3 Signs The Toilet Bowl Installation Is Improperly Done

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Other than the design and quality of the toilet bowl, the performance of a toilet depends on whether it has been installed properly. Even if the homeowner purchases the best-selling toilet bowl brand in the market – if it is not properly installed, it will malfunction earlier than expected. Ideally, if a purchased quality toilet was installed by a professional plumber who offers toilet bowl installation services, homeowners should not face any problem at all.

However, if the toilet installation is not proper, there will be some signs of the problem that should not be ignored since it can cause structural and other damage. If not fixed immediately, it can worsen and increase the cost of toilet bowl repairs. Listed below are signs of incorrect toilet bowl installation:


Water Leakage From The Toilet Base Is A Frequent Problem


The toilet is fixed to the floor of the bathroom using a wax ring and a flange. If you see signs of toilet bowl water leakage, then the flange is not fixed properly. Wastewater should not leak from the bottom of the toilet and should directly flow into the sewer. However, in some cases, the flange may crack or loosen nuts and bolts easily. Additionally, the wax ring may also be damaged, both of which can cause leakage.

Less water leakage should not be taken lightly since there are possible dangers if a leaking toilet bowl is ignored. If the bathroom area remains wet, mold and mildew may also grow due to high humidity levels and cause respiratory problems. It may also damage any flooring material and the ceiling in the room below may develop water stains.


Sewage Odour


All the waste from the toilet bowl should flow into the drains of the sewerage system. If there is even a very small gap in the flange, some of the liquid waste will leak around the area, and over the period of time, the waste will decompose resulting in unpleasant odors. This waste contains harmful bacteria and microbes that can cause health problems for the family members if ignored. It is advisable to contact a plumber who has done several toilet bowl services once the smell is noticed.


Toilet Flange is Loose and The Toilet Moves


If high-quality materials are used and the toilet is installed correctly by a professional, the flange will remain in place and will not cause this problem. However, if the flange bolts that hold the toilet down to the bathroom floor evenly is loose, it can cause the toilet to rock. The toilet will move slightly or wobble when it is used, and this will cause discomfort for the user.  It is better to address this problem immediately and avoid any other problems.



Improper toilet installation is a nightmare for homeowners. If left unfixed, it can cause more damage to the surrounding area. It is important to understand the signs of improper toilet installation (e.g., water leaks, sewage odors, and moving toilets) to prevent more damage and increase maintenance costs. It is also possible to troubleshoot all of this on your own, but if you want this issue to be resolved properly without a hassle – especially if you are not certain which is the root of the dilemma, you can contact Toilet Bowl City Singapore to get the job professionally done.


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