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  • High-Quality Toilets – Baron toilet bowls are not only one of the most efficient but also one of the most durable. It offers high-quality toilets that can surely give you and your family the best experience in toilet bowls.
  • Features – Baron makes one of the most water-efficient toilet bowls in the market. Using only 4.5L of water per flush with their Geberit toilet flushing system. Its seat covers have special mechanisms that allow slow closing – this prevents noises that are too loud and it is less likely to damage the toilet seat. Most Baron toilets are also small and compact, which makes fitting it in small bathrooms a no-brainer.
  • Trusted and Experienced Installers – Our installers at Toilet Bowl City are well-equipped with the necessary skills needed to professionally install and replace your Baron toilet bowls. Offering high-quality workmanship, we ensure you the best service both from our toilet bowl supplier and installers.

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Baron is a brand that aims to have a great standard in quality. With an understanding of the phrase – “Quality first, Customer first as always.” There is no doubt that Baron is a brand that can be trusted for your toilet bowl and sanitary ware needs.

Baron offers a wide range of sanitary ware. They offer both modern and traditional. Baron uses high-grade ceramics that are produced by an advanced technology using high-quality clay fossil. Aside from that, Baron sanitary wares have gained the ISO 9001:2000 International Quality System Certification.


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Elaine Ang
Elaine Ang
03:09 04 May 22
Mani the contractor was very punctual and very polite. The work was done efficiently with minimal fuss. The toilet was left clean after work was done.Would definitely use him again.
Megan Feng
Megan Feng
20:56 27 Apr 22
Probably one of the best toilet bowl service providers around due to their professionalism and prompt service!
Cillian Bell
Cillian Bell
14:26 27 Apr 22
This company answered my calls quickly and helped me to replace my toilet bowl extremely efficiently. Excellent job!
Navin Raj Natarajan
Navin Raj Natarajan
13:00 20 Apr 22
Quick Response and Quality Work.I got my toilet bowl replaced and the whole experience was painless and easy. Would definitely recommend to anyone who's unsure of what to get and how to install. Shoutout to Technician Mani who did the job for me. Soft spoken, diligent and quick worker! I would ask for him the next time as well.
Effendi Jufri
Effendi Jufri
05:00 19 Apr 22
Excellent service. Dessa and Jinky answered my queries promptly. Installation was done by Raj their technician. Very well mannered. Good job.
Eek Chng Lim
Eek Chng Lim
05:04 18 Apr 22
CSO Cora was prompt in enquiries and helpful. Technician Raj was competent and done a good job. Overall satisfied with the toilet bowl replacement.
Ryz Ramly
Ryz Ramly
07:06 08 Apr 22
I had an awesome dealings and experience engaging Everyworks. To name them, Lorraine CSO and Ladi the technician. You guys are awesome! I am certainly one of your happy customer. Highly recommended. Thank you!
Christina Toh
Christina Toh
05:48 06 Apr 22
Very fast response on questions from Dessa and Lorraine. The installer Mani was very fast and did a good, tidy job with the toilet bowl installation. Will use then again if needed.
Anarkali Ganapuli
Anarkali Ganapuli
02:24 25 Mar 22
Toilet Bowl City Singapore
Isabel Chong
Isabel Chong
12:49 24 Mar 22
The plumber were so friendly and skillful. I didn't expect that he would pinpoint the toilet bowl problem so easily and resolve it in a short amount of time. Was really lucky to have them come by. Thank you!
Teruna bin Danang
Teruna bin Danang
07:06 24 Mar 22
The workers from this company were really quick and helpful. I don't think I'll have any doubts about calling them again in the future.
10:58 23 Mar 22
First time purchased toilet bowl from “Toilet bowl city”. Job done perfectly n fast . Plumber “Ladi” are very friendly 👍👍👍👍👍
patrick kuan
patrick kuan
09:45 19 Mar 22
Very good service from the CSOs and plumbers. I contacted them about a leaking toilet and pipe, and they were able to fix the problem within 2 days.MP Raj and Shafikul replaced the toilet and T joint within an hour, very fast and skilled workmanship.
Alex Chew
Alex Chew
12:04 08 Mar 22
Very punctual. Replacement of toilet bowl was fast and nicely done. Technician Ladi is friendly and helpful. Thank you 😊
