooth flushing system. It is compact in size which is a good option if you have a small bathroom. Lastly, it saves water as it comes with a PUB water efficiency labeling scheme.

On the other hand, the Baron W-203A is a 2-piece toilet bowl that has a slow-moving seat cover. It can easily fit small spaces and still look classy. It also saves water since it has a 4.5/2.5 liters dual flush. This model comes with a PUB water efficiency labeling scheme too which gives you a better experience.



If you are experiencing problems with your toilet bowl, then it might be a sign to replace your old toilet bowl with a new one. There are several brands in the market but the Baron toilet bowl is one of the most popular in Singapore. The Baron toilet bowl has two models, the W888 and W-203A that are both equally great and have several benefits. It is water efficient, compact in size, and has soft-closing seat covers. If you need assistance in installing and replacing your toilet bowl, acquire services from Toilet Bowl City Singapore. Alternatively, if you are looking for Baron toilet bowls for purchase, visit Everyhome Singapore as they have Baron and other toilet bowls brand available!


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