4 Reasons To Switch To A Black Toilet Bowl

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Despite the majority of toilet bowls in Singapore houses being white, cream, or biscuit, more and more individuals are opting to have a toilet bowl installment and replacement with other colors.

Black toilets are common in hotels, upscale residences, and those with black-themed décor. Many individuals in Singapore are interested in learning why they should install a black toilet bowl in their house, and why this is becoming an increasingly popular choice for locals. Let’s take a look at some of the great reasons to switch to black toilet bowls: 




In Singapore and other parts of the world, white toilets have long been the standard color choice. A lot of people claim that this is because white is associated with cleanliness and hygiene. However, the real reason why many toilet bowl products are white is because of the manufacturing process and the materials used in their construction. Almost all toilets nowadays are made of porcelain, a type of kaolin clay that produces a translucent white finish. Porcelain also offers durability and strength. Moreover, white toilets are simpler and easier to produce, which is why they are cheaper to manufacture. 

One of the best toilet bowl buying guide tips is to choose a good and unique design. Increasingly, hotels, malls, public spaces, and even some houses are looking to differentiate themselves from the competition by giving their properties a distinct style. You can effortlessly enhance the appearance of your bathroom by installing an all-black toilet. Because most people are used to seeing white toilets, they will notice the color change right off the bat. 

Most people spend a lot of money on remodeling and decorating their houses, and they want their bathrooms to stand out. As a result, a black toilet bowl, which is uncommon in most households, is becoming more appealing. Several toilet bowl brands in Singapore have taken notice of this and now sell black toilet bowls with many of the same qualities seen in white toilet bowls.




Neutrality is one of the many factors you should consider when choosing a toilet bowl for your bathroom. ​​Black is a neutral color that is compatible with almost all colors.

Many families prefer to use dark colors in their bathrooms and elsewhere since stains and dirt are not easily visible. If they install a conventional white toilet, it may not be compatible with the rest of the bathroom decor and furniture. Hence increasingly, property owners who want a toilet whose color matches the rest of the bathroom decor are opting for black-colored toilet bowls.




Only a few companies and manufacturers provide black toilets. Consider black toilets if you want to give your house or hotel a more luxurious ambiance. Because they are so unique, black toilets provide a touch of opulence to the space. This raises the property’s resale value and increases its chances of receiving free publicity from the media.


Contemporary Design

Kohler introduced the first black toilet bowls in the 1920s. However, the popularity of these toilets is highly dependent on home décor trends. Recently, black toilets have seen a rise in sales among major manufacturers and homeowners.

There are different styles for black toilets such as the Magnum 938 Turbo Tornado Black Toilet that are matte, glossy, and decorative, to match the bathroom decor. Designers and architects are also adopting black toilets in their bathroom designs since they have more options when it comes to matching the toilet with other bathroom furnishings.


The Benefits of Black Toilets


    • Appearance. Dirt and stains are less noticeable on black floor mounted and wall mounted toilets. Customers place a high value on cleanliness when choosing a hotel or establishment. The client may complain if toilets look soiled and disgusting — creating the impression that they are unclean. 
    • It Holds Its Value. The prevalence of stains is one of the many signs that you need a toilet bowl replacement. White toilet bowls are prone to stains which can negatively impact bathroom aesthetics. A black toilet can look cleaner for a longer amount of time, particularly in hotels, where guests are likely to inspect the toilet’s condition before using it. Consider installing black toilets if you intend on renting out your property since stains left behind by the renter will be less noticeable.
    • Minimalism. If you’re going for a minimalist approach, black toilets can make a bathroom seem larger and more spacious. 
    • Elegance and Style. Using a black toilet in the bathroom will give it a wealthy feel, much as black is popular in fashion. It suggests that a lot of work has been put into making the bathroom distinctive by selecting a color that is unique. 
    • Styling Versatility.  Black wall mounted and floor mounted toilets can be paired with a variety of different materials like natural stone, marble, granite, and other metallic fixtures. 



While the majority of Singaporean households have white-colored toilet bowls, a number of individuals are opting to have toilet bowls fitted in other colors as well. Black toilets have been a growing trend these days, and there are a lot of benefits to them. Black toilet bowls offer a unique feature to your home and will make your bathroom stand out.

Design-wise, black toilet bowls have neutrality. It matches all kinds of color schemes. Since black toilets are also offered in many different styles such as matte and glossy, you can find one that can perfectly fit your needs. Lastly, the advantage of installing a two-piece toilet bowl or one-piece toilet bowl that is colored black is it hides dirt and stains better than a white one. Cleanliness is an important consideration for customers when selecting a hotel or other institution. If the restrooms are filthy, the customer may be put off and file a complaint.

If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your bathroom or installing a new toilet, then black toilets are worth checking out. It really adds something special to the space, especially if you want to augment your overall motif with a touch of luxury. The result is a bathroom that’s not like any other in the neighborhood. If you want to purchase a black toilet, reach out to the best toilet bowl brands in Singapore! 

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