4 Things You Need To Know About Tornado Flush System

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Now that your old toilet bowl has stopped working properly or is not functioning at all, you are planning to buy and install a new toilet bowl. You know that you have to give important factors such as the toilet bowl style, comfort, and aesthetics – but what about the toilet bowl flush?

Giving importance to the toilet bowl flush system is necessary. You do have quite a few choices, but one that is gaining more popularity in Singapore is the Tornado flush system. Let us discover four things about the Tornado flush system that everyone must know, which will also help you understand why this makes a perfect choice.


The Tornado flush system comes with two powerful nozzles. These nozzles replace the rim holes that you will find present in most conventional toilet bowls. This double nozzle toilet flush works more efficiently in keeping the bowl clean and dislodging trapped dirt – one of the features to look out for when buying the best toilet bowl for your bathroom. Its propulsion system makes use of a combination of gravity and centrifugal force to direct water into the siphon and create a stronger flush, thus leaving the toilet bowl completely clean.




Another feature of the Tornado toilet bowl flush system is its dual flushing. In single flushing toilet bowls, the same amount of water is used per flush, which results in a lot of wasted water. This also causes great stress to the environment. Although, if you choose a Tornado flush system, then you have nothing to worry about as it uses dual flushing.

Dual flushing is one of the factors to consider before buying a toilet bowl for your HDB. A separate amount of water will be used for solid and liquid wastes. You will need the full flush for solid wastes, wherein about 4.8 liters of water will be used per flush. On the other hand, you will opt for a half flush with liquid wastes, wherein about 3.7 liters of water will be used each time you flush. This makes it one of the best types of eco-friendly toilet bowls.


Less Cleaning for Toilet Bowls


Who likes spending time now and then cleaning their toilet bowls? If you select the wrong toilet bowl flush system, then your toilet bowl will not get cleaned as efficiently and will develop stains over time. You will have no option but to regularly clean and maintain your toilet bowl. If you choose a Tornado toilet bowl flush system, then things will be different. It works more efficiently and consistently because of the modern hole-free rim design, thus making it easier to clean.


More Powerful Toilet Flush System

Thanks to its dual nozzle flush, the power of each flush are greatly maximized. Your toilet bowl is effectively cleaned just by a single flush. Unlike other types of flush systems, you will not have to flush often to get desired outcomes. Therefore, you will be saving a lot of water together with enjoying perfect results.


TOTO Toilet Bowls

If you have decided to opt for a Tornado toilet bowl flush system, then TOTO toilet bowls make a perfect choice for you. TOTO has always aimed to try and improve the quality of life of its users. With its staggering innovation, TOTO has completely altered the perception of what bathrooms can be and how they can be used. Not only does TOTO believe in offering products that perform amazingly, but it also makes the effort to protect the planet and its precious water.

Let us now learn about the three different TOTO toilet bowl models so you can choose the right TOTO toilet bowl for your bathroom and enjoy the Tornado toilet bowl flush system.



The TOTO CW630J is a one-piece toilet bowl with great water pressure of 0.05MPa – 0.75MPa, rough-in S-trap and uses around 4.5 liters or 3 liters of water per flush.



The TOTO CW811PJ/SW811JP is also a one-piece toilet bowl that uses 4.5 liters or 3 liters of water for each flush. It has a P-trap rough-in a great water pressure of 0.05Mpa – 0.75MPa.



The TOTO CW821PJ is yet another one-piece TOTO toilet bowl that makes use of 6 liters to 3 liters of water per flush. It comes with a rough-in P-trap and great water pressure of 0.05MPa – 0.75MPa.

No matter which toilet bowl you choose among these, you will have a great experience. Although, do not make the mistake of installing the toilet bowl on your own, not at least if you want things to turn out perfect. Instead, you can take the help of our Toilet Bowl City Singapore experts.

Each of our plumbing professionals is well-trained and greatly experienced in installing toilet bowls in Singapore. We can help you select the best TOTO toilet bowl with a Tornado flush system for your needs and perfectly install it as well. In the future, if you ever face common toilet flush problems, we can solve that for you anytime you want.



It is necessary to give importance to what toilet bowl flush system to install aside from other toilet bowl features. The Tornado toilet bowl flush system is one of the best options available in the market, and TOTO toilet bowls utilize this kind of flush system. It is recommended to engage plumbing professionals to install your chosen toilet bowl with the Tornado flush system as they are well-trained and experienced experts who can quickly do the job.


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