4 Reasons Why Singaporeans Purchase The Tiara 208 and 228 Toilet Bowl

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Many Singaporean families wish to install a new toilet bowl because their current toilet bowl is malfunctioning or they are renovating their home and want to use the latest model available. One of the most popular models of toilet bowls is the Tiara toilet bowl, known for its affordable price and water efficiency. Buyers looking to purchase a Tiara toilet bowl can choose between the Tiara 208 and Tiara 228 models. Here are more reasons why these models are popular.


Wash Down Toilet Bowl


The Tiara toilet bowls have a wash down design, utilizing gravity and water to wash away waste. This simpler design of the toilet bowl uses less water and has a lower cost price. The wash down toilet bowl also has a large hole connecting to the drainage system. This greatly reduces the possibility of clogging – one of the common toilet bowl problems to avoid. Other toilet designs, on the other hand, have smaller holes for connection and are more likely to get clogged.


S-Trap toilet

Tiara toilet bowls have an S-trap to prevent toxic gases and foul odors from the drainage system from entering the home, especially if the toilet bowl is not used for a long time. In case larger items fall in the toilet bowl, they will be blocked by the S-trap, making it easier to recover them. Moreover, many HDB flats have their drainage connection on the floor, so an S-trap toilet bowl is preferable to a P-trap toilet bowl. The S-trap toilet bowl safety feature of the Tiara toilet bowl makes it a preferred option for buyers who want a safe toilet.


Advantages of Rimless toilet bowl


Bacteria and other harmful microbes often grow in the rim of the toilet bowl due to high humidity levels. Hence one of the reasons why you should opt for a Tiara toilet bowl is because of its rimless design. This ensures that no disease-causing germs are developing on the toilet bowl’s rim. Rimless toilet bowls are also easier to clean and require less maintenance. The rimless toilet bowl’s flush system is designed to require less water for flushing away toilet bowl waste. Therefore, using this will greatly reduce the water bill.




In addition to checking the toilet bowl price, it is also advisable to look over the water consumption of the toilet bowl – one of the features to consider when buying a toilet bowl for your home. This is because the water needed for flushing is an important part of the overall water consumption. Older toilet bowls were consuming up to 9 liters of water per flush, but with the advanced technology, the water consumption has greatly decreased. The popular toilet bowl models from Tiara have been certified for water efficiency by PUB in Singapore. Besides that, the Tiara 228 2-piece toilet bowl also has a dual flush, so the reduced flush can be used when there is liquid or less waste. To some extent, this can help to reduce water usage.



Several toilet bowl brands are available in the market, and if you wish to install a new toilet bowl and choose among the popular models, then the Tiara toilet bowl is perfect for you. The Tiara 208 and Tiara 228 are some of the best choices for Singaporean families to purchase. This is because they are water-saving, a washdown toilet bowl, and a rimless toilet bowl that has an S-trap. If you require help in installing your Tiara toilet bowl, consider engaging a professional plumber as they are skilled and experienced to install your toilet bowl efficiently and properly.


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