6 Benefits of Replacing Your HDB Toilet Bowl

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Toilets are one of the most important areas of every home in Singapore. Despite it being used often, toilet bowls still last for a long time. This is why most people ignore them completely, not realizing that despite their durability, they may not last forever.

There comes a time when it would be wise to consider replacing your toilet bowl. You may ask if this is necessary, and it is because there are many advantages that you can enjoy.

Here are the benefits of replacing your HDB toilet bowl:


No more surface damages


Surface damages certainly look bad. These can be dents or scratches that form on the surface of your old toilet. Not only do they make your HDB toilet bowl look unappealing, but maintaining and cleaning your toilet bowl becomes challenging.  A toilet bowl replacement will make your bathroom look more pleasing. Additionally, keeping your toilet clean will be much easier and less time-consuming.


More efficient flushing


Replacing your toilet bowl from an old one to a new one would be better because brand new toilet bowls use far less water. Thus, you will be able to reduce your monthly water bills by about 23 – 45 percent and you have to do nothing extra to enjoy this change. In purchasing newer toilet bowls, you can expect a reduction in your monthly water bills and less water usage at home.


Problem-free HDB toilet bowl

Suddenly, you may be experiencing plumbing problems with your toilet bowl, or perhaps, you have been experiencing problems for a long time. Regular leaks or clogs can result in you spending a lot on getting them repaired. If there is an issue like a damaged floor seal or a cracked tank, then your toilet can become fully useless. These are common toilet bowl problems that you must avoid or there may be water damage that can affect your entire home. Consider having an HDB toilet bowl replacement to prevent any inconvenience.

You might wonder if you should repair or replace your toilet bowl. Most times you may prefer to do a repair, but you will have to do that every once in a while, which can be costlier. You may opt to replace your HDB toilet bowl with a new one – it will be a one-time investment and a permanent solution.



The toilet bowls that are made now are very different from the older ones. Some can help minimize the chances of having colon disease. Some come with adjusted height, and sitting on it becomes easier for the users. No matter which design you opt for may it be a wall mounted or floor mounted toilet, the one thing it ensures is comfort.

Consider consulting a toilet bowl professional to help choose the right toilet bowl for your home. Not only do they guide you to find the toilet bowl model for you, but they may also provide installation services to ensure that your toilet bowl is installed properly.


Added Functionalities

added functionalities-benefits-of-replacing-HDB-toilet-installation-toilet-bowl-city-singapore

High-tech toilets have now been created that offer functionalities that you may never have even dreamt of. Such functionality includes integrated bidets, automatic deodorizer, no-touch flush, heated seats, and a Bluetooth speaker. When you have such great options available, why not take it as a sign to replace your HDB toilet bowl with a new one and enjoy all the benefits?


A more stylish HDB toilet bowl


You may have made your entire home very stylish, but your HDB toilet bowl most likely did not get the attention that it deserves. It is time you give it its due importance and select from the latest styles available, try looking into the best-selling toilet bowl brands to help make your decision. There are so many designs you can choose from. You can go for a sleek one like most 1-piece toilet or opt for the classical round one like most 2-piece toilets. Also, low-profile ones are available that are a perfect fit for smaller spaces.

Whether you have a tiny HDB bathroom or a big one, there are many toilet bowl models available with many interesting features. It can easily change the look of your entire bathroom and make it look super stylish. Together with looking stylish, it will even make your toilet using experience a lot more comfortable.



If you are experiencing issues with your toilet bowl, it might be time to consider having a toilet bowl replacement as it saves your money and keeps you worry-free from any problems. As a bonus, you get to keep your toilet bowl aesthetically pleasing – free from any surface damage and looking more stylish. With modern technology, you get to enjoy added functionalities while also ensuring your comfort. If you need any assistance in replacing your toilet bowl, consider engaging a toilet bowl professional as they can recommend a toilet bowl that meets your needs.


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