Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Toilet Bowl

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A toilet bowl is one of the most used and important items in every household. Though a toilet bowl will last you for a long time despite regular use, it will eventually start showing problems. When it starts displaying issues and becoming difficult to use, then it is time to invest in installing a new toilet bowl. You should not just invest in a random toilet but a toilet bowl from one of the best-selling toilet bowl brands in Singapore.

You need to consider the following factors when choosing the best toilet bowl:



The toilet bowl’s size is the first thing you have to give importance to while selecting the best toilet bowl. Toilet bowls are available in different sizes but most of them will fit the standard dimensions between 27 to 32 inches high, around 20 inches wide, and between 28 to 30 inches deep. The standard distance from the top of the toilet bowl seat from the floor can be between 15 to 17 inches.

The rough-in distance is known to be the measurement you must give importance to. You need to calculate this from the back of your wall to the middle of your toilet bowl drain pipe. This measurement can range between 10 to 14 inches. You need to know the rough-in measurements so you can find a toilet bowl that will perfectly fit in our available space.

It will be wise to have professional help to avoid confusion, since getting the wrong rough-in measurement can result in a wrong purchase. Toilet bowl professionals have years of experience and can quickly get the right measurements for your new toilet bowl. They can also suggest the best toilet bowl brands for your needs and perfectly install the toilet bowl for you.




Make sure the color of the product you choose matches the color of the walls of your home – one of the factors to consider when buying a toilet bowl. Toilet bowls are now available in different colors and have beautiful designs that can make your bathroom look appealing. If you choose a decorative toilet bowl, then you can select a set that includes a toilet bowl and a washbasin with a pedestal that has the same design.



Toilet bowls are made using different materials including plastic, cast iron, faience, china, and so on. The plastic ones are quite cheap but they can attract cracks and chips a bit fast. They are also not very water-resistant. China toilet bowls may seem a little expensive, but they are highly durable as they contain a strong element like quartz. You must give importance to a toilet bowl’s material as it is one of the features you should look out for when buying the best toilet bowl. This can help determine its longevity.




You have three options to select from the mounting or fastening method of a toilet bowl:

First is a floor-mounted toilet bowl which is a common and traditional option. In this case, the toilet foot is attached firmly to the floor and widens a bit at the base. This can be easily installed and is one of the best toilet bowls, although it does take quite a piece of space. The second is a wall-mounted toilet bowl that has no base. They are directly mounted to the wall and save space. You will need a professional for this case to help install your toilet bowl. The third option is the back-to-wall toilet bowl, which is kind of a golden mean between the two first options. The toilet bowl is fixed to the floor with its tank mounted to the wall, and only a flush button remains outside. This type of toilet bowl is not that difficult to install.



The best toilet bowls in Singapore are available in various designs. You can get a 1-piece toilet bowl that is sleek, curvy, and modern. On the other hand, you may choose 2-piece toilet bowls that have chromed handles and beveled edges. Although white toilet bowls look the best, some designer models also feature other colors like black. Though not very common, wall-mounted toilet bowls with minimalist designs are also available.


Bowl and Seat Shape


The toilet bowl’s seat and shape are yet another factor to consider when finding the best toilet bowl. You choose from three shapes such as compact elongated, elongated, and round. The elongated toilet bowls come in an oval shape and are more comfortable and spacious. They even add around 2 inches to the toilet bowl length. The round toilet bowls do not offer the comfort that elongated bowls ensure. They are a good choice if you have limited space in your bathroom as they are shorter and around 16 inches long. A compacted elongated toilet bowl has a more oval shape and has an approximate overall length of a round toilet bowl.


Toilet Bowl Type


The 1-piece toilet bowl is a popular type of toilet bowl where the tank and the bowl are made of a one-piece material. They are sleek and give quite a designer feel. They are also more expensive compared to the 2-piece toilet bowl type. In Singapore, the 2-piece toilet bowl is more typically used. They have a separate toilet bowl and a tank flush system.

You can even opt for wall-mounted toilet bowls. They are now becoming popular for their minimalist looks, even though they were just used in public restrooms. Wall-mounted toilet bowls that are created for personal use have designer aesthetics, unlike those you can find in public restrooms. Their seat is attached to the wall and their tank is not visible.

Whether you choose between a wall-mounted or floor-mounted toilet bowl, you must get it safely installed by a professional. They are experts who can quickly and securely install your chosen toilet bowl. They will clean up after the installation procedure is complete. They will also ensure that your toilet bowl is fit to be used right away.




Lastly, considering its price is essential when selecting the best toilet bowl. This is very important especially if you have a budget to stick to. Several models offer many facilities and each of them is priced differently. For example, a single flush toilet bowl is relatively cheaper than a dual flush toilet bowl like the Baron W-203A. You can select among these models that have the feature that you need and fits your budget.



If you are experiencing issues with your current toilet bowl, it might be a sign to replace your toilet bowl with a new one. There are certain factors to consider when choosing the best toilet bowl such as size, color, design, price, and others. Once you have chosen what type of toilet bowl and its brand – either Baron, Saniton, or Toto, that suits your needs, it is best to hire a professional to help install it. Professionals are experts who can properly and safely install your new toilet bowl.


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