Different Types of Toilet Bowl Leaks

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Your toilet bowl can start showing problems after years of regular usage. One of the most common problems that people experience is a toilet bowl leak. It is common knowledge that when we notice a leak, then it suggests that some issue must be given attention as there are possible dangers of ignoring a leaking toilet bowl. Perhaps, not many of us know that there is not just one type of toilet bowl leak. Here are the different types of toilet bowl leaks.


Leaking Toilet Pipe


Corrosion of pipes is an issue that will eventually happen. You may insulate the metal to increase its durability, but the pipes will still corrode. Pinholes will start forming when the pipes get corroded, thus resulting in toilet pipe leaking. Pipe corrosion is generally a result of low or high-water pH levels. The ideal pH level is 6.5 to 8.5. It will be a good idea to install water treatment tools if you have a low or a high pH water level to help keep the pH levels balanced.


Toilet Leaking At The Base


At times, there can be a toilet bowl leak just because something is loose. There are two plastic caps present on either side at the base of the toilet bowl. These caps cover the tee nuts that keep your toilet bowl secured to the floor. If your floor-mounted toilet bowl has not been properly mounted, over time, these bolts can get loose and wobble slightly. This also happens when it receives too much force and is used daily. You can tighten these bolts, flush your toilet bowl a few times, after that your toilet bowl leak issue might be solved.

One of the signs that your toilet bowl may have to be replaced is when even after tightening the tee nuts and water still leaks from your toilet bowl’s base. Every toilet bowl stays sitting on a wax ring. This wax ring seals the connection between the drain line on your floor and the toilet bowl itself. If your toilet bowl gets loose, the wax ring might not completely seal the drain, causing a toilet bowl leak. Replacing the ring can help solve the problem.

When trying to replace the wax ring (though it should be done by a professional), you may notice a clogged drain line. It will not be possible to flush waste and water down the drain if the drain line gets clogged. This will cause pressure on the wax ring and result in leaks. Your drain line is likely clogged and needs to be cleared if waste and water do not drain easily from your toilet bowl, or when you have to plunge your toilet bowl often when you flush, and your toilet drains slowly.

It may be a loose wax ring or a clogged drain line that needs to be cleared, these must be handled by professional toilet bowl services. They are experts that will visit your place, inspect your toilet bowl thoroughly, and figure out the cause of your toilet bowl leak. They will fix the problem right away and your toilet bowl will be ready to use in no time – one of the reasons why you should engage them to replace your leaking toilet bowl.


Leaking Toilet Bowl Flush Valve


Another sign that your toilet bowl is leaking can be the toilet bowl’s flush valve is leaking into the bowl. What you can do is make sure the float is present at a level that does not let the water move into the overflow pipe. In case the water is moving into the pipe, then you just need to bring the float level down. This will help shut off the water faster. Generally, the problem is with the flush valve or flapper assembly. The flapper sits on the flush valve. It is placed at the center of the tank and an overflow pipe rises out of it. Move your arm into the tank and push the flapper down. You have found the problem once you notice the water does not leak into the bowl anymore.


Toilet Bowl Leaking Cistern

You may also have a leaking toilet cistern that can be a result of various issues. There can be a problem with the flapper. At times, the flapper may get stuck in the open position and keep on letting water in. The arm, chain, or flapper may get caught somewhere. Sometimes the flapper is not lining up with the opening in the right way and needs to be adjusted.

It can also be that the water valve is not set correctly. Check if the water is at the right water line in your tank. If there is not enough water present, then the toilet cistern leaks on the floor because you need to adjust the float in your tank.

It might even be that the float valve is not shutting off. You need to check if the float valve is shutting off right away after trying to adjust it. The washers in the inlet valve may need to be replaced when the running stops when you pull on it and the level does not require you to adjust the float. A toilet cistern leaking onto the floor may also suggest drainage or a damaged seal. This is something only professional toilet services can confirm


Leaking Toilet From The Tank

There can be many reasons behind your toilet tank leaking. Whether it is a wall-mounted or a floor-mounted toilet bowl, it has two parts – the bowl and the tank. The part where the bowl and the tank connect can get loose and then there can be a leak.  The toilet bowl’s fill valve can eventually loosen. This valve controls the movement of the freshwater into the toilet tank. Water can start leaking onto the floor if the valve gets loose. Condensation on your toilet’s tank may even appear like a leak. This is a common problem during humid days and is mistaken to be a leak.


Toilet Flapper


Flappers will deteriorate over time. You may notice a toilet bowl leak when little pieces of grit or debris come between the flush valve and the flapper. It makes the water inside the tank leak into the toilet bowl. One more reason behind a toilet bowl leak is when the flapper does not immediately close onto the flush valve or suddenly gets hung up. This allows water to freely run from the tank and leak into the toilet bowl.



One of the most common toilet bowl problems is a toilet bowl leak. They can present different types of leaks such as a leaking toilet pipe, leaking toilet flush valve, leaking tank, etc. There is a possible danger if you ignore your leaking toilet bowl, so you must have toilet bowl services fix it right away. Professional plumbers are experts who can perfectly fix your toilet bowl leak and offer other services like toilet bowl installation and replacement.


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