7 Reasons to Buy an American Standard Toilet Bowl

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Now that your toilet is old and not working properly anymore, it is time to have a new toilet bowl installation. You may already have a lot of choices, but which one of these options is right for your needs? One of the toilet bowl brands that is gaining immense popularity and is loved by most people in Singapore is the American Standard toilet bowl. Why choose American Standard? There are quite a few reasons, and we are sharing 7 of them.


Crystasleek Seat and Cover


The first reason why you should opt for an American Standard toilet bowl is because of its Crystasleek seat and cover. Not only does it serve its function well but it is also very attractive.  This can be seen in the American Standard signature close-coupled back-to-wall toilet bowl where its slim, sleek, and durable cover and sleek makes it a match made in bathroom heaven.


Double Vortex Flush

The American Standard toilet bowl is also known for its double vortex washdown. This gives you maximum flushing power with minimal water usage.



We all know the importance of conserving water, especially when water is scarce in many parts of the world. If you opt for an American Standard Signature toilet bowl, you will be able to help conserve water and even money. With both the Signature and the American Standard Milano models having a double vortex washdown, you can conserve a good amount of water and cut your water bills as well – making them one of the best types of eco-friendly toilets you can purchase.




Knowing how to clean and maintain your toilet bowl is essential, which is why another reason to choose an American Standard toilet bowl is because of its hygiene features. Its hygiene rim ensures there are no surfaces that are hard to reach and also prevents unwanted splashes. Thanks to the hygiene rim, you will be able to clean with just a single wipe.

Comfortclean is also a wonderful feature with American Standard toilet bowls making it one of the features to look out for when buying the best toilet bowl for your bathroom. This helps prevent the growth of E. Coli bacteria. When talking about hygiene, the American Standard toilet bowl’s Aqua Ceramic technology is also note-worthy. This hydrophilic technology prevents dark ring stains and dirt from sticking to the toilet’s surface, always keeping your toilet clean and hygienic.


Size That Fits Every Bathroom


The measurements of the American Standard toilet make it a perfect fit in every bathroom. Although, before you buy your new toilet, it is important to know the reasons why you should hire a professional for your toilet bowl installation so they will be the one to take the accurate measurements. That is where Toilet Bowl City Singapore comes in.

Our experts can take the measurements of the available space in your bathroom, then with your requirements in mind, we can suggest if American Standard Signature or American Standard Milano toilet bowl is a better fit. Once you have decided, we will even install it for you right away.


Simple Yet Timeless Designs

What we also love about American Standard toilet bowls is their simple yet elegant design – one of the factors to look out for when purchasing the best toilet bowl. Both the American Standard Signature and the Milano are beautiful in their own way. The American Standard Signature model sports a superellipse design, giving it a soft minimalist theme. The Milano however, has an ergonomic design that fits perfectly to the contours of the body.


One of the Most Trusted Brands for Sanitary Ware

Finally, what makes American Standard toilets a great option is the brand itself. American Standard is a big name in Singapore, not only for the great sanitary wares that they offer but also because of their amazing services. If you choose their toilet bowls, you will definitely be as happy and as satisfied as everyone else in Singapore.



When opting to buy a new toilet bowl for your home, it is good to know the reasons why you should go with American Standard toilet bowls.

These toilet bowls have a Crystasleek seat and cover for gorgeous and functional seats and covers. They have a double vortex flush feature for maximum flushing power but minimal water consumption. Their toilet bowls conserve water, they focus on hygiene with their HygieneRim feature, they have a simple yet elegant design, they are a very well-known brand, and lastly, they fit perfectly in every bathroom.

If you require assistance in choosing the right toilet bowl, engage professional toilet bowl services to help you identify and install the right type of American Standard toilet bowl for your bathroom.


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