4 Signs That You Have A Choked Toilet Bowl

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It is no secret that toilet bowls choke from time to time. Most Singaporean homeowners have experienced this frustrating situation at some point in their lives. Luckily, most toilet bowl chokes are relatively easy to clear, with a few common steps that anyone can take to solve the problem. However, toilet bowl clogs can oftentimes be a sign of a more serious problem, such as an overflowing toilet bowl that cannot stop running.

Here are four signs that you have a choked toilet bowl.


An Overflowing or Full Toilet Bowl


A blocked toilet bowl can be indicated by the following signs – if your toilet bowl fills up every time you flush it, there are small pools of water accumulating under the toilet bowl lid or a constant stream of running water even when the toilet bowl is not being used. It is important to remember that while a toilet bowl may be overflowing or choked, it does not necessarily mean that the toilet bowl is broken. At times, the internal components of a toilet bowl will simply be in the wrong position, or a small clog can cause a toilet bowl to overflow. Collection of toilet papers or a foreign object being flushed down the drain such as toilet bowl deodorizers or kids toys can be the reasons why your toilet bowl chokes regularly. Take note that you do not flush your choked toilet bowl repeatedly as this can worsen the situation.

If you are experiencing a choked toilet bowl, the best thing you should consider is to call a professional plumber to help fix the mess using the most cost-effective techniques. They are available any time so you can contact them at your convenience.


Slow Draining Toilet


There is no doubt that your toilet bowl is choked if it is draining slowly after you flush. It will take longer for the water level to decrease or have an insignificant drop level which can result from the vacuum effect of a choked drain. Both cases are usual signs of a choked toilet bowl, which is also a common toilet bowl problem. In such a case, you need to seek a plumber with toilet bowl services before it worsens. Also, if your toilet bowl does not have a constant flush rate, you need to get it checked. Do not ignore these signs and leave them unchecked for days.


Foul Smell


Another common sign of a toilet bowl choke is foul odors arising from your bathroom. Foul smells arising around your kitchen sink, toilet bowl, or bathroom are evidence that your toilet bowl’s (S-trap or P-trap toilet bowl) drains are probably blocked. The piling up of sewer waste results in the production of gasses which are then emitted through vent pipes and fixtures. You should not be smelling foul gasses unless your drains are blocked. Do not hesitate to call a professional plumber in case you notice a foul smell from your installed toilet bowl.


Gurgling Sound

Are you aware that a gurgling sound from your toilet bowl and other water drain fixtures can be an indication of a choked drain? A blocked drain causes changes in the air to liquid ratio, thus interfering with the smooth flow of the sewer material. This is because some sewer gasses escape through vents and water seals resulting in such noises within the sewer system. If you notice such noises, call a professional toilet bowl service such as Toilet Bowl City Singapore to rectify it before it becomes a bigger issue. Unchecked minor problems in the sewer system can end up causing more damages to your entire toilet bowl flush system.



Most homeowners in Singapore have experienced toilet bowl issues such as a toilet bowl leak and a toilet bowl choke. It is important to know the signs of a choked toilet bowl so that homeowners know how to prevent a toilet bowl choke and avoid any more problems. If it does result in a bigger problem, it is best to contact a professional plumber right away. Professional plumbers have the necessary experience and skills to handle such an issue, they can also provide other toilet bowl services.


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