6 Things Affecting the Price of Toilet Bowl Installation/Replacement

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A toilet bowl is an important fixture in every Singaporean home since it is used several times a day. Therefore, most homeowners would like to install the best toilet bowl available. In addition to the cost of the toilet bowl, homeowners should also consider the cost of the toilet bowl installation. After a few years, their toilet bowl may start to malfunction and they might contemplate whether they should repair or replace their toilet bowl. The homeowner may find it more practical to replace the toilet bowl. In this case, it is best to find out the cost of a toilet bowl replacement so they can arrange their budget accordingly. Here are different factors affecting the price of both toilet bowl installation and toilet bowl replacement.


Removal of Existing Toilet Bowl


In most cases, the homeowner wants to replace their toilet bowl because they are experiencing issues while using it. The lifespan of a toilet bowl depends on factors such as the quality of the toilet bowl, the installation, how it was used, and others. While there are some cases where their toilet bowl can be used for more than ten years, homeowners often discover that their toilet bowl can face problems much earlier. Toilet bowl problems can include leakage through cracks of the toilet bowl or joints, toilet bowl wobbles or rocks, clogged toilet bowl, faulty flush, and flush tank leak.

The cost of a toilet bowl removal depends on the installation method used and the type of toilet bowl installed – whether it is a wall mounted toilet bowl or floor mounted toilet bowl. The plumber will bring the necessary tools for removing the toilet bowl and installing the new one. Also, removing the toilet debris is made since the tiles and cement will be damaged. Usually, the plumber also takes care of the proper disposal of the old toilet bowl and the debris, though in some cases he might charge extra. Hence, the homeowner must confirm that the plumber has included the cost of the toilet bowl, disposal of the debris, and toilet bowl replacement fee.


New Drain Pipe Installation


Whether replacing or installing the best-selling toilet bowl brands in Singapore, you need a drainpipe to guide the waste to the sewer or the septic tank. If you add a toilet that did not exist previously, you need a new drain pipe. After considering the factors when choosing the best toilet bowl for your home, you also need to know the pipe installation cost. The cost depends on the length, the location, and the type of pipes you use. The expense increases when a new problem emerges during the pipe installation process.


Rerouting Existing Toilet Drain Pipes

Other times, people find the location of their bathroom to be inconvenient. When the flushing sounds, loud toilet cover bangs, and the distance have become a problem, consider replacing your current toilet bowl with models such as the Baron W888 which is known for its quiet features – one of the advantages of installing a Baron w888. Whether you own a landed property, an HDB flat, or a commercial space, moving your toilet bowl also means extending or moving your drain pipes. If you want to move your existing s-trap or p-trap toilet bowl, you have to reroute your existing drainpipe.

Plumbers must cap the old drain pipe and attach the new pipes to the sewer or septic tank line. You may need longer pipes or even replace the old ones if they prove to be not according to standards. Not considering the pipe services is a mistake to avoid when getting a toilet bowl or moving one from one place to another. Nonetheless, the cost is relatively lower than creating a new line, but it gets higher depending on the conditions of your space and old pipes.


Complexity and Duration of the Installation


Generally, the plumbers hired for installing the toilet bowl do several jobs for different clients a day. Most of the time, plumbers are not supplying costly plumbing fixtures like the toilet bowl, so they mainly charge the client for their time spent doing the installation work. If they can install and replace the toilet bowl quickly, they will charge less since they can also do paid work for other clients on the same day. However, if the installation takes a whole day or lasts several hours, the charges will be higher.

Most experienced plumbers usually estimate the amount of time it will take to install the toilet bowl based on the needs of the customer. It takes less time to install a new toilet bowl where plumbing is done. On the other hand, it takes more time to replace a toilet bowl since you will have to consider the time to remove the existing toilet bowl. In some cases, the homeowner may want to install the toilet bowl in a new location so additional plumbing work may be required. It will also further increase the time and the cost to install the toilet bowl.

Oftentimes, when the existing toilet bowl such as an S-trap toilet bowl, was used for more than a decade, the plumber may detect more problems once the toilet bowl is removed. There may be water leakage due to damage to the plumbing or connecting valves and fittings. It can cause damage to the structure of the building, and mold can start to form which harms the air quality. Instead of worsening the plumbing problem, it is best to fix it earlier. These additional repairs will increase the time and material needed to install the toilet bowl. Also, installing a bigger and heavier toilet bowl may cost higher.


Location of Where the Toilet Bowl Will Be Installed


The time taken to install the toilet bowl depends on the location and the size of the bathroom. Whether it is a wall-mounted or floor-mounted toilet bowl, both take more time and effort to install when the toilet bowl is transported to the upper floor. The charges will be higher if the building does not have a lift or the toilet bowl is large and cannot be carried in the lift. Furthermore, installing the toilet bowl may be complicated and cost higher if the bathroom size is small with less space available.


Labor Costs


Besides the time taken to install the toilet bowl, another factor that affects the cost is the labor charges. Depending on their business model, plumbers charge clients by the hour based on the time spent or rate for their work based on the complexity of the job. If they are charging by the hour, they usually charge more for the first hour since they also spend money to commute to the client’s address. It is best to combine multiple toilet bowl installations or other plumbing work since the rate can be cheaper.

The fees charged by the plumber may depend on his expertise and skills like most professionals. Experienced plumbers have mostly perfected the technique of quickly replacing the toilet bowl, also fixing and avoiding common toilet bowl problems. They also offer warranty service and are less likely to make mistakes. Top-rated plumbers in Singapore have a large network and charge more for their services. In comparison, less experienced plumbers often charge lower rates to attract more customers. Homeowners with a lower budget tend to hire them to save money. Furthermore, if repairs are needed for the bathroom where the toilet bowl is installed, especially if it is water leakage or tile replacement, this will require added labor and costs.



Different factors such as the labor costs, new drain pipe installation, rerouting existing drainage pipes, location, toilet bowl removal, and the complexity and duration of the toilet bowl installation will affect the price of installing or replacing a toilet bowl. If your toilet bowl is experiencing issues like water leakage or a faulty flush, this is often a sign that you need to replace your toilet bowl. Moreover, if you are looking to install a new toilet bowl there are different toilet bowl products that you can choose from. After choosing your ideal toilet bowl, it is recommended that you contact a professional plumber to install or replace your toilet bowl.


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