Yuanjun Zhang
Yuanjun Zhang
04:12 08 Mar 22
This is the second time I engaged the team, great customer service and workmanship as always. The technician Ladi did a quick and clean job on toilet bowl replacement, really appreciate the service!
Ryan Chong
Ryan Chong
02:02 08 Mar 22
I must say I was really happy with the service they gave. The workers arrived prompetly and conducted their toilet bowl job efficiently but also in a considerate manner. Thanks so much!
Om Bhate
Om Bhate
17:10 07 Mar 22
Despite knowing that my toilet bowl leak issue was a difficult one, the plumbers managed to resolve it immediately by installing a brand new toilet bwol. The prices they gave were reasonable as well.
Ashwin Kitjakarn
Ashwin Kitjakarn
14:34 28 Oct 21
My toilet bowl had quite a bad leak and so I decided to give them a call despite not having engaged them before. I must say, their customer support staff was really responsive and managed to get an appointment for me in such a short period. The plumber was really polite too and made sure that all our concerns were addressed. Great work!
Marah Ashley
Marah Ashley
09:15 24 Oct 21
Thank you team for the wonderful work you did for our toilet bowl installation. You guys were extremely professional and gave some wonderful maintenance advice as well. Excellent job!
Wang Liuxian
Wang Liuxian
10:03 23 Oct 21
Staf was very polite and responsive. Not only that, but the technicians were extremely tidy and did their work without any delays. I highly recommend them.
Lincoln Loh
Lincoln Loh
11:45 14 Sep 21
The customer support staff were really helpful and prompt in booking an appointment for me. Furthermore, they had some of the most polite, skilled, and professional plumbers I've ever met. They accomodated almost every concern I had, fixed my toilet bowl quickly, and gave very reasonable prices. They definitely deserve a recommendation from me.
Jawahar Pande
Jawahar Pande
14:25 01 Aug 21
Thanks so so so much for providing quick and professional service to us and for resolving our toilet bowl issues quite promptly. We won't forget to recommend you guys to all the people we know.
Shannon Lim
Shannon Lim
16:54 11 Jun 21
I want to commend them for their top notch toilet bowl service and their quick response. Good job!
Jamie Cheah
Jamie Cheah
13:14 30 Apr 21
The toilet bowl installation service provided was great! They responded to my calls almost immediately and the plumbers gave one of the best services around. Very grateful to you guys!
Libby Bee
Libby Bee
18:12 22 Apr 21
I was really worried about my toilet bowl as it just refused to flush and water was leaking out heavily. Fortunately, you guys were very responsive and sent a plumber to repair it immediately. Can't thank all of you enough. So so grateful!
Adriana Wilson
Adriana Wilson
18:30 31 Jan 21
I was really pleased with the service given by the toilet bowl installer. He had a good attitude and was so willing to answer all of my questions. I intend to use their services again if needed.
Edward Liu
Edward Liu
20:29 23 Oct 20
The staff was really responsive in answering my queries and the plumbers were very helpful too. They were all extremely attentive and were able to replace my toilet bowl in a day. Although the adjustments needed took a bit long to do, they managed to pull it off. Hopefully no more issues will take place. Thanks so much you guys!
Kit Parry
Kit Parry
09:25 15 Aug 20
The crew arrived within the same day and gave very efficient and quick service!
Madison Sim
Madison Sim
07:29 26 Nov 19
I had a old toilet bowl that was overdue for replacement and they provided an easy process to buy and install in the same week. Highly recommended!
Yueh Lee
Yueh Lee
03:45 16 Nov 19
Provided consultation on the phone on the type of toilet bowl package available and booking was easy to install the new toilet bowl.
Yock Mun Chia
Yock Mun Chia
00:23 14 Nov 19
Recommended service for replacement of toilet bowl. Engaged them to supply and install basic saniton toilet bowl, good workmanship and after service care.
Hugh Tan
Hugh Tan
08:34 07 Nov 19
Fast and friendly installation service for toilet bowl and bathroom accessories.
Joshuah Ho
Joshuah Ho
07:05 20 Aug 19
Good and value for money toilet bowl services.
Gloria Elia Rodríguez Ojeda
Gloria Elia Rodríguez Ojeda
09:03 17 Aug 19
Customer service is very good and helpful. Toilet bowl installation is of high quality.
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3 Benefits of Replacing Your Old Toilet Bowl with a Baron Toilet Bowl

