6 Benefits of Having a Dual Flush System Toilet

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Investing in a new toilet bowl is not as easy as it seems. You will surely have to browse through many toilet bowl styles that are available, select one that matches the interiors of your bathroom, and is comfortable to use. You will also have to decide whether you want a one-piece or a two-piece toilet bowl, but it does not end here.

One more important thing you have to pay attention to is the kind of toilet bowl flush system you need. The basic choices are a single flush or a dual flush. Since a dual flush toilet bowl has many benefits to offer, it has become very popular in Singapore. Here are the six benefits of having a dual flush system toilet bowl and make you understand why it makes an excellent choice for you:


Less Water Consumption

While older toilet bowl models would use as much as 15 liters per flush, a dual toilet bowl flush system uses only about 7 liters each flush. If you choose a dual flush system, then you have two options to select from – a half flush and a full flush. A half flush is ideal for liquid wastes and a full flush is used for solid wastes.

By not using equal amounts of water, you will always be saving a lot. While around 7 liters of water is used when you opt for a full flush, you will only be using around 5 liters each flush when you use the half-flush lever. Thus, saving a lot of water in the long run. This can be a feature to look out for when buying the best toilet bowl for your bathroom.


Positive Environmental Impact

All of us are aware that there is a great scarcity of water in multiple places in the world. Therefore, it is our responsibility to try not to waste water so that we can be environmentally friendly.

If you get a dual toilet bowl flush system like the American Standard Signature Close Coupled toilet bowl installed in your home, then you can lend a helping hand towards preserving the environment as well as having the best type of eco-friendly toilet bowl.

Since the dual toilet flush is split between separate levers or buttons, you will be saving a lot when you press the right toilet flush button, and only use as much water as needed. When you save water, you will also be saving the environment.


Aesthetic Designs

Not only do dual flush toilet bowls serve their purpose very well and help you save water, but they are also beautifully designed. Take Baron W-203A for instance, it is a dual flush toilet bowl and looks pleasing. No matter what kind of bathroom interiors you have, it will easily fit in, and help your bathroom look more attractive. If you give importance to the aesthetic, then a dual flush toilet bowl system is certainly ideal for you.


Can Be Easily Maintained


A single toilet flush system makes use of pressure to siphon waste out and away from the plumbing system of your home. A dual toilet bowl flush system, on the other hand, is different. Dual flush toilet bowls have gravity-based designs which dispose of the wastes down a path that ensures you will not need to use a plunger frequently. Also, it even prevents the formation of clogs which can easily pave the way to big common toilet bowl problems.

However, even though a dual toilet bowl flush system will not cause any issues, if you want it to last for a longer time, regular professional maintenance is necessary. If you want perfect results, then toilet bowl plumbing professionals are experts that can prove to be helpful.

Each plumbing professional is well-trained and has years of experience. They already offer toilet bowl services such as regular toilet maintenance in many Singaporean homes. When they perform their maintenance tasks, they can identify the smallest problem on time such as a toilet bowl leak. If these problems are left ignored, they can take the shape into something bigger soon.

Not only do they recognize problems on time but even fix them perfectly. If you also want to have a new dual toilet bowl flush system installed, they can help you select the best one for your home keeping your requirements in mind. After helping you find the right dual flush toilet bowl, they can install it for you at any time. Furthermore, after completing the toilet bowl installation, they will clean your bathroom and make it ready to be used right away.


Less Prone To Toilet Choke

A dual toilet bowl flush system is designed not only to look aesthetically pleasing and help save more water but even helps prevent toilet bowl chokes from happening. A dual toilet bowl flush system is built to use gravity to eliminate wastes through a big trap way, rather than using the age-old pressure siphoning method. The size of their trap way serves as a bonus, as it further helps reduce the chance of any choking.

If your current toilet bowl has been showing common toilet flush problems, gets clogged easily and frequently, then it will be wise to replace it with a dual toilet bowl flush system and bid goodbye to the reasons why your toilet bowl chokes regularly for good.


More Powerful Flush


All of us want to enjoy an efficient and powerful flush. If you are using a single flush toilet bowl, then the results are less likely to be good. A dual flush toilet bowl is a type of flush system that will prove to be a much better option because it is known to provide a more powerful flush.

When you choose a dual toilet bowl flush system, you will not have to worry about flushing more than once to clean and maintain your toilet bowl perfectly as you will get the desired results in the first instance. What is amazing is that even though a dual flush toilet bowl offers you a powerful flush, it does not waste any water and offers a favorable outcome.

By choosing a dual flush system, you will always be enjoying a perfect powerful flush, while at the same time not wasting water and not even harming the environment.



In installing a new toilet bowl, you must also consider and give importance to choosing a toilet bowl flush system. You can choose between a single flush or a dual flush, although a dual flush system has proven to be more beneficial. A dual toilet bowl flush system has a more powerful flush, it is less prone to toilet bowl chokes, is more environment-friendly, and can be easily maintained.

It is recommended to engage a toilet bowl plumbing professional to help install your dual flush toilet bowl as they are experts who are experienced and well-trained to do the job.


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