How To Maintain A Clean Black Toilet Bowl

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Toilet bowls in Singapore are available in different colors to match the bathroom’s decor where the toilet bowl is installed. Some homeowners prefer to install a dark-colored black toilet bowl because the dirt marks will not be easily visible. However, for health and hygiene reasons, homeowners should be more careful while cleaning their black toilet bowls compared to lighter colored toilets since diseases can spread in toilets that are not clean.

Detailed instructions on how to clean the black toilet properly are described below.


Step 1: Use A Disinfectant 


Some of the best toilet bowl models for small bathrooms and large bathrooms have preferred cleaning items needed. If it does not come with a guide, proceed with cleansing the toilet floor by scrubbing it with a disinfectant. Dilute the disinfectant with water and apply it liberally over the base and surrounding areas. It is important to apply the disinfectant for at least ten minutes in order to kill the hazardous microorganisms. After that, the disinfectant can be wiped or washed away.


Step 2: Apply Toilet Bowl Cleaner

The next step to cleaning and maintaining your toilet bowl is to apply a toilet bowl cleaner. make sure to use a good-quality cleaner that will adhere to the inner side of the toilet. It will be easier for you to check the effectiveness of the cleaner if it is light-colored or white. To get the best results, the cleaner should be used for at least five to ten minutes.


Step 3: Saturate The Black Toilet Bowl With A Spray Disinfectant 


The accumulation of germs is one of the most common toilet bowl problems you should avoid. After using a toilet bowl cleaner, spray the toilet with disinfectant to kill the germs. The person cleaning should make certain that the spray gets into all of the nooks and crannies, such as the hinges, the seat, and the back of the door. After the disinfectant has been applied, the toilet seat should be properly washed to remove any remaining residue.


Step 4: Scrub The Interior

A toilet scrubber should be used to scrub the inside of the bowl thoroughly. If a white cleaner is used, it is easier to identify the sections which have been cleaned. After scrubbing, the toilet should be flushed to wash away the cleaning agent. 


Step 5: Spray Disinfectant On The Water Tank Exterior


Quickly check on the water tank and see if it has any leaks so you can call toilet bowl leak services immediately. Dirt and bacteria collect in the toilet’s plastic flush tank and metal or plastic handle. So, the tank’s exterior and handle should be sprayed with a disinfectant regularly. It is important to wash or wipe the disinfectant thoroughly to avoid discoloration.


Step 6: Polish The Toilet Bowl

To make the toilet look brand new, use a cloth to wipe any chemicals or water circles from the seat and tank once they have been dried.


How Often Should You Clean Your Toilet?

The frequency of cleaning the black toilet depends on many factors — especially how often the toilet is being used.  When someone in the family is sick, the toilet should be cleaned every two or three days to prevent the spread of illness. In other cases, it should be cleaned once or twice a week. Cleaning must be done more frequently if there are children in the house. Cleaning materials should also be cleaned regularly to prevent molds and germs. It is important to be disciplined in cleaning because poor maintenance is one toilet bowl problem that may affect the replacement cost down the line. 



Knowing how to clean and maintain your toilet bowl is important. If you own a black toilet bowl like the Magnum toilet, then there are specific steps you need to take to ensure it is clean and properly maintained. Once you have your black toilet bowl installed by a toilet bowl installation service, ask if they have any tips and advice for maintenance. Then, follow the steps above. Use a disinfectant to clean the floor of the toilet, and make sure to rinse afterward. Apply a good-quality toilet bowl cleaner for a few minutes. Once you’ve done this, saturate the toilet bowl with disinfectant, scrub the interior, and spray disinfectant on the exterior of the water tank. Finally, polish the toilet bowl to make it look good as new. 


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