Introduction To Rimless Toilet Bowls

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Many past toilet bowl installations involved rimmed toilet bowls. Due to this, the flushing nozzles would be concealed. When the toilet was flushed, water would flow through these nozzles downwards. Since the inner part of the rim was concealed, dirt and debris would often accumulate in the rim, which was unhygienic. 

To overcome this problem, most toilet bowl companies are manufacturing one or more rimless toilet bowl models. Property owners who are planning to install a rimless toilet bowl would like to get more information about a rimless toilet, and how it is better than a conventional toilet so that they can make a decision.


What Are Rimless Toilets? 


A Rimless toilet is becoming one of the most popular types of toilets among the best-selling toilet brands in Singapore. It is a toilet bowl that does not have a rim for concealing nozzles for flushing. This ensures that the entire surface of the toilet bowl is easily accessible, making it very easy to clean.

Rimless bowls are a comparatively new design for toilets and the design was patented only a decade ago. Since there is no rim, the dirt will not accumulate in the hidden crevices, and the toilet is easier to clean. In the last decade, this rimless design has become very popular, and most one-piece toilets are having a rimless design. 


How Do Rimless Toilets Work? 

Having nozzles with downward flowing water is one of the many common toilet bowl problems you should avoid. A rimless toilet is designed with valves that will allow the water to circulate around the inner surface of the toilet like a tornado when flushed. This way, the water will move over most of the inner surface of the toilet before exiting. 

This rimless design ensures that the toilet is cleaned better compared to conventional older toilets as most of the dirt is removed. Hence the family will know how to clean and maintain the toilet bowl better — this is a major advantage. Additionally, since the water is circulating in the toilet for a longer time, less water is required for flushing the toilet, removing the same amount of dirt. In addition to being more hygienic, the water consumption of a rimless toilet is also lower – one of the features to look out for when buying the best toilet for your bathroom.


Rimless Toilet Bowl Models 

Some of the popular rimless toilet bowls which are available are described below to help buyers choose a suitable toilet bowl. 

Baron W818 1-Piece Toilet Bowl 

The Baron W818 1-Piece Toilet Bowl is a compact and affordably priced one-piece white-colored toilet bowl. This rimless toilet bowl has a length of 690 mm, width of 375 mm, and height of 810 mm – making it suitable for compact bathrooms. The toilet bowl has a wash-down mechanism that uses the force of gravity to wash away the dirt with water. 

For reliable, smooth, and efficient flushing, the toilet has a high-quality Geberit flushing mechanism. This is one of the most efficient types of toilet flushing systems in Singapore. This flushing mechanism uses extremely precisely engineered highly durable plastic components, which can be used for several years without any problem. 

To prevent common toilet flush problems, the toilet has a reduced flush for liquid waste where the water consumption is 2.8 litres. When solid waste has to be washed away, the full flush which uses 4 litres of water should be used.

American Standard Milano One Piece Toilet CL20415-6DACTCB 

Many homeowners want an elongated toilet for their home since it is more comfortable to use. In such cases, the rimless American Standard toilet bowl American Standard Milano 1-Piece Toilet Bowl is recommended. The toilet is larger in size compared to most other rimless toilets with a width of 422 mm, length of 760 mm, and height of 707 mm. Therefore, homeowners should ensure that the bathroom is large enough before purchasing this toilet. The height of the toilet seat from the toilet floor is 390 mm. 

This model is also a P-trap toilet bowl that prevents the leakage of gases from the sewerage system into the bathroom. For efficient flushing to reduce water consumption, the toilet has a dual vortex washdown flushing mechanism. Depending on the type of waste, the user can choose between the reduced flush mode consuming 3 litres of water for liquid waste, and for solid waste, the full flush should be used, with water consumption 4.2 litres.

Tiara 522 1-Piece Toilet Bowl 

One factor to consider when choosing the best toilet bowl is if the price fits your budget. Fortunately, the Tiara 522 is one of the most affordable rimless toilet bowls available. In addition, there are many more great reasons why you should opt for a Tiara toilet bowl. This toilet bowl has a length of 710 mm, width of 400 mm, and a height of 690 mm is less than that of most rimless toilet bowls. The bowl uses a wash-down mechanism for flushing to prevent water wastage.

In order to save water when liquid waste is being flushed, the user can choose the reduced flush mode, with water consumption of only 2.5 litres. The water consumption in the full flush mode for solid waste is also less at 3.5 litres per flush. Buttons are provided on top of the flush tank. This allows the user to choose the reduced or full flush mode and reduce the wastage of water.  The toilet has a slow closing cover. 

Magnum 935 One Piece Toilet 

There are a plethora of notable reasons why you should choose a Magnum toilet bowl for your toilet bowl replacement. Magnum is one of the most reputed manufacturers of kitchenware, bathroom accessories, and fixtures in the world, selling a wide range of innovative and eco-friendly products, The Magnum 935 Toilet Bowl is a popular rimless toilet that requires less water for flushing. The Magnum 935 one-piece toilet is compact having a length of 670 mm, width of 370 mm, and height of 740 mm, making it one of the best toilet bowl models for small bathrooms.

The toilet design has been optimized to reduce the water consumption while flushing, using the turbo tornado flushing mechanism. When the toilet is flushed, the water will circulate in the toilet like a tornado, with great force to wash away all the dirt. Hence the water consumption of this toilet is very less in both the reduced flush mode at 2.4 litres and even in the full flush mode, the water consumption is only 2.7 litres. For greater reliability, the high-quality premium Gerberit Flushing system for the fill and flush valves is used. The comfort curve toilet seat conforms to the shape of the human body. 



In the past, toilet bowls had concealed flushing nozzles. This results in an unhygienic and less efficient toilet bowl. This is why many toilet bowl brands like Baron, American Standard, Tiara, and Magnum, offer rimless toilet bowls.

Rimless toilet bowls are incredibly easy to clean, and it prevents different types of toilet bowl leaks. It is much better than other conventional toilet bowl types. The best rimless toilet bowls in the market today are the Baron W818 1-Piece Toilet Bowl, Milano One Piece Toilet CL20415-6DACTCB, Tiara WC-522 1-Piece Toilet Bowl, and the Magnum 935 One Piece Toilet. All of which you can find at Singapore’s top toilet bowl service provider, Toilet Bowl City Singapore. 


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