You may not notice your toilet bowl until a problem arises and that is the time you opt to replace your toilet bowl. Most Singaporeans prefer the Baron toilet bowl. Baron toilet bowl is one of the best-selling toilet bowl brands in Singapore and the most preferred for a toilet bowl. Besides that, there are 3 benefits of replacing your old toilet bowl with a Baron Toilet Bowl.

Water efficiency

One of the most important benefits of replacing your old toilet bowl with a Baron toilet bowl is that it saves water. Older toilet bowl models use too much water, and increases your utility bills. If you choose to install one of the Baron toilet bowl models such as Baron W888 or Baron W-203A, then you will be saving a lot of water.

Compact Baron toilet bowl size


Baron toilet bowls are the best options if you need a classy toilet bowl that is also space-saving. For example, the Baron W-203A toilet bowl is compact in size – it can fit easily and look pleasant with your small bathroom. People often buy a toilet bowl that takes up too much space which is one of the common mistakes to avoid when getting a new toilet bowl.

Soft-closing Baron toilet bowl seat covers


Another benefit that you can enjoy if you install a new toilet bowl with a Baron toilet bowl is its soft closing seat cover. These seat covers have an interesting mechanism that enables slow closing and will not slam hard. Thus, you will avoid loud noises and you will not worry about your toilet seat being damaged from regular slamming.

Why you should install a Baron W888 or W-203A toilet bowl?


A Baron W888 model is a 1-piece toilet bowl that has a soft closing seat cover that ensures no slamming of the seat. You can enjoy with its smooth flushing system. On the other hand, the Baron W-203A is a 2-piece toilet bowl that has a slow-moving seat cover. It can easily fit small spaces and still look classy. It also saves water since it has a 4.5/2.5 liters dual flush.

Now that you know about the benefits of replacing your old toilet bowl with a Baron Toilet Bowl. Let’s find out more about 4 things you should consider when purchasing a Baron Toilet Bowl.


4 Things You Should Consider When Purchasing A Baron Toilet Bowl

Most families prefer to install a toilet bowl with high quality toilet that will last. This is to avoid the idea that they should have to replace or repair their toilet bowl. Most buyers are interested in purchasing Baron since it is one of the top 3 best selling toilet bowl brands in Singapore. Here are 4 things you should consider when purchasing a Baron toilet bowl:

Water Bills


One of the main things to consider before purchasing a toilet bowl is water consumption. Most of the standard toilet bowls use approximately 9 liters of water every flush, which causes an increase in the water bill. The Baron toilet bowl is designed to consume less water when flushing – this helps to decrease water consumption and to reduce water bills.

Baron Toilet-Bowl Type

The Baron toilet bowl has various kinds of toilet bowls which cater to the needs of the customer. They will differ in their design, water consumption, and other features. Most toilet bowls have either a 1-piece or 2-piece design. The 2-piece toilet bowl has a separate tank while the 1-piece toilet bowl is easier to clean.

Performance and Efficiency


A toilet bowl is usually rated according to its water consumption by Singapore’s Public Utilities Board (PUB). Baron toilet bowls are designed to reduce water consumption. The older models usually consume more water, but some models provide a half flush and a full flush. The newer models use less water since they have better mechanisms for removing waste.

Toilet Bowl Size and Cost


Most Baron toilet bowls are compact and usually measure about 70 cm or less in length which makes them fit easily in small bathrooms. Toilet bowls that consume less water for flushing are cost-effective. Likewise, a 1-piece toilet bowl will cost more than a 2-piece toilet bowl. Meanwhile, a P-trap toilet bowl which is safer is costlier than an S-trap toilet bowl.

After learning about the things you should consider when purchasing a Baron Toilet Bowl, please keep in mind the reasons to choose Baron W-203A dual flush toilet bowl for your home.


