Importance of Hiring A Professional Plumber To Install A HDB Toilet Bowl

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Most Singaporeans are living in Housing Development Board (HDB) flats since they are more affordable. The life span of the HDB toilet bowl depends on the number of family members and the frequency of how it is being used. There are cases wherein a homeowner may ignore a slight water leakage, however, if there is a large crack then this may be a sign to replace your toilet bowl immediately. In this case, hiring a plumber is needed for a toilet bowl installation or replacement.

Here is why it is important to hire a professional plumber to install or replace your HDB toilet bowl:


Have The Necessary Experience


The plumbing system is very complex and even the smallest problem can cause a huge inconvenience such as flooding. As the toilet bowl is part of the sewerage system, any issues with it will result in greater problems since the dirty water will create even more damage. Therefore, it is important to get a plumber who is skilled and experienced in various plumbing issues. Experienced plumbers can properly assess and fix the problem quickly. They have learned the best techniques for toilet bowl installation and prevent common toilet bowl problems such as leaky seals – which can happen if the toilet bowl is not installed by a professional.


Have the Right Tools and Supplies


Toilet bowl replacements are usually a complicated task since you will be removing the existing toilet bowl to install a new one. As people may make mistakes in getting a new toilet bowl, it is best to refer to a toilet buying guide before replacing your old toilet bowl. There are certain tools required to remove the existing toilet bowl, as well as supplies such as cement to properly install the new toilet bowl. Most professional plumbers have a large number of clients thus being able to invest in the latest tools to do the job efficiently. They are experienced workers who also have the best supplies available to use for the toilet bowl replacement. Plumbing suppliers often keep in touch with plumbers to update them about their latest products.


More Efficient


As professional plumbers are well-trained skilled workers, they are also capable of doing other plumbing work besides replacing a toilet bowl. They can help to detect any problems early and offer solutions like if a toilet bowl replacement or repair is needed. This will help you save any unnecessary costs. They also use the best techniques and tools for toilet bowl replacements, assuring high quality work for an affordable price.



It is beneficial to have your HDB toilet bowl replaced by engaging a professional plumber. They are well trained skilled workers who acquire knowledge about sewerage and plumbing systems. They can detect any issues early and immediately fix any plumbing problems – saving on costs in the long run. They are also well equipped with the latest tools and supplies needed. If you need any help in installing or replacing your HDB toilet bowl, consider getting the services of a professional plumber.


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