6 Common HDB Toilet Bowl Issues You Should Never Ignore

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The Housing Development Board, also called HDB, developed most homes in Singapore today. They also use HDB toilets with materials and designs adhering to the plumbing codes. After years of use, these toilet models show signs that you need a toilet bowl replacement. Some of the most common issues experienced by homeowners are leaking and clogging. 

Unfortunately, some homeowners ignore the problems until they worsen. Contacting a toilet bowl installation or replacement service later may result in time-consuming and expensive solutions. Don’t let your HDB toilet issues become an inconvenience when you identify the signs right away!


HDB Toilet Bowl Leak


Usually, water fills the water tank after being used for flushing, and then, the input valve closes. Is your water flow consistent, but your tank is not getting filled with water? The water from the tank may be leaking to the toilet bowl. If this happens, you should consider getting a toilet bowl replacement or repair from professional plumbers. 

Another reason leaking happens is due to a damaged flapper or flapper seal. Water leaks are one of the most common toilet bowl problems you can avoid that homeowners tend to ignore. You can check or fix the HDB toilet bowl leaking problem by emptying the tank. If the problem persists after flapper replacement, contact Toilet Bowl City Singapore for quality leak solutions for a 1-piece toilet or 2-piece toilet design. 


Clogged HDB Toilet Bowl


Toilet bowl clogging usually happens when dirty water or other wastes don’t get drained. Sometimes, users put solid materials that obstruct the flow. Before the worst happens, such as flooding, you can learn how to clean and maintain your toilet bowl. Avoid throwing tissue paper, hair, and sanitary napkins.

A simple solution to a clogged HDB toilet bowl is a combination of using a plunger and a drain cleaning solution. When this process doesn’t work, call a professional plumber. Toilet Bowl City Singapore team only uses the best and latest tools to investigate your clogged toilet bowl issues. Hiring a professional plumber to install an HDB toilet bowl or repair it will save you time and money with their long-time experience, skills, and professional tools!


Slow Flushing


When you flush a toilet, the water usually flows out fast to drain any waste quickly. If you have an old HDB toilet bowl, there may be holes below the rim. When this happens, the holes may have clogs that will reduce the water flow. You can use a metallic wire to remove the dirt from the vents, but it may not be a long-term solution. One of the reasons to hire a professional plumber to install your Baron toilet bowl, Toto toilet bowl, or Tiara toilet bowl is that they can detect and resolve hidden leaks or holes. 

Problems with the flush tank may also cause slow flushing. Check your outlet valve. Most of the time, the reduced water flow stems from blocked or partially open valves. If the problem persists, check out our toilet buying guide to pick the ideal toilet bowl for your home. 


Seat Misalignment

Professional plumbers always ensure to install and align any wall mounted toilet and floor mounted toilet with their pipes and other components properly. After some years of use by the entire family, the toilet bowl may misalign. Your toilet bowl could wobble or leak. The reasons may be from loose nuts, bolts, and screws, that you can tighten to resolve the problem for some time. If the DIY fix does not solve the problem, you may need to replace your toilet bowl with one of the best-selling toilet bowl brands today!


Defective Toilet Bowl Flush


Water should always fill your flush tank quickly after you flush. When your valve is defective, it may prevent or reduce the water flow in your flush tank. The slow water flow could be a clogged pipe or a defective flush tank button. When the button slowly reverts to its original position, the water flows into the toilet bowl without stopping.

Avoid high water bills and flushing problems by replacing your old toilet bowl with a Baron toilet bowl, Saniton toilet bowl, Magnum toilet bowl, and other well-known toilet bowl brands. You can prevent flushing problems when you avoid mistakes when getting a new toilet bowl, such as getting a toilet with a noisy toilet flusher or non-standard replacement parts


Strange Noises

One of the benefits of replacing your HDB toilet bowl with a new one is to solve the whistling sound coming from the flush tank. The cause of the problem may be a broken fill valve. You can always replace or repair the valve. If you don’t have professional plumbing skills, contact Toilet Bowl City’s plumbing experts for quality toilet repairs!



Homeowners often encounter these problems when they have old HDB toilet bowls. When you ignore these problems, they could become a significant inconvenience for everyone in the family. Before things get worse, contact professional plumbers from Toilet Bowl City Singapore! They can repair, replace, and install toilet bowls or help you choose between an s-trap toilet bowl vs a p-strap toilet bowl suitable for your space. They also know the things you should consider when purchasing a Baron toilet bowl or Magnum toilet bowl that will fit your budget, interior, and needs. 


At Toilet Bowl City Singapore, we understand the need to keeping home service expenses within your budget. Hence, we offer honest and reasonable pricing for any of your toilet bowl installation works. Select from our range of toilet bowl brands, browse our past toilet bowl installation projects for inspiration, or read up on toilet bowl-related articles to find out more about toilet bowl installation services. Get in touch with us now via WhatsApp at +65 8241 0032 or email us at enquiry@toiletbowlcity.com!