Reasons To Choose Baron W-203A Dual Flush Toilet Bowl for Your Home

With the endless list of potential toilet bowl models and brands for your home, you may be confused about which toilet bowl you should purchase. While searching for your new toilet bowl, you might have read about the Baron W-203A as one of the Singaporean homeowners’ favorite. Learn more about reasons to choose Baron W-203A Dual Flush Toilet bowl for your home.

It Is Eco-friendly


When talking about eco-friendliness, Baron W-203A is one of the best bathroom fixtures you can get for your home. One of the mistakes to avoid when getting a new toilet bowl is a model that uses tons of water, thus, increasing your water bills. Baron W-203A comes with a dual flush highly effective despite using less water.

It Is Cost Efficient

The flushing system is one of the things you should consider when purchasing a Baron toilet bowl. A dual-flush Baron toilet may be eco-friendly, but it can cost more compared with the single flush Baron toilet bowl. However, using the dual-flush toilet model can be economical in the long run, as they use less water. When you install Baron W203A, you can experience the cost efficiency of a high-quality dual flushing toilet.

It Requires Minimal Maintenance


The dual-flush Baron toilet bowl uses gravity to drain waste, thus not requiring you to ask whether you should get a toilet bowl replacement or repair. Clogging issues are pretty rare with the Baron W-203A, so you can bid ‘goodbye’ to constant plunging and plumbing repair fees. If you are having problems with Baron W203A, then hire a professional plumber to point out problems that need to be addressed.

It Is A Washdown Model

Most homeowners in Singapore may have an S-trap toilet bowl vs. a P-trap toilet bowl, but with the benefits from P-trap toilet bowls, more customers are planning to upgrade their bathroom fixtures! Among the benefits of replacing your HDB toilet bowl with a Baron W203A washdown toilet lets you experience the benefits of clog-free P-traps.

It Has A Slow Moving Seat Cover


Another reason that makes the W-203A Baron toilet well-known is the slow-moving seat cover. The cover moves slowly differently from the loud bangs from your old toilet covers when you close it. You don’t have to worry about accidentally slamming your seat covers. W203A seat covers are low-noise, making the Baron toilet bowl easy and safe to use at home.

It Is Water Efficient

The dual flush toilet system in Baron W203A lets you use the proper amount of water to drain solid waste. You can choose between half or full-flush modes for liquid and solid wastes, making it easier for you to clean and maintain your toilet bowl.

Knowing the reasons to choose Baron W-203A dual flush toilet bowl for your home is highly important. Equally vital to learn are the advantages of installing A Baron W888 1-Piece toilet bowl.


Advantages of Installing A Baron W888 1-Piece Toilet Bowl

Your family deserves a well-made and durable toilet bowl like the Baron W888 model. Although it’s slightly pricier than the current toilet bowls in the market, the Baron W888 model provides excellent features for homeowners! Before you make a call to the professional. There are many advantages of installing a Baron W888 1-Piece Toilet Bowl as listed below.

It Is Easy To Clean


Without the crevices and corners most toilet bowls have, you will never have to worry about accumulating dust, dirt, and harmful microbes in Baron W888! All you have to do is learn how to clean and maintain your toilet bowl, and you will have a spick and span Baron w888 in no time.

It Is Highly Reliable and Durable

You will like the Baron W888 if you don’t like an s-trap toilet bowl. With its P-trap, you will be able to use the toilet bowl model for more years to come. The popular Baron toilet model is an impeccable one-piece ceramic with quality pipes for the water tank and more fittings. You will never see the connections susceptible to wear and tear, making it of the best-selling toilet bowl brands! Baron W888 is more durable with fewer removable parts, and repairs are likely to be a part of your worries.

It Saves Space

One of the most common toilet bowl problems you can avoid when purchasing the Baron W888 is the space. The one-piece toilet is compact compared with other two-piece toilets in the market today! Homeowners with small bathrooms can rest easy when you hire a professional plumber to install your Baron toilet bowl.

It Is Affordable

The W888 toilet may be high-priced compared with two-piece toilet bowls, but it is affordable among the one-piece models! Some of the things you should consider when purchasing a baron toilet bowl are the materials and performance of the toilet bowl. When you buy Baron W888, you only need fewer repairs and maintenance work.

