How Much Does A Toilet Bowl Repair and Replacement Cost?

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All of us use our toilet bowls a few times a day. Although a good quality toilet bowl is built to be durable, eventually it will start showing issues. There can be problems like cracks and unpleasant marks or it may not function at all. In such situations, you may wonder if you should have a toilet bowl replacement or repair. If you are already experiencing issues with your toilet bowl, the first question you may think of is how much will the toilet bowl replacement cost?

Here are things that will help determine how much a toilet bowl repair and replacement costs.


Type of toilet bowl problem or damage


First of all, the cost of replacing your toilet bowl depends on the kind of problem you have. The common toilet bowl problems that most people experience are choked toilets, toilet bowl leaks, and faulty flush. You may often experience having a toilet bowl choke if you have a habit of flushing lots of tissues, soap, cotton swabs, napkins, and other things that are not soluble in water. Another problem is a toilet bowl leak wherein the flapper does not seat properly and creates a tight seal against the valve seat. Water will leak from the tank into your toilet bowl when this occurs. Lastly, you may have a faulty flush if your toilet bowl does not empty its contents properly. There can also be issues like blocked inlet holes, low water levels, issues with the flapper, and so on.

Nevertheless, you will have the toilet bowls either repaired or replaced. If you cannot avoid these common toilet bowl problems, then it is recommended to hire a professional plumber as they are knowledgeable and experienced experts. They can solve any issues in no time and can replace your toilet bowl correctly.


Cost of toilet bowl replacement parts


Another factor to determine the cost of replacing your toilet bowl is the price of the replacement parts or materials that the professional plumber will use to complete the job. Different parts have different charges, and depending on the toilet bowl brand you choose, expect to pay a little less or more. You may feel that the replacement job was done quite fast and relatively simple. Nonetheless, you still have to bear the toilet bowl replacement cost, even though that may seem unreasonably high.


Labor costs and plumber expertise


When a professional plumber installs a new toilet bowl, naturally, you will have to bear the complete cost of the toilet bowl installation. This will include charges for both the materials and labor. If you choose to hire a relatively new company, then they may charge promotional fees that are quite low. However, if you want the services of experts then you may need to prepare for slightly higher charges. Just like any other field, experts charge based on their expertise – these affect the price of both installing or replacing your toilet bowl. Even so, you can have peace of mind knowing they will do the job perfectly. Experts can prove to be a great deal for you. They have the knowledge and skills in handling different toilet bowl issues and offer good services. They still charge nominally compared to others.


Additional costs depending on the service needed

You need to keep some additional charges in view when you are planning a budget for the cost of replacing your toilet bowl. You may have to pay extra depending on what kind of services you need. For instance, if you want an expert to repair or replace your toilet bowl, then you may have to pay extra for their expertise. There can be more charges if you have leaks and clogs handled with normal repairs. In case your floor has damages because of leaks, you will have to pay additional charges as you will need it to be repaired as well. Additionally, if experts find extra work has to be done after installing your toilet bowl, you will have to bear the extra charges.


Toilet bowl replacement


If it is possible to repair your toilet bowl, then that will certainly be a better deal. You will save both time and money. Although, replacing your toilet bowl is your only option if repair is not possible. Replacing your toilet bowl will have extra costs, but it mostly depends on the kind of experts you hire and what type of toilet bowl you choose. There are so many toilet bowl brands in Singapore and each of them is priced differently.

If you are looking for toilet bowl products, it is best to opt for toilet bowls from the 3 best-selling toilet bowl brands in Singapore. You can choose according to your budget. Since you will be using your toilet bowl often, it is best to extend your budget if needed. Your toilet bowl will be durable and prove to be cost-effective in the long run.


Toilet bowl price range


Whether it is a wall-mounted or floor-mounted toilet bowl, the toilet bowl you select will have an impact on the cost of replacing your toilet bowl. The price of a new toilet bowl depends on the brand and type of toilet bowl you choose. You can either opt for a normal 2-piece toilet bowl, or a high-end one that has features like a bidet, music, and even lighting. The more features you choose, the costlier the price will be. Since it is a long-lasting investment, paying a little extra will not hurt.



If you are experiencing problems with your toilet bowl, it might be time to repair or replace your toilet bowl. It is important to know certain factors that will determine the cost of repairing or replacing a toilet bowl. These include the type of toilet bowl problem or damage, labor costs and expertise, toilet bowl replacement parts, services needed, and others. There are different toilet bowl products you can choose from if you have to replace your toilet bowl with a new one. Consider engaging a professional plumber to repair or replace your toilet bowl as they are experienced workers who will ensure that your toilet bowl will be replaced properly and work without any issues.


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