8 Notable Reasons to Choose Magnum Toilet Bowl for Your Toilet Bowl Replacement

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It is extremely inconvenient if your toilet bowl is malfunctioning. Thus, all household in Singapore want to install the best toilet bowl they can afford to avoid having to pay for costly repairs or replacement. While there are several toilet bowl brands selling their products in Singapore, many plumbing experts recommend property owners install a Magnum toilet bowl. Here are some reasons why Magnum toilet bowls are highly recommended for new toilet bowl installation as well as replacement of existing toilet bowls. 


Turbo Tornado Flush Cistern 

A thing you need to know about the tornado flush system is that the water is released and will circulate in the toilet with great force through a few jet nozzles in the toilet bowl. The turbo tornado flush system can carry away the waste, hence lesser water is required for flushing compared to toilets of other brands. This is one of the main reasons why Magnum toilet bowls have become very popular as the latest toilet bowl models use the highly efficient tornado flushing system. 

The Magnum 935 toilet bowl is one of the newest models with a tornado flushing, and only requires 2.7 liters of water for full flushing.


Dual Flush


A person uses the toilet bowl several times a day. Normally, flushing is only needed to wash out the liquid waste, and less force is required. Most toilets have a single button for flushing, which uses the same amount of water to flush all types of waste. On the other hand, one of the benefits of having a dual flush system toilet like the Magnum toilet bowl is that the amount of water required for flushing varies. Magnum toilet bowls have separate button for reduced flush, thus only 2.4 liters of water are required for flushing liquids. For solid waste, the user can press the full flush button. 


Premium Geberit Flushing System

One of the common toilet bowl problems faced by users is that the flushing system does not function properly after it has been used for many years. In some cases, the flushing system does not work even if you press the flush button/mechanism. There are also some cases wherein the flush tank does not fill quickly or properly. 

To ensure that you do not face any problem, Magnum uses high quality premium Geberit flushing mechanism. One of the advantages of having a Geberit flush system toilet bowl is that the flushing mechanism is very durable. For greater reliability, the flush valve, fill valve and other components are manufactured from high grade plastic, and a warranty is offered on the flushing mechanism. This is to ensure that users of Magnum toilet bowls will not face any issue even in the long run. 


Comfort Curve Seat

Magnum toilet bowls have a comfort curve seat, thus you can sit on the toilet for a longer time without experiencing any kind of discomfort. The shape of the toilet seat is designed for all sizes, shapes, including persons with disabilities to use this without any problems. The slow closing seat and seat cover also ensures that there is less noise when the toilet is used. 


A More Stylish Toilet 


Many homeowners in Singapore prefer to buy a stylish and compact toilet bowl. If you want to purchase the best toilet bowl for small bathrooms, then Magnum 935 toilet bowl is a perfect choice. Magnum 935 toilet bowls are sleek, and compatible with any home decor. For homeowners who want a larger toilet or elongated toilet for greater comfort can choose the Magnum 918s toilet bowl


Variety of Colors

Many homeowners also want to install a toilet in other colors to match the home decor. Some property owners want to install dark-colored toilets since stains are not easily seen. Interior designers have confirmed that black toilets are the latest home decor trend. Magnum 938 toilet bowl is one of the few black toilet bowls which is of high quality and reasonably priced. 


Prevents Toilet Problems

Toilets that have been used for more than five years often develop problems, especially if they are installed in homes with more family members. Due to regular usage, some parts of the toilet bowl may be damaged or become loose. You may be wondering if you should do a toilet bowl replacement or repair when this happens.  Constant toilet bowl repair is time-consuming, inconvenient, and overpriced for the homeowner who has to look for a plumber and be in charge of the repairs. To prevent constantly repairing your toilet bowl and paying higher bills, it is recommended to install a toilet bowl from Magnum which uses high-quality Geberit fittings and the latest tornado flushing technology.


Hygienic and Less Cleaning Time 

Most of the latest Magnum toilet models such as the Magnum 935 toilet bowl uses a type of toilet bowl flush system called “tornado flush”. This flushing system circulates water with a high force inside the toilet for a long time like a tornado before the water leaves the toilet. More force is applied to remove the waste and dirt in the toilet, and the toilet will be cleaner, and less waste will stick to the inside of the toilet. The tornado flush system is more hygienic since the water for flushing does not splash on the toilet seat and outside the toilet. Therefore, it will be easier to clean and maintain your toilet bowl.



If you have a faulty toilet bowl, then it is a sign that you need a toilet bowl replacement. One of the toilet bowls brands you can consider buying is the Magnum toilet bowl. Magnum toilet bowls have better components, features and are reasonably priced. It is very beneficial if you purchase a Magnum toilet bowl with installation service as you will be able to buy and install it efficiently and professionally. 

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