4 Things You Should Consider When Purchasing A Baron Toilet Bowl

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In every household, the toilet bowl is one of the most used and essential fixtures in the bathroom. Most families prefer to install a toilet bowl with high quality that can last a long time. This is to avoid the idea that they should have to replace or repair their toilet bowl. Most buyers are interested in purchasing the Baron toilet bowl since it is one of the top 3 best selling toilet bowl brands in Singapore. Here are the things you should consider when purchasing a Baron toilet bowl:

Water Bills


One of the main things to consider before purchasing a toilet bowl is water consumption. Most of the standard toilet bowls use approximately 9 liters of water every flush, which causes an increase in the water bill. The Baron toilet bowl is designed to consume less water when flushing – this helps to decrease water consumption and to reduce water bills. Some models even have a half flush when less water is used.


Baron Toilet-Bowl Type

The Baron toilet bowl has various kinds of toilet bowls which cater to the needs of the customer. They will differ in their design, water consumption, and other features. Most toilet bowls have either a 1-piece or 2-piece design. The 2-piece toilet bowl has a separate tank while the 1-piece toilet bowl is easier to clean. Older toilet bowls have an S-trap toilet bowl that connects to the drainage system, on the other hand, the latest models have a P-trap toilet bowl which is considered safer.


Performance and Efficiency


A toilet bowl is usually rated according to its water consumption by Singapore’s Public Utilities Board (PUB). As much as possible, Baron toilet bowls are designed to reduce water consumption. The older models usually consume more water, but some models provide a half flush and a full flush. The newer models use less water since they have better mechanisms for removing waste.


Toilet Bowl Size and Cost


Most Baron toilet bowls are compact and usually measure about 70 cm or less in length which makes them fit easily in small bathrooms. Toilet bowls that consume less water for flushing are cost-effective. Likewise, a 1-piece toilet bowl will cost more than a 2-piece toilet bowl. Meanwhile, a P-trap toilet bowl which is safer is costlier than an S-trap toilet bowl.


Reasons To Buy A Baron W888 or W203A Toilet Bowl

The Baron W203A toilet bowl is a 2-piece toilet bowl with an S-trap. This is recommended for homeowners on a budget. The Baron W888 toilet bowl is a 1-piece toilet bowl with a P-trap. Both of these toilet bowls have a soft closing seat, are compact, and have a high water efficiency. These are high quality toilet bowls that most homeowners prefer.



If you are looking to install or replace your toilet bowl, then you must consider several factors before purchasing a new one. Most Singaporeans prefer to buy a Baron toilet bowl since it is considered to be one of the best selling brands in Singapore. It is known for water efficiency, therefore saving your water consumption and decreasing your utility bill. It offers different types of toilet bowls that best suit your needs and your budget. It is recommended to hire a professional to do your toilet bowl installation and offer the best toilet bowl products.


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