8 Common Toilet Flush Problems

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Toilet bowl flush systems are given to have problems when used for a long time. Occasionally, problems also occur because of improper toilet bowl installation.We have listed a couple of common problems that occur in toilet flush systems.

1. Weak Flush


A weak flush or most commonly known as a “lazy” flush happens when you have been using your toilet bowl for several years. Whenever you push the toilet bowl flush button, and it won’t flush, you should check the toilet cistern. The water must have not flown into it because of low water pressure. A weak flush can also be a sign that your toilet bowl valve is leaking. Check the gaskets as it may have lost their water seals, this would result in water draining from your toilet bowl.

You can also check your toilet’s flush for a manufacturing date stamp, this may indicate when it was made and you can most probably get a grasp of why a weak flush keeps on occurring. If it has been manufactured during the 90s then it can be the reason. Old flushes will have sediments on the siphon jet hole that can cause build up and a toilet bowl choke. Immediately contact a plumbing professional when you have this issue to prevent it from causing more damage. 


2. Partial Flush


You may not notice it at first when you experience a partial flush because it looks like a strong flush that works as usual. However, it is an incomplete flush that may leave behind wastes. Check your flapper valve if it does not stay up for about 80% until the water has been drained up while flushing. If this does not happen then you may be experiencing issues with your flapper that causes a partial flush. This is one of the reasons why you should choose to purchase a Baron W-203A dual flush for your home. This can control the intensity of your flushing because of it’s dual power, minimizing partial flush issues while also being eco-friendly. 


3. Phantom Flush

A phantom flush happens when your toilet bowls continue flushing completely on its own. This is caused by a worn out flapper leading to a leak in your cistern. In this matter, you should decide if you should repair or replace your leaky toilet bowl. When you let this happen continuously, the flapper will become a burden, causing your toilets to keep on draining and flushing on its own leading to water wastage. 


4. Double Flush

A double flush happens when you have a lightweight flapper. A flapper serves as a doorway allowing you to store water in your toilet bowl tank. If it is lightweight, or even fitted in a wrong way, then more water will flow through your toilet bowl tank that will cause a double flush. 


5. Whistling Tank

One of the common HDB toilet bowl issues you may experience is having a whistling tank or strange noises coming from your toilet bowl flush. This is most likely because you have a faulty fill valve. A faulty fill valve can cause your toilet bowl to vibrate, leading to producing strange noises. It can also cause your toilet bowl to have leaks in the long run. Acting fast in situations like these are a must because there are serious possible dangers if you ignore a leaking toilet bowl


6. Slow Fill


A semi-open valve from the water supply line can cause your tank to be filled with water slowly. It can also be because of a clog in your supply line. A clog may also be a product of improper cleaning so you should also be aware of how to clean and maintain your toilet bowl. You can also check your water pressure because a low-water pressure also causes a tank to be slowly filled. 


7. Leaking Tank


Leaking tanks are most likely caused by a crack in the porcelain, a broken supply, or a flush system with faulty parts. Although guessing which is the cause of the problem may even create more damage for you, that is why you should engage a professional to replace a leaking HDB toilet bowl


8. Flush Button Spoil

A flush button spoil is commonly caused by a worn out cistern or flush valve. The cistern lets your tank to store water and when the flush is pulled, the cistern gets held up resulting in a toilet flush. If it is overused or spoiled then you may need to change your toilet flush system.


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