How to Prevent Your Toilet Bowl from Leaking

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Older toilet bowl products would use a lot of water. This does not only increase utility bills but also harms the environment. Thankfully, modern toilet bowls only use about 3 liters (or less) per flush, thus helping to save a lot of water. However, even if you use a modern toilet bowl and there is a toilet bowl leak, then you will still be wasting too much water. Leaks can waste around 200 liters per day, so it is very important to prevent toilet bowl leaks. Here are ways to prevent your toilet bowl from leaking.


Fix leaking toilets right away


If you discover the signs that your toilet bowl is leaking, do not wait for the problem to grow before handling it. Consider engaging in regular toilet maintenance to avoid any chronic leakage. When you identify and fix the leaking toilet problem, you will save both water and money for your water bills.


Don’t flush items other than human waste and toilet paper


Many people think they can flush items in their toilet bowl like cotton balls, cotton pads, Q-tips, etc. When you flush these items, it can result in common toilet bowl problems such as clogs and plumbing issues. Clogged pipes not only can result in a minor toilet bowl leak but so much more.


Don’t use chemical drain cleaners to unclog your toilet


Whenever there is a clog in your toilet bowl, you rush to the store to get a chemical drain cleaner. Such cleaners are very harsh for your toilet bowl, whether it is an S-trap toilet bowl or a P-trap toilet bowl. They can cause harm to your old plumbing fixtures and pipes and can even cause leaking water in your toilet bowl.


Inspect your toilet every six months

It is important you get your toilet bowl product professionally inspected at least twice a year. For this purpose, you can hire a professional toilet bowl service. They are well-trained, experienced, and can handle any toilet bowl issues. Professional toilet bowl services will also check your toilet bowl thoroughly and look for any faults. They will repair it before it deteriorates and causes a leak and other serious toilet bowl problems. They also offer other services such as toilet bowl installment and replacement.


Replace your flapper valve

You will eventually experience toilet bowl leaks if your flapper does not close properly after every flush. The flapper is a thin plastic or rubber valve that is attached to a chain and allows water to enter your toilet bowl. If this does not close properly, then water will keep flowing into your toilet bowl even when you do not need it. To find out if the flapper is closing correctly, you can add some drops of food coloring to your tank. If you see that the water in your toilet bowl changes, then there is a leak. It is important not to ignore your leaking toilet bowl as it may cause possible dangers.


Replace the filler valve


Does your toilet bowl take long to fill after you flush or is it very noisy? If yes, then there can be a filler valve issue and cause different types of toilet bowl leaks.  First, you need to turn off the water and drain your tank by flushing to replace the valve. Next, unscrew the valve, remove it, and replace it with a new one. Afterward, you can test your toilet bowl and your problem should be solved.



It is best to prevent toilet bowl issues such as a toilet bowl leak not only to avoid wasting water but also to avert having a toilet bowl replacement or repair. There are ways to prevent your toilet bowl from leaking such as fixing any leaks right away, inspecting your toilet bowl every six months, replacing the flapper and filler valve, keeping away from using chemical drains and flushing items. If your toilet bowl is leaking, you must fix it right away to avoid further problems. It is best to engage a professional plumber to fix the problem for you. They have the necessary training and skills to handle any toilet bowl issues.

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