4 Advantages of Installing Two-Piece Toilet Bowls

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You are planning to invest in installing a new toilet bowl since your old toilet bowl has been used over the years. It might have stopped working properly, is difficult to use, and developed marks, cracks, and stains. The most common choices for a toilet bowl are a 1-piece toilet bowl and a 2-piece toilet bowl. The 2-piece toilet bowl is gaining more popularity in Singapore because of the many benefits it has to offer. Here are the advantages of installing a 2-piece toilet bowl:


Lesser Weight


One of the best advantages of a 2-piece toilet bowl is its lesser weight. If you have to move a 1-piece toilet bowl, then you will need to carry a bulky unit. This is not easy, especially if you have to do it on your own. However, it will be much easier to choose a 2-piece toilet bowl such as the Baron W-203A. Instead of moving one single bulky unit, you will need to carry two lightweight and smaller pieces. It will be much simpler to maneuver and move into your unit.


Comfortable Installation


Handling and installing a 2-piece toilet bowl is also much easier. You will be handling a bowl and a tank separately when installing a 2-piece toilet bowl. It becomes easier to install it since you have less weight to handle. Though you can try to install a 2-piece toilet bowl on your own, it is certainly not an easy task. You will also need the right tools which are quite expensive. Instead of taking the risk and installing it on your own, you should hire a toilet bowl service to efficiently install your toilet bowl.

Toilet bowl services have experts that have years of experience in installing toilet bowls. They shall install your new toilet bowl perfectly in no time. Once the installation is completed, they will also clean up the space leaving you worry-free.


Easier To Repair or Replace Damaged Parts


It is also much easier to repair a 2-piece toilet bowl compared to a 1-piece one. Even replacing a 2-piece toilet bowl is a lot more convenient. You may develop common toilet bowl problems with only the tank or the bowl itself. In such a scenario, you will have to replace the whole unit with a 1-piece toilet bowl. Unlike with the 2-piece toilet bowl where you can just replace the unit showing issues and you are good to go.


Less Expensive

Lastly, a 2-piece toilet bowl is less expensive. The production cost of a 1-piece toilet bowl is higher as it does not have quite the market volume, thus making the unit itself expensive too. On the other hand, 2-piece toilet bowls are more popular and produced on a larger scale, thus costing less.

One great example of a budget-friendly 2-piece toilet bowl is the Tiara 208. If you choose this toilet bowl, you will be glad about its great features and get to enjoy it at an affordable price. The Tiara 208 2-piece toilet bowl saves water, has a rimless toilet bowl, looks appealing, has a curved seat, and a soft closing seat cover – which are some of the factors to consider when choosing the best toilet bowl. You will love using this toilet bowl as it is very affordable and a good option when you are on a budget.



If you are planning to replace your old wall-mounted or floor-mounted toilet bowl and install a new one, it is best to opt for a 2-piece toilet bowl. You can enjoy lots of advantages with a 2-piece toilet bowl such as its affordability, easy installation, and lightweight capability. It is better to engage toilet bowl services since they are experts that can provide a hassle-free and perfect toilet bowl installation.


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