Advantages of Buying Magnum 938 Black Toilet Bowl

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Though a majority of floor and wall mounted toilet bowls in Singapore are white, some homeowners prefer to install a dark-colored or black toilet bowl to match the decor of their bathroom or toilet. Additionally, stains and other dirt marks will not be easily visible on the black toilet bowl in Singapore, so individuals and families who do not have the time to clean their toilet regularly may prefer to buy a black toilet.

Many people who wish to purchase a black toilet are selecting the Magnum 938 Turbo Tornado 1-Piece Toilet Bowl, because of its multiple advantages, which are listed below:


Magnum 938-Black One-Piece Toilet

The Magnum 938 black colored toilet bowl is a one-piece toilet that is compact, durable, and easy to clean. The toilet has a length of 670 mm, a width of 370 mm, and a height of 740 mm. Depending on the space available and the user’s requirement, it can be used with an S-trap or P-trap toilet bowl. For the S-trap, the rough-in can be either 150 mm or 250 mm, while the rough-in is 180 mm for the P-trap.


Features of The Magnum 938 Black Toilet Bowl

Some of the main features of the Magnum-938 toilet are described below:

Geberit Flushing System


The toilet’s performance depends mainly on the flushing system used. You can experience the advantages of having a toilet bowl with the Geberit Flushing System when you install the Magnum 938 black toilet bowl. Geberit is one of the world’s most reputed manufacturers of high-end plumbing systems. 

The components of the flushing system, including the fill and flush valve, are manufactured from high-grade durable plastic so that the components do not degrade or corrode when used frequently. The company also warranties that spare parts will be available for at least 25 years after the product is purchased. This way, you can avoid common toilet bowl flushing problems.

Turbo Tornado Flushing Cistern 


One thing you need to know about the tornado flushing system is that less water is used for flushing while removing all the dirt. The toilet has a few jets through which water for flushing is released into the toilet bowl. 

The water will then swirl around in the toilet with great force like a real-life tornado, carrying away all the dirt in the toilet. In addition to removing all the waste quickly, no water is splashed on the toilet floor. Toilet bowl flush system services can help you navigate this matter, and can assist you when you need help. 


A good toilet bowl buying guide tip is considering the water-saving factor. Since less water is required for flushing liquid waste away, the toilet has a dual flush mechanism. Only 2.4 liters of water are required for a reduced flush for liquid waste. Due to the tornado flush, even the volume of water needed for a full flush for solid waste is less at 2.7 liters per flush. Hence the water consumption of the Magnum 938 toilet is far lower than most other toilets in Singapore.

The toilet has been certified for water efficiency by the Public Utility Board (PUB) of Singapore and helps reduce the water bill. This is a good factor to consider when choosing the best toilet bowl for your bathroom.

Comfort Curve Seat 

Since people spend some time daily sitting on the toilet seat, comfort is a consideration. The Magnum-938 toilet is designed with a comfort curve seat, whose curves conform to the shape of the human body so that the user can comfortably sit on the floor mounted toilet for a longer time. 




By your thorough study of its features, there are many reasons why you should purchase a Magnum 938 black toilet bowl. It has gained immense popularity due to its superior qualities and features. First and foremost, it offers the factor of uniqueness. A black toilet for your toilet bowl installation will surely make your bathroom stand out.

Technical and feature-wise, the Magnum 938 black toilet bowl offers great competitive standpoints. Its Geberit Flushing system will hold its value because of its high-grade and less-corrosive components. It utilizes some of the best types of flushing systems in Singapore that ensure proper and clean flushing. You will also experience lower water bills as less water is required for it. Lastly, it provides utmost comfort due to its curved seat.


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