Guide on Buying American Standard Toilet Bowl in Singapore

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All of us use our toilet bowls multiple times a day. We surely cannot imagine spending even a day without it. However, after years of usage, your toilet bowl will start showing common toilet bowl problems and can eventually break down. This will leave you no option to invest and install a new toilet bowl. Though you certainly have many options to choose from in Singapore, the American Standard toilet bowl has become immensely popular. Here is a guide on buying an American Standard toilet bowl that will help to ensure that you made the right purchase.


Brief Introduction to American Standard

American Standard Toilet Bowl aims to not only make the bathroom functional but also believes in creating an inviting aura. No matter what kind of goals you have for your bathroom, American Standard tries to bring it alive, while offering you the best quality toilet bowl products. Being part of the sanitary industry for more than 140 years, American Standard is known for its innovation, well-functioning products, and ultimate comfort each of its users thoroughly enjoys. It aspires to make life safer, healthier, and more beautiful for its users.


Wash Down and Siphonic American Standard Toilets

There are two types of American Standard toilet bowls that you can choose from – the wash down and the siphonic.

Wash Down


f you choose a wash-down toilet bowl, then the water from your tank will pour down into your American Standard toilet bowl and wash the material down your outlet. It uses a pushing action and there will be no evacuation of the bowl. This type of toilet bowl has a small water surface area (4 inches x 5 inches) in the bowls and is present deep down in the bowls.


In a siphonic American Standard toilet bowl, the trap way gets filled with water when you flush. A siphonic action gets initiated wherein the material is pulled out of the bowl, and the water that enters the bowl from the tank through the rim and the jet, pushes the material out. This pulling and pushing action evacuates the bowl completely during each flush.


Flushing System


The double vortex – a type of flush system, is used in the American Standard toilet bowl and uses minimum water, and offers great flushing performance. The bowl design moves the water forward and creates a powerful flushing momentum. This rimless flushing system is where the interiors of the complete bowl are effectively cleaned, thus preventing any buildup of deposits and dirt. It also becomes easy to clean and maintain the toilet bowl because of this rimless design as no dirt will accumulate over time. It has amazing features that make it a great choice for every household. Both American Standard Milano and American Standard Signature Close Coupled toilet bowls use a double vortex washdown, thus ensuring its users an effective flush every time without wasting excess water.


One-Piece and Two-Piece

You can buy either a one-piece or a two-piece American Standard toilet bowl.



A one-piece toilet bowl is individual six to ten pieces that are sculpted into a single seamless unit that includes the bowl and the tank. The outcome is a beautiful hand-crafted, sleek toilet bowl that has no crevices between the bowl and tank wherein dirt can pile up.



A two-piece toilet bowl has a tank and a separate bowl that are bolted together. Every American Standard toilet bowl comes with a sanitary dam which is a raised chinaware pier present at the backside of the bowl that gets bolted onto the tank. This raised part acts as a dam and cleans off offending material as well as not letting them collect between the tank and the bowl which can cause odor.

Whether you choose a one-piece or a two-piece toilet bowl, you must not attempt to install it on your own. You can hire toilet bowl experts to get the best results. Toilet bowl experts have professional plumbers that are well-trained and experienced. They have perfectly replaced and installed toilet bowls in many Singaporean homes. They also clean up the area once the installation procedure is done, leaving you to be worry-free.


Toilet Bowl Style

American Standard toilet bowls offer different styles you can choose from. You can opt for contemporary, modern, or classic toilet bowls – whichever matches your needs and taste best. American Standard Signature Close Coupled and American Standard Milano are both popular toilet bowls and both of them have different styles. American Standard Signature Close Coupled has an S-trap toilet bowl while the American Standard Milano has a P-trap toilet bowl. They also look very different, and you can select among these two keeping your comfort and taste in mind.

Round Front and Elongated American Standard Toilets


You can also select between around the front and an elongated American Standard toilet bowl. Round front toilet bowls are compact and one of the best toilet bowl models for small bathrooms since they can fit even if you have small space. If you live in a small HDB with a tiny bathroom, then a round front toilet bowl is ideal. They are also considered to be a better option for children.

Elongated toilet bowls, on the other hand, have more room in the front and offer extra comfort. If you do have little extra space in your bathroom and do not want to compromise on comfort, then an elongated toilet bowl is a better choice. They are also considered to look more pleasing and those who have mobility issues can use them more easily – these can be some factors to consider when choosing the best toilet bowl.

American Standard even offers e-bidet and manual bidet seats that will be ideally compatible with the American Standard toilet bowls you have already selected.



 If you are planning to install a new toilet bowl because you are experiencing issues with your current one such as a toilet bowl leak, then you can choose from a variety of toilet bowl brands. American Standard toilet bowl is becoming a popular option in Singapore and the information above can serve as a toilet bowl buying guide for American Standard. Once you have selected an American Standard toilet bowl product, then it is best to have a toilet bowl professional install it. They are experts who can efficiently do the job and provide other toilet bowl services that you can surely utilize.


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