5 Reasons Why You Should Install a Magnum 935 or 918s Toilet Bowl

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Since the toilet is regularly used, families in Singapore would like to ensure that they are installing the best toilet bowl that they can afford. One of the most popular brands in Singapore is the Magnum toilet bowl due to its great design and quality. Those homeowners who are planning to install one or more Magnum toilet bowls can pick from different models based on the space available, cost, and features. We have listed some reasons why homeowners in Singapore should install a Magnum 935 or a Magnum 918s


Brief Introduction to Magnum 935 and Magnum 918s 

Magnum is one of the best-selling brands in Singapore specializing in home solutions and products. Manufacturers of Magnum have a wide range of high-quality sanitaryware, kitchenware, bathroom fixtures, and accessories. The company focuses on innovation, incorporating the latest technologies and using durable components to ensure that its customers will receive the best products. 

Magnum 935 is a white-colored one-piece toilet bowl that is using the latest tornado flushing technology. The toilet has a length of 670 mm, width 370 mm, and height of 740 mm, making it appropriate for small bathrooms.

Magnum 918s is also a white-colored one-piece toilet. A thing you need to know about Magnum 918s toilet bowl installation is it requires more space since the length of this toilet is 745 mm, the width is 390 mm, and the height is 740 mm. Additionally, the water consumption for a full flush is slightly more at 2.8 liters.  

Here are some of the reasons why these toilet bowls are popular in Singapore:


Rimless Design


One of the main reasons why Magnum 935 toilet bowl and Magnum 918s toilet bowl are popular is due to their rimless toilet bowl design. Therefore, it is easy to clean the toilet bowl since all are very accessible. The toilet is using a direct flush mechanism to release water at a high speed into the bowl. Hence, the water circulates in the bowl, and it requires less water to flush all the wastes. 


Water Efficiency 

A feature to look out for when buying the best toilet bowl for your bathroom is water efficiency. Installing a water-efficient toilet bowl means less water is required when flushing. One of the benefits of having a dual flush system is that it can help homeowners pay lower utility bills. The Magum toilet bowls have dual flush mechanism that only consumes 2.4 liters of water for liquid waste to prevent water wastage. Even the water consumption for a full flush is only 2.7-2.8 liters which are less than most other toilets. There are two buttons to press, one is for a lesser flush and the other is for a fuller flush. Magnum toilets have received the 3 Check Rating for water efficiency from the Singapore Public Utility Board (PUB).


Advanced Flushing System


Magnum toilet bowls have a turbo tornado flushing, which means it releases water into the toilet bowl at a very high speed. The water circulates like a tornado, flushing out all wastes, and it ensures that no water will spill outside the toilet bowl. 

Furthermore, the advantage of having a toilet bowl with a Geberit flushing system is that the flushing valves are greatly reliable and of high-quality. This ensures that the toilet can be often used for several years without undergoing costly repairs. 


Affordable Price


The factors affecting the price of toilet bowls are the design, features, and quality. Magnum toilet bowls are affordably priced, making them popular with homeowners interested in getting the best deal possible. 


Modern Toilet 

A factor to consider when choosing the best toilet bowl is elegance and design. Fortunately, both the Magnum 935 and 918s toilet bowls are compatible with any bathroom decor. These toilets have a comfort curve seat designed for the human body to ensure that the user will not get uncomfortable while sitting. It also has a slow closing plastic cover and seat which ensures that there is no noise when the toilet is covered. 



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