5 Factors That Affect the Toilet Bowl Price

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Your old toilet bowl suddenly malfunctioned and other problems started to occur such as marks and stains – making it look unappealing and difficult to use. Either way, the solution is installing or replacing your toilet bowl with a new one. When you go shopping for a new toilet bowl in Singapore, you might be surprised by checking different price tags. You may wonder why the toilet bowl prices differ from one another. Even if they look alike, their price ranges still vary. This is because different aspects have an impact on the cost of the toilet bowl. Here are the following factors that affect the toilet bowl price:


Type and Style of Toilet Bowl


The first factor that affects the toilet bowl price is its type and style. There are two types of toilet bowls, the 1-piece toilet bowl, and the 2-piece toilet bowl. The 1-piece toilet bowl is usually made out of a single piece of ceramic and other materials. Each part is molded together aside from the toilet bowl seat. The toilet bowl and the tank are not separate and are connected with gaskets and bolts. This gives the toilet bowl a nice seamless look.

Meanwhile, the 2-piece toilet bowl is made by joining the toilet bowl and the tank, which are the two main parts of the toilet bowl. With the use of an inlet, bolts, and gaskets, the tank is attached to the toilet bowl. In comparison, the 1-piece toilet bowl costs higher than the 2-piece toilet bowl.

When it comes to style, you can opt for the wall-mounted toilet bowl or the floor mounted toilet bowl. The wall-mounted toilet bowl has its tank inside the wall while the bowl is sticking out. On the other hand, the floor mounted toilet bowl has both its tank and bowl visible. Whichever you choose between a wall-mounted or floor mounted toilet bowl, both have an effect on the toilet bowl price.


Toilet Bowl Brand


Another factor that affects the toilet bowl cost is the brand. There are many popular brands in Singapore that design beautiful toilet bowls and they come at different prices. The top 3 best-selling toilet bowl brands are Baron, Saniton, and Toto. Each of these brands offers several types of toilet bowls and whichever model you select from them will determine the price of the toilet bowl. If you find it hard to choose which brand and model will be ideal for your needs, then you can refer to a toilet buying guide to help in your decision. It is also recommended to get a professional to help install your toilet bowl quickly and securely.


Type of Flush Mechanism Used


The flushing mechanism has an important role to play when purchasing a toilet bowl. It impacts not only your experience but the price of the toilet bowl as well. Single flush toilet bowls have a single flushing mechanism for both solid and liquid waste. This uses a lot of water compared to the dual flush toilet bowl. A dual flush toilet bowl like the Baron W-203A has a half-flush option for liquid wastes and a full-flush option for solid wastes. Touchless flushing is another alternative. It has motion sensors that make it hygienic, modern, and convenient. Additionally, you can opt for the flushometer valve. This is a strong flushing mechanism and a good option for tankless toilets.


Water Saving Efficiency of Toilet Bowl

One more factor that affects the toilet bowl price is the water-saving efficiency of the toilet bowl. A Baron toilet bowl is known for its water efficiency – one benefit of replacing your old toilet bowl with a Baron toilet bowl. A single flush toilet bowl uses the same amount of water for solid and liquid wastes making it not as efficient as a dual flush toilet bowl. A dual flush toilet bowl will use around 0.8 to 1.1 liters of water for liquid wastes, and 1.6 liters for solid wastes. There are high-efficiency versions also available that use 0.8 to 1 liter for liquid wastes and 1.28 liters for solid wastes.


Toilet Bowl Measurement


If the drainage outlet of your toilet bowl is located on the floor then measuring the distance from the center of your drainage outlet in the floor to your wall is a way to find out the ideal fit for your new toilet bowl. In case the drainage outlet is on the wall then you will need to calculate the distance between the middle of the drainage outlet on your wall and your floor. This measurement helps in finding the right replacement and determining the cost of your new toilet bowl.



There are several factors that affect the price of a toilet bowl such as its type, size, brand, flushing mechanism, water efficiency, and the measurement of the toilet bowl. There are many toilet bowl products that you can choose from, but it is best to pick one based on your needs. If you require assistance, contact a professional to help choose the right toilet bowl and provide installation services.

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