5 Things to Look Out for When Hiring a Plumber for Your Toilet Bowl Installation

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Regardless of the toilet bowl brand you use, it will not last forever . Your toilet bowl will eventually stop working altogether, or there will be unattractive stains and marks that make your toilet difficult to use. In any event, you will be required to replace your current toilet with a new one.

If you have already decided on a new toilet bowl, the next step is to install it. Some people believe they can install a toilet bowl on their own. However, it is a lot more difficult than it seems.

If you install your toilet bowl incorrectly, you are inviting trouble. Even though everything appears to be in order at first, you may soon run into trouble that will require the assistance of a professional plumber. Why make this mistake first, and why not hire a plumber from the start?

Hiring a professional plumber ensures proper installation, post-installation, and it prevents you from recurring toilet bowl replacement or repair. However, you must first find the best plumber to get these benefits. Additionally, how do you find the best plumber you may ask? Well, you need to look out for the 5 things mentioned below and you certainly will end up finding the best.


Professionals Should Be Accredited


When looking for a professional plumber for your toilet bowl installation, you should first look at their accreditations and certifications. Their certifications will help determine if the plumber you are planning to hire will be able to complete the job the way you want to.

You can ask the plumber to show you their certifications. If the plumber is genuine and certified, they will not hesitate to share it. If they make excuses, it should be a red flag that you should not hire them.


Transparency in Terms of Rates


The plumber you want to hire for toilet bowl installation should be able to offer you a proper estimate before they begin working. If they do not provide a clear estimate at the start and then keep charging more than you expected, then it can be very frustrating.

Some plumbers may want to visit your home and evaluate the work that needs to be done before providing you with a quote. However, once they realize what work needs to be done, they must inform you of the expenses. Once they do, make sure you acquire a written quote so that there are no surprises of the factors affecting the price of the toilet bowl installation.


Experience and Reviews


A toilet bowl installation job is not as easy as it seems. Hence, if you want things to be done perfectly, you must consider the importance of hiring a professional plumber. The more experience the installer has, the faster and more efficient the toilet installation service will be.

You may be tempted to hire a new or a less experienced plumber because they charge less. However, it may end up being more expensive in the long run. They may perform an incompetent job, and soon you will notice problems that require the services of a professional plumber to get things fixed. Instead, hire a qualified plumber from the start to ensure that your toilet bowl is installed perfectly and to avoid common toilet bowl problems.

Together with experience, you must give attention to the plumber’s reviews. This gives you an idea of the experience of others. For example, if the customer is not sure about the leaks on their toilet bowl, plumbers are knowledgeable on signs that your toilet bowl is leaking. Additionally, when the majority of the reviews are good, then most of the customers were satisfied with the plumber’s services, indicating that they are the best option for you.


Company’s Area of Coverage

Perhaps you are looking for a plumber in Singapore to install a toilet bowl in your home. Tomorrow you might need to get the toilet in your workplace replaced as well. Naturally, if you are satisfied with the company’s services that visited your home, you would want to opt for them again. However, your workplace and your home may be a distance apart.

For this reason, the company you select must have a wide area of coverage. Furthermore, if you engage the services of a professional toilet bowl installer such as Toilet Bowl City Singapore , you will obtain the services you need, whenever and wherever you need them. We offer toilet bowl services throughout Singapore. No matter where you need toilet bowl installation services in Singapore, our team of professional plumbers will arrive as soon as possible. 


Good Customer Service

When looking for a toilet bowl installation company, do not just look at the plumbers’ services and experience. Any company can be considered excellent only if it has good customer service as well.

You will naturally have many queries like toilet bowl repair and replacement cost before you get your new toilet bowl installed. The company’s customer service you plan to hire must answer all these questions correctly, professionally, and as many times as you ask. They are able to give you pros, cons, and factors to consider when choosing the best toilet bowl.

Furthermore, you may have questions and doubts after the installation procedure is completed. The customer services should be available to clear your doubts and answer your queries. Even if the plumbers are good, the customer service is not up to standard, you can face problems later on.

Even if all things seem alright, there will always be possible dangers if you ignore a leaking toilet bowl before hiring a professional plumber. Make sure to use their customer care service and find out if they are knowledgeable enough to answer important queries. Check if they care to listen, give importance to you each time you call, are patient enough to solve your problems, and leave you fully satisfied every time you talk to them.



No matter what brand or toilet bowl model you use for your bathroom, it will not last forever. There will be a time when your toilet bowl stops functioning completely or there are ugly stains and marks that make your toilet difficult to use. With regards to this, you need assistance from an expert or professional plumber for your toilet bowl installation.

You should not just hire any plumber but consider hiring professional plumbers that have the following characteristics: they should be accredited, transparent in terms of rates, have good experience and reviews, wide area of coverage, and have good customer service. These are things you need to look out for when hiring a plumber. If you need assistance in installing and replacing your toilet bowl, acquire services from Toilet Bowl City Singapore.


At Toilet Bowl City Singapore, we understand the need to keep home service expenses within your budget. Hence, we offer honest and reasonable pricing for any of your toilet bowl installation works. Select from our range of toilet bowl brands, browse our past toilet bowl installation projects for inspiration, or read up on toilet bowl-related articles to find out more about toilet bowl installation services. Get in touch with us now via WhatsApp at +65 8241 0032!