How Much Does a Saniton Toilet Bowl Cost?

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If your old toilet is not working anymore, you have decided to install a new toilet bowl. You may already know that a Saniton toilet bowl is one of the most popular ones in Singapore, so you decided to opt for your home. Before you buy a Saniton toilet bowl, you will want to know how much it costs. There are many factors that affect toilet bowl price and we can find them out below.


Factors Affecting the Cost of Toilet Bowl

Type and style of the toilet bowl


There are a lot of different types and styles of toilet bowls products in the market. The price for them can range from $90 to $1500.  If you opt for a simple toilet bowl then you will pay less. However, if you choose an elegant-looking toilet bowl with designs and interesting features like music, lighting, and a bidet, then you should be ready to pay a higher price.


Toilet bowl brand

There are many toilet bowl brands in Singapore and each of them will charge you differently. You may find almost similar models of different brands priced very differently. This is just owing to the popularity of the brand. However, if you choose a Saniton toilet bowl, then things are different. They believe in offering the best models and that too at an affordable price.


Flush mechanism


There are so many types of flushing mechanisms that are used in toilet bowls. There can be something as simple as a single flush, or you can save water by opting for a dual flush – one of the features you should consider when buying a toilet bowl for your bathroom. Correspondingly, hands-free flush and flapper-less dual flush are other options you can choose from. The more modern flush type that you opt for, the more it will cost to buy a toilet bowl.


Old toilet disposal cost

When figuring out how much a new toilet bowl will cost, you must also consider the factors affecting the price of toilet bowl installation and replacement. In most cases, the cost will be included in the complete installation price. Depending on the plumber, removal and disposal of the old toilet bowl may cost an additional fee.


Installation cost

The toilet bowl installation costs also need to be considered. While installing your toilet, they may discover more issues, which may increase the price you have to pay.


Popular Saniton Models

Now that you know the factors that influence the price of toilet bowls in Singapore, let us determine how much you should budget for a Saniton toilet bowl in Singapore.


Saniton Camellia ST2488-SC3033


This Saniton toilet bowl is known for its classic style. It has a dual flush system that helps you save water. Additionally, its quiet flushing will never bother you. Saniton Camellia ST2488-SC3033 is also recognized for its maximum water-saving efficiency.


Saniton Indica ST2999-SC3122


Saniton Indica ST2999-SC3122 has a popular design that is a fit for almost every type of bathroom setting. It has a dual flush for water-saving. If you do not want to be bothered by the flushing noise, this type is a good choice for you.


Saniton Camellia ST2488-SC3033IB-3

The Saniton Camellia ST2488-SC3033IB-3 toilet bowl model is an excellent alternative for those concerned about the environment. Water is refilled into the cistern from the model’s IB sprout and used for the next flush. Together with the dual flush system, this innovation will help you save a large volume of water. Additionally, this type offers quiet flushing.


Saniton Melissa


Saniton Melissa ST2452 is a one-of-a-kind design that radiates luxury and elegance. It takes up very little space and is an excellent choice for bathrooms with limited space. Its dual flush system will help you save water, and its quiet flushing will never disturb you.



Toilet bowl problems should be taken care of as soon as they arise. It might be a sign to replace your toilet bowl and buy a new one. There are factors affecting the cost of toilet bowls that you look out for when buying the best toilet bowl for your bathrooms – type and style of the toilet bowl, toilet bowl brand, flush mechanism, old toilet disposal cost, and installation cost. Whether you opt for a Saniton 1-piece toilet or a 2-piece toilet, it is recommended to engage a professional in installing your chosen toilet bowl. This way, you have nothing to worry about and are ready to use your toilet bowl immediately.


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