3 Different Flush Systems In Singapore

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Before you engage in a toilet bowl installation and replacement, you may also need to check out which toilet bowl types are more suitable for your liking. On the other hand, you may have also bought a toilet bowl but after several years, its toilet bowl flush system becomes faulty and you might need to replace it. Doing ample amounts of research is very important so that you will not end up buying a toilet bowl flush that is the wrong fit for your existing toilet bowl.


Make Sure You Budget Before Buying Toilet Flush Parts


One of the common toilet bowl problems you can avoid is buying unfit flush parts. In this case, you should not hesitate to contact a reliable plumbing professional to help you with your toilet bowl flush system replacement. 

Make sure you have the right fittings from your toilet bowl installation so you can purchase a well-fitted flush. This can also be one of the reasons why you should hire a professional for your toilet bowl installation since these things will be perfect and accurately recorded.


Types of Flush Designs In The Singapore Market


There are many different types of flush or toilet bowl flush systems available in the Singapore market. You should always be exact about your preferences to know what is the most fitted for you before engaging in a toilet bowl flush system replacement


Gravity Flush


The most common type of flush available in the Singapore market is the gravity flush. This type of flush works with the power of gravitational force, making use of the weight from the volume of water to create pressure for flushing. 

Gravity flushes are most commonly present in toilet bowls with their tanks exactly above them. The cistern design for gravity flushes are also elevated to create pressure while the water is traveling from the tank to the bowl itself, just like forcing the water into the toilet bowl that also helps in diminishing both dirt from the toilet and human waste. 

If you currently have a gravity flush and are planning to have a toilet bowl replacement, then it is important to know these facts stated above so you will be able to choose the right toilet for you. 


Dual Flushing System


Another flush system is the dual flushing system. This has a full flush which is most recommended to be used for solid wastes, and partial flush for liquid waste. Some examples of top-notch toilet bowls that have dual flush mechanisms are the Saniton Indica 2-Piece Toilet Bowl and Saniton Camellia 2-Piece Toilet Bowl. This type of flush system can help you save water because of the partial flushing, which makes it more eco-friendly. Most Singaporeans who engage in toilet bowl installation and toilet bowl replacements choose toilet bowls with this type of flush system because of the water saving feature. 

Double Cyclone       

Double cyclone flushing system is newer to the market. One brand that offers double cyclone flushing is Toto toilet bowl. This is a combination of the power of gravity flush and water spiraling technique to clean the toilet bowl as it flushes. There are two powerful nozzles to spray water into the toilet bowl, in opposite directions, creating water spiraling and water jet effects.

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