Factors That Influence the Price of TOTO Toilet Bowls

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Perhaps, your old toilet bowl has developed cracks, stains, and marks that look extremely unsightly, and are not fit for use. Alternatively, your old toilet may not be functioning properly, or it may have stopped functioning completely. These can be among the few reasons why you are planning a toilet bowl replacement. Now that you are planning to buy a new toilet, you have to look for the best. Well, the toilet that is gaining more and more popularity in Singapore is the TOTO toilet bowl as they look stylish and come with a lot of fun features that people love. If you go shopping for TOTO toilets, you will find that they come in different price ranges. Now, they are not just randomly priced. There are many factors that affect the price of these toilets, and we will help you learn more now.



TOTO toilets are highly sustainable. Its Hybrid Ecology System combines two water flows—one from a small tank inside the toilet, and another from the plumbing system. Despite using less water, the Hybrid Ecology technology effectively removes waste and eliminates the need for a second flush. One type of flushing system that TOTO toilet bowl offers is the tornado flush which makes use of only 1 gallon of water while still offering the best performance. Its Clean Synergy technology is an excellent way to maintain proper hygiene inside the toilet. Since waste does not collect and cause stains, there is no need for manual cleaning with detergents. Another feature to look out for when buying a toilet bowl for your bathroom is TOTO’s washlet. It uses EWATER+ to spray the ceramic bowl, which helps prevent any build-up of microscopic waste. The TOTO toilet is also sustainable thanks to its automatic economizer. With infrequent use, the product senses the time period and automatically lowers the temperature of the toilet seat.


Toilet Bowl Design


There are a number of TOTO toilet designs, which include the one-piece toilet, which is a unit where the tank and toilet are joined together. A factor to consider when choosing the best toilet bowl is knowing what shape to purchase. Round front bowls are great for smaller spaces, and if you have a roomy toilet, you can opt for a pear-shaped elongated bowl. The height of the bowl must also be considered. The standard height is about 14-15 inches from the floor. However, there are also toilets that are 17 to 19 inches long, which are more convenient for people with limited mobility and older adults. You can also choose the color, but white is still the most popular in Singapore. Now, among these, the design type and style you choose will also be a factor in affecting your toilet bowl price.


Flushing Power

The next factor that affects the price is the dual flush system. A dual flush system is one of the features to look out for when buying one of the best types of eco-friendly toilet bowls for your bathroom. These toilets were created to handle solid and liquid waste in a separate manner. For liquid wastes, a partial flush is used, and for solid wastes, a complete flush is used. Not only is the rinsing job done efficiently, in this way, you also save a lot of water.


Toilet Bowl Models

Now that we know a few factors that affect the price of the TOTO toilet in Singapore, let us take a look at some of the models you can choose from.

TOTO CW630J 1-Piece Toilet Bowl

TOTO CW630J 1-piece toilet bowl is a water-saving toilet that has a beautifully sculpted design and is a high-profile single-piece toilet. You can even upgrade it with a washlet or a softcover and seat.

TOTO CW811PJ/SW811JP 1-Piece Toilet Bowl

TOTO CW811PJ/SW811JP 1-piece toilet bowl is an excellent water-saving dual flush system with an attractive modern style, designed exclusively for the Le Muse Design Kit.

TOTO CW821PJ 1-Piece Toilet Bowl

TOTO CW821PJ 1-Piece Toilet Bowl is a uniquely sculpted TOTO close-coupled high-profile toilet with a dual flush system. It features skirted styling and hidden drain channels for easy cleaning.



There are a lot of factors that influence TOTO toilet bowl prices and one of them is its key features like the flushing power, the toilet bowl design, and its sustainability. No matter which TOTO toilet you choose among them, one thing you need to keep in mind is that you must choose only professional toilet bowl services to help you install the toilet bowls efficiently and securely.


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