How to Choose the Right TOTO Toilet Bowl for Your Bathroom?

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Your old toilet has been having problems for quite some time. However, you keep having it repaired and continue to use it. It has now reached the stage where it cannot be repaired and showed signs that you need a toilet bowl replacement, so you have no choice but to invest in a new toilet bowl. Of course, when it comes to toilet bowls, you have many options.

TOTO toilet bowl is one of the popular toilet bowl brands in Singapore. TOTO toilets look great, have great functionality, and are highly durable. However, there are multiple models to choose from. How do you find the right one for your bathroom among these? Well, continue reading, and you shall learn about things to consider that will help you make the right choice.

Type of House and Set-up

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It is important to choose your TOTO toilet bowl based on your house outlet and type. Ideally, you should measure the space of your bathroom. You can measure the distance from the wall to the center of the S-trap waste outlet, or you can measure the distance from the bathroom floor to the P-trap outlet. This will help you decide which is better – S-trap or P-trap when you select your Toto toilet bowl.


The Toilet Seat

toilet-seat-cover-how-to-choose-the-right-toto-toilet-for-your bathroom-toilet-bowl-installation-toilet-bowl-city-singapore

The TOTO toilet has an integrated seat to ensure you always enjoy total comfort. Since the toilet seat is one of the features you interact with the most, you must pay enough attention to it when buying a new TOTO toilet.


Toilet Bowl Design and Shape

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Various TOTO toilets come with different types of bowls, which vary in shape and design. If you are interested in a toilet that is functional, smooth and looks great, then TOTO’s one-piece toilet will be ideal. You can opt for TOTO CW630J 1-Piece Toilet Bowl, TOTO CW811PJ/SW811JP 1-Piece Toilet Bowl, or TOTO CW821PJ 1-Piece Toilet Bowl. Each one is an all-in-one floor-mounted toilet, which is your perfect choice with powerful functions, a beautiful appearance, and high fluidity.


Toilet Seat Height

toilet-bowl-height-how-to-choose-the-right-toto-toilet-for-your bathroom-toilet-bowl-installation-toilet-bowl-city-singapore

There are factors to consider when choosing the best toilet bowl, and one of them is its height. Generally speaking, the taller the toilet seat, the healthier and more comfortable the toilet will be. The ideal height for a TOTO toilet is between 14 – 15 inches. However, thanks to recent modifications, the height difference is now between 17 and 20 inches. A toilet seat that is 20 inches high will serve as the best height for an average user. Finding a TOTO toilet with a height that best matches your personal comfort is still ideal.


Ease of Cleaning

It is important to know how to clean and maintain your toilet bowl so that it will last for a long time. Most quality toilets are made of ceramic or porcelain, but that does not necessarily mean they’re easy to clean. When you buy a TOTO toilet, be sure to check that their ceramics come with a protective glaze called CeFiONtect. This glaze prevents the solid wastes from having any foothold on the surface of your Toto toilet bowl. Thus, your toilet will remain clean for a much longer time. You can look out for this feature when buying the best toilet bowl for your bathroom.


Flushing System

flush-system-how-to-choose-the-right-toto-toilet-for-your bathroom-toilet-bowl-installation-toilet-bowl-city-singapore

When you choose a TOTO toilet, you are choosing a toilet with a less demanding flushing system. Meaning you will not encounter common toilet flush problems that often. One factor you can still consider is whether the toilet is equipped with a manual or automatic flush system. Self-flushing toilets can cost you more, but the benefit that they offer is certainly worth it. The TOTO toilet is popular for its self-flushing system, which works just like in restaurants, airports, malls, and many other commercial establishments. Some TOTO toilets even have a dual flush system, which can go a long way in helping save water – making it one of the best types of eco-friendly toilet bowls.

Another type of flushing system in Singapore that you can opt for is the Tornado Flush that comes with every new TOTO toilet. This flushing system cleans and flushes both the bowl and the rim in an amazingly innovative manner. Instead of allowing the water to pour down the bowl’s rim like traditional toilets, the tornado flush projects three strong jets from within the bowl and creates a whirlpool effect that easily and thoroughly cleans the complete surface. It is also water-efficient and silent. If you need to opt to replace your current flushing system, there are toilet bowl flushing system services available in Singapore.


Extra Features

Some TOTO toilet bowl Singapore models also come with extra features that you need to pay extra to enjoy. TOTO offers a washlet that you can attach to any of its models and turn your old toilet into a bidet. You can even choose a seat that can be heated and make for a wonderful experience. There are features to avoid if you want to purchase the best toilet bowl, like a slamming lid. This is why you may opt for a self-closing lid. This is very handy when you have kids at home and you do not want them to hurt their fingers. Some other fancy features that you may opt for are inbuilt dryers, remote controllers, and LED lights.



There are factors that affect a toilet bowl’s price. If you are opting to buy a TOTO toilet bowl, the price has to be considered as well. Now, when you buy a new toilet, it is not enough to just look at the price of the toilet. There are factors affecting the price of toilet bowl installation and replacement. If you choose toilet bowl experts such as Toilet Bowl City Singapore, then you can be sure the supply and installation fees are affordable – making the price of your TOTO toilet bowl well within your budget.

TOTO Toilet Bowl Models

Now that you know how to choose the right TOTO toilet bowl, let us learn about some of their models that you can choose from.


TOTO CW630J 1-Piece Toilet Bowl

The TOTO toilet CW630J is a one-piece high rise toilet with a unique sculpted design. It looks attractive, functions well, and also helps save water.


TOTO CW811PJ/SW811JP 1-Piece Toilet Bowl

The CW811PJ/SW811JP one-piece toilet has a contemporary style designed specifically for the Le Muse design kit. It has a dual flushing system that will help you save even more water.


TOTO CW821PJ 1-Piece Toilet Bowl

The TOTO CW821PJ One Piece Toilet is a high specification close coupling toilet with a unique sculpted design. It has a dual flush system that helps you conserve water. Also, it has a skirted shape with a hidden drain to make cleaning easier.



In choosing the right TOTO toilet bowl for your bathroom, there are several factors to consider such as the house type and set-up, toilet features like the toilet seat, the toilet bowl design and shape, the height, the flushing system, and any other extra features. When all of that is settled, you will have the best TOTO toilet bowl for your bathroom for sure! If you require any assistance in finding the right TOTO toilet bowl for your home, it is recommended to engage professional toilet bowl services as they can be your toilet bowl guide to buying and also provide installation services for your new toilet bowl.


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