Smooth Flushing System


One mistake to avoid when getting a new toilet bowl is the noisy flushing system. Luckily, the W888 toilet bowl eliminates the strong sound most homeowners dread. The toilet’s flushing system removes dirt fast and reduces your monthly water bills with minimal water consumption!

Slow Moving Seat Cover


The difference between an ordinary wall-mounted and floor-mounted toilet bowl and the Baron W888 toilet bowl is the slow-moving seat cover. Without the loud accidental slams of seat covers, you will never have to disturb anyone in your home and keep on purchasing new seat covers all the time!

Once you have learned about the advantages of installing a Baron W888 1-Piece Toilet Bowl, you should also be aware of the 5 reasons to hire a professional plumber to install your Baron Toilet Bowl.


5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Plumber to Install Your Baron Toilet Bowl

Baron toilet bowls are immensely popular and considered to be one of the top selling toilet bowl brands in Singapore. If you choose to install this particular brand, then you must engage a professional plumber to do the job for you. Find out the 5 reasons to hire a professional plumber to install your Baron toilet bowl.

Help you choose the right Baron toilet bowl

Baron W888 or Baron W203A are some Baron toilet bowl models you can consider buying for your toilet. These toilet bowl products are both good choices. It is best to get advice from a professional plumber to help you understand which toilet bowl can match your needs. Professional plumbers understand your requirements that matches your needs.

Detect and resolve any hidden leaks

Whether you plan to place your toilet bowl, a professional plumber will gladly assist you. Once they install your toilet bowl, they will spend some time to ensure there are no hidden leaks. After the installation, the chances of having leaks are rare. You can avoid this common toilet bowl problem by having a professional plumber solve the problem right away.

Eliminate any signs of mold growth


Mold will start developing once the ceiling of your house starts to get damp. If this problem is not avoided, then it can cause health risks to your family. Acquiring the services of a professional plumber not only helps in installing and replacing your toilet bowl, but they make sure that you can use your new Baron toilet bowl with no worries at all.

Make sure to clean up when they finish


A professional plumber will not only complete your toilet bowl installation but will also clean up the mess created during the process as well. That is why it is better to leave it to the professionals as they are experts in this area.

Install your Baron toilet bowl for an affordable price


Contrary to the belief that hiring a plumber to install your toilet bowl can be quite expensive, the fact is you save more by doing so. If you do install your Baron toilet bowl on your own, you will have to buy tools and have to invest your time. Moreover, if you fail to do it properly then you will engage in a plumber anyway and have added costs.



A Baron toilet bowl is one of Singapore’s most popular toilet bowl brands. It’s possible that this is the finest option for your new toilet bowl installation. It’s essential to hire a skilled plumber who can determine which sort of Baron toilet bowl is appropriate for your needs. Besides, one of the main things to consider before purchasing a toilet bowl is water consumption. Most of the standard toilet bowls use approximately 9 liters of water every flush, which causes an increase in the water bill. The Baron toilet bowl is designed to consume less water when flushing.

The Baron toilet bowl has two models, the W888 and W-203A that are both equally great and have several benefits. It is water efficient, compact in size, and has soft-closing seat covers. Furthermore, whether you live in a condo or a landed property, Baron W888 is compact enough to fit even the smallest bathroom spaces and highly durable. Besides its price, you can also enjoy budget-friendly toilet installation costs from Toilet Bowl City Singapore plumbers for its simple installation! Hence, if you need assistance in installing and replacing your toilet bowl, acquire services from Toilet Bowl City Singapore.


At Toilet Bowl City Singapore, we understand the need to keep home service expenses within your budget. Hence, we offer honest and reasonable pricing for any of your toilet bowl installations works. Select from our range of toilet bowl brands, browse our past toilet bowl installation projects for inspiration, or read up on toilet bowl-related articles to find out more about toilet bowl installation services. Get in touch with us now via WhatsApp at +65 8241 0032!


Case Study

Baron Toilet Bowl Installation in Singapore HDB – Serangoon

baron-toilet-bowl-long-form-project-toilet-bowl-city-singapore-hdb-serangoon-1 baron-toilet-bowl-long-form-project-toilet-bowl-city-singapore-hdb-serangoon-2