6 Signs That Your Toilet Bowl Is Leaking

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A toilet bowl is one of the fixtures in your home that you want to always function properly. Like other fixtures, your toilet bowl can also start showing problems. If you do not notice the signs, then it can lead to bigger problems, and your toilet bowl may eventually stop completely functioning. Then it might be time for you to replace your toilet bowl.

It is important for you to not avoid any present toilet bowl problems. One common toilet bowl problem that must not be neglected is a toilet bowl leak. How do you know that your toilet bowl is leaking? Here are 6 signs that your toilet bowl is leaking.


Toilet makes noise


Once you flush your toilet bowl, you may hear the noise of the pressure building up within the pipes or rushing water sound and that is quite normal. If you still hear such noises even when you are not using the toilet bowl, then this suggests that there is a movement of water within your toilet bowl that is not related to the flush valve. This signifies that the toilet bowl is leaking and if ignored, it can pose serious problems.


The floor is stained around the toilet

If you see brown, grey, or yellow stains close to the base of your toilet bowl, then it can be due to a toilet bowl leak – one of the common HDB toilet bowl issues you should never ignore.  Typically, when you notice such a stain with your wall-mounted or floor-mounted toilet bowl, then the leak is likely older and the water damage has been created over time.

You may also notice stains along the water’s flow path inside your toilet bowl. The water allocated per flush is only enough to clean your installed toilet bowl and cannot leave behind stains. The main reason why the stain has been created on the surface of the toilet bowl is the water is dripping more than usual. This only occurs when there is a toilet bowl leak.


The toilet leaks from the bottom of the tank

Perhaps your toilet bowl’s tank is leaking if you find water collecting at the base of the toilet bowl. If your toilet bowl is being used too often or you are using an older toilet bowl, then there are more chances of you experiencing such an issue.


The floor is damp around the toilet


The dampest area of your home is your bathroom. Even if you do not use it for an hour or two, the floor can dry up completely. Nonetheless, if your floor stays damp even after a few hours of not using the bathroom, then a toilet bowl leak can be the cause of it – learn more about the various types of toilet bowl leaks. There may be such a small crack that the water trickles through it and you may have disregarded it.


Smell of sewage


There is surely a plumbing issue if you get a smell of sewage in your bathroom. There are clear chances that both your toilet bowl and pipes are leaking.  It will not be easy to identify the problem behind the smell of sewage yourself. Instead of guessing, it will be wise to let a professional plumber handle the problem. Professional plumbers will visit your place, inspect your bathroom, and let you know the reason behind the sewage smell. Either a toilet bowl leak or a pipe leak, a professional plumber can efficiently fix the problem in no time.

If it is not possible to fix the problem, then a professional plumber can suggest a toilet bowl replacement and serve as a buying guide for your new toilet bowl. They can also install your new toilet bowl properly and efficiently.


Metal parts have rust


A 2-piece toilet bowl or 1-piece toilet bowl is mostly composed of ceramic materials, but some parts are metals. Manufacturers know that these metal parts will remain wet for a long time, so they make use of alloys that can withstand wet conditions. However, these metal parts will still corrode with regular exposure. When you find rust on their surface, it means they have been exposed to moisture for a much longer time than they could tolerate. This can only happen when there is a toilet bowl leak and it needs immediate attention.



One of the important fixtures in your home that you want to always function properly is a toilet bowl. Over time, it might face toilet bowl issues such as a toilet bowl leak. It is important to know the signs that your toilet bowl is leaking such as sewage smell, rusted metal parts, a damp floor, etc – in order to prevent further damage. If you need assistance in identifying or solving common toilet bowl problems like a toilet bowl leak, it is best to engage a professional plumber. Other than rectifying the problem, they can help to highlight the best features of a toilet bowl to look out for if you need to replace your current toilet bowl.


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