Advantages of Having a Toilet Bowl with Geberit Toilet Flushing System

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While flushing a toilet bowl is a quick and convenient way to get rid of waste, it can consume a large amount of water. Older toilet bowls would consume nine liters of water every time the toilet bowl is flushed. Hence, the water used for flushing is often one-third or more of the total water consumed by each household.

Realizing that a large amount of water is wasted for flushing, sanitary product manufacturers spent a lot of time and money improving the design of the toilet bowl flush. The toilet bowl flush system is now modified to incorporate a water-saving mode whereby less force is required to wash away liquid waste. While there are a large number of companies manufacturing toilet bowls, many companies are using Geberit valves for their toilet bowl flush system.

Here are the advantages of having a toilet bowl with a Geberit toilet bowl flushing system:


Uses Water More Ways Than One

Most earlier toilet bowls had only one button for flushing and the same amount of water would be used for flushing even if only liquid waste is being washed away. This increased the amount of water waste for flushing away toilet waste.

Recognizing that people used their toilet bowl for flushing away liquid waste more often, Geberit has developed flush valves for the toilet bowl which help in reducing water consumption significantly. This makes toilet bowls with the Geberit toilet flushing system one of the best types of eco-friendly toilet bowls.

The Geberit fitting has separate buttons for each of the flushing modes, and the user can use either button, depending on the amount of water required for flushing. A lesser amount of water and force is required for flushing liquid waste like urine, so the user should use the water-saving or reduced flush mode. For solid and semi-solid waste like human excreta or food waste, the normal full flush mode should be used.

The Baron W368A and Baron W888 toilet bowls are some of the one-piece toilet bowls available in Singapore which use the Geberit fitting for flushing to save water. Both of these toilet bowls incorporate dual flushing modes in their toilet bowl flush. In the reduced flushing mode, water consumption is less than three liters and in the full flushing mode, the water consumption is 3.9 liters.

Installing a toilet bowl with Geberit fittings can help reduce the water consumption and bill significantly.


Broken Parts Can Be Easily Replaced


One of the reasons why Geberit valves for flushing are so popular is because they are designed to be very high quality and do not require much maintenance. In some cases, due to accidents or natural disasters, the valves may get damaged and some parts may have to be replaced. In cases like these, spare parts can be easily obtained, since Geberit guarantees that spares for all the flushing valves are available and selling for at least 25 years after the valve is sold.

The different parts of the Geberit system are concealed below the flush actuator plate, which can be easily removed without any tools. The flush plate can be removed by lifting and then tilting it. The homeowner does not have to invest additional money in installing an access panel, does not have to break the wall for maintenance or servicing the Geberit valve. Therefore, no dirt is generated or noise pollution during Geberit maintenance. These can also be features to look out for when buying the best toilet bowl.


Smooth Flushing System

The Geberit valves are manufactured from high-grade durable plastic, so they provide smooth flushing for many years without any common toilet flush problem. The valves do not have any metal parts like bolts, chains, which will corrode after a few years, or rubber components that degrade causing toilet bowl leaks. The Geberit components are precisely engineered for optimal performance and to reduce the noise generated during filling of the water tank and flushing to the possible extent.


Well-Known Sanitary Manufacturer

Geberit, with headquarters located in Switzerland, is one of the top European manufacturers of sanitary fittings in the world. Their sanity products are developed after extensive research, are innovative and durable. The company tries to ensure that its wide range of sanitary products is eco-friendly and reduces water waste. They mainly offer high-end sanitary solutions and have more than 1200 employees in approximately 50 countries.



A toilet bowl consumes a lot of water when flushing – which is why Geberit has come up with a design to improve the toilet bowl flush and reduce wasting water. A lot of toilet bowl brands, including Baron toilet bowl, have incorporated Geberit valves into their toilet bowl flush systems. The Geberit toilet flushing system has a lot of advantages like having easily replaceable parts and a smooth flushing system.

It is recommended to hire a toilet bowl professional to help install your toilet bowl with the Geberit toilet flushing system. They are experienced workers who can efficiently do the job in no time.


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