4 Things To Note Before A Toilet Bowl Replacement

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There will come a time when your toilet will stop functioning completely or will start showing many problems. In either case, a toilet bowl replacement is your only option. Toilet bowl replacement is not that easy, which is why leaving it up to the professionals is still the best choice. There are 4 things to keep note of before the replacement.

You should measure the location and the toilet itself


To avoid mistakes in getting a toilet bowl replacement, proper measurements are needed so that the new toilet fits where the old one is. Measurements need to be taken with your present toilet still in its place.

Begin by taking the rough-in measurements by measuring the distance from the wall behind your toilet right to the center of the bolts located at your toilet’s base. If your current toilet has four bolts, then measure up to the middle position of the bolts. If you have a standard toilet, then the rough-in will be between 11 – 18 inches. If your rough-in is not between 11 – 18 inches, a standard toilet will not fit in, and you will have to search for a toilet design for that particular rough-in distance.

You need to understand that precise measurements are very important before making a purchase. Rather than taking the measurements yourself, it will be best to engage professional toilet bowl installers such as Toilet Bowl City.


Toilet varieties are available


There are a lot of different types of toilet bowls in the market. When you are planning to replace your toilet bowl, a buying guide is what you need, then consider all your options and select the best among them.

Now, you need to select between a one-piece and two-piece model. In the one-piece model, the bowl and tank are both a single integral unit. These toilets have a sleek appearance but they cost more compared to the two-piece toilets. On the other hand, a two-piece toilet can be customized for different styles and heights because it has a detachable tank. You can also select from different colors and materials available including wood, polyresin, plastic, and porcelain.


Look for the most suited toilet for your needs


There are a lot of toilet bowls to choose from nowadays. They come with many interesting features and you must opt for the one that meets your requirements best or look through the best toilet brands available.

A soft closing seat cover can prove to be a great option. These seats do not close with a bang – therefore, you will never be disturbed because of them. Also, you will not have to worry about hurting your little finger while trying to close these toilet seats. There are also heated toilet seats in the market. These come with temperature controls so you can enjoy and relax while doing your business.

Let’s not forget about the flushing mechanism! There are so many options to choose from like eco-friendly toilet bowls with dual flush and single flush. A dual flush is better than a single flush because it can save more water and it clogs less. This way you can also save money by this in the long run. There is also a touchless flush if you opt for flushing without physical contact. In this case, you just need to wave your hand over the sensor eye, then the flush will be initiated.


Prioritize comfort

Comfort is one of the important factors to consider when buying a new toilet bowl. Raised toilet seats make a good option if there are elder or people with disabilities present at your home. Most raised toilet seats come with grab handles making them even easier to use. There are also padded seats now and this is a good choice if you are looking for that extra level of comfort.

Who knew that toilet seats come in different shapes and it has different functions too. There are so many features to look out for when choosing a toilet bowl! Elongated bowls offer a deeper seating area and will be comfortable for most. Compact-elongated takes less space, has a shorter footprint, but still offers good comfort. And round-front is the best choice when you have very limited space.

Once you find the toilet bowl that fits your need, proper installation is still the key to avoiding toilet bowl problems.



There are many factors to consider when buying a replacement for an old toilet. From wall mounted and floor mounted toilets, size, type, and even the shape of the toilet seat, it will put pressure on the owner – especially since there are many toilet bowl models and brands to choose from. After you choose a toilet that meets your needs, please consider hiring a professional toilet installer to ensure that your toilet is installed correctly and effectively. In addition, with proper installation, you can avoid common toilet problems such as leaking toilets.


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