4 Things You Need To Know About Toilet Bowl Installation

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There will come a time when you will decide to get a new toilet bowl because your current one looks ugly, uncomfortable to use, or has stopped functioning. Getting a toilet bowl will not be enough; you will need it installed. Here are a few things you should know about toilet bowl installation in Singapore, which we will share with you right away.


The Toilet Type And Design Matters


When it comes to toilet bowl installation, the toilet type and design are important. There are two types of toilets to choose from such as 1-piece toilets and 2-piece toilets. The 1-piece toilet comprises a tank and a bowl in a single seamless unit. They have a nice sleek appearance and are usually easy to clean.

Most toilets, however, have a 2-piece toilet where the tank is bolted to the toilet’s bowl. Two-piece toilets are commonly installed since they are a less expensive option. However, they might be difficult to clean.

Toilet bowls come in a variety of styles from modern toilet manufacturers. Since people have diverse wants, toilet bowl brands nowadays aim to ensure that they can meet those needs by providing a variety of styles. Everyone should choose an ergonomically pleasant design that complements the interiors of your bathroom for easy and proper toilet bowl installation in Singapore.


You Should Know Whether You Need An S-Trap Or P-Trap Toilet


Before engaging a professional to install your toilet, you must first determine whether you will need an S-trap toilet bowl or P-trap toilet bowl.

S-traps toilets are named so mainly because of their shape. They are installed on the ground floor or in areas where pipes would be installed through the floor. When you flush, this toilet water first travels down, then rises to a particular point, and finally returns to the ground. Once it completes its pathway, water from the S-trap toilet will result in a trap around its first bend.

The P-trap toilet also has its name because of its form. They are installed in newer bathrooms and kitchens – particularly on top floors. P-traps create a P-shape while working. The trap moves down, incurves, goes directly, and then opens up to result in a P-shape. The P-traps create a very strong seal and are believed to be less vulnerable.


There Are Many Types Of Flushes


Toilet bowl flush systems are important when choosing the best toilet bowl and there are different types of flush systems that will have an impact on your toilet bowl installation:

  • Pressure-assist toilets: These are commonly used in commercial bathrooms. Extra pressure is used in these toilets to generate a more powerful flush and decrease the incidence of clogs.
  • Gravity flush system: Most of the toilets use a gravity flow system. In this kind of system, the water weight helps generate the flush. They are less expensive and even cost less to repair.
  • Dual flush system: You can choose between a half-flush and a full flush when using a dual flush system. A half flush can be used for liquid wastes, and for solid wastes, you can use a full flush. Baron W-203A comes with a dual flush highly effective despite using less water. This kind of toilet is the best type of eco-friendly toilet bowl. You can save a lot more water this way, and you will not waste it as you would if you used a single flush system.
  • Low-flow toilets: Low-flow toilets flush with only a small amount of water. It can be as little as 0.8 gallons each flush. You can save a lot of water in the long run, particularly if you have many people living together.


Cost Of Installation May Depend On The Amount of Labor And Plumber


There are many plumbers in Singapore and most of the professional plumbers will cost you a good amount for toilet bowl installation. 

Experienced plumbers render the best toilet bowl installation and replacement services at the cheapest rates. Not only are their rates competitive, but the kind of services they provide is something that will not be found anywhere else. Each of their experts is well-trained, has given certifications and accreditation, and has enough experience in replacing and installing toilet bowls in many homes in Singapore. Furthermore, many customers are delighted with the services.

When you have already purchased a new toilet bowl, professional plumbers can visit your home and install it for you as needed. If you are unsure which one to use, there are several toilets to pick from, including Baron, Saniton, Tiara, Toto, and many more. They also provide a toilet buying guide. Keep in consideration the toilet’s specifications and the available space where it will be installed.



If you are experiencing problems with your toilet bowl, then it might be a sign to replace your old toilet bowl with a new one. Consider factors such as the toilet type and design (e.g., P-trap or S-trap), types of flushes, and the cost of installation when you are installing a new toilet bowl for your bathroom. If you need assistance in installing and replacing your toilet bowl, feel free to contact Toilet Bowl City Singapore.


At Toilet Bowl City Singapore, we understand the need to keep home service expenses within your budget. Hence, we offer honest and reasonable pricing for any of your toilet bowl installation works. Select from our range of toilet bowl brands, browse our past toilet bowl installation projects for inspiration, or read up on toilet bowl-related articles to find out more about toilet bowl installation services. Get in touch with us now via WhatsApp at +65 8241 0032!