Pros and Cons of One-Piece Toilet Bowls

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A one-piece toilet bowl is where the tank and the bowl are molded into a single unit. This kind of toilet bowl has become immensely popular because of the benefits that they offer. You may consider installing this toilet bowl and surely be fond of it. However, just like anything else, even one-piece toilet bowls can have their share of drawbacks. To make it easier for you to make the right choice, learn more about the pros and cons of a one-piece toilet bowl here:



It Is Easier to Clean

A one-piece toilet bowl is much easier to clean as there are no joints or gaps between the bowl and the tank. It is also a lot more hygienic since there is no place for grime and dirt to collect.

American Standard’s Milano is such a good example. This one-piece toilet bowl has a rimless design and a comfortable clean glaze that makes cleaning easier.

Space Saver

In the case of a one-piece toilet bowl, the tank and the bowl are combined. Therefore, you do not need any extra space to support the toilet tank and you can save some space. This is why a one-piece toilet bowl is preferred by those who live in small HDBs and is one of the best toilet bowl models for small bathrooms.

The Saniton Melissa ST2452 1-piece toilet bowl. It is uniquely designed to offer a luxurious and sleek feel, and it takes a lot less space compared to the close-coupled toilet bowls.



The one-piece toilet bowl is also much favored because of its high durability. You have no joining parts to take care of since the entire unit is one big piece of porcelain. With lesser parts and connectivity, the toilet bowl turns out to be more reliable and durable.





Even though a one-piece toilet bowl is ideal and has lots of advantages, for some, its price can be an issue. Currently, 80 percent of sold toilet bowls are two-piece toilet bowl models. This is because they have been around for a longer time, so homeowners are more familiar with them. Since they are produced on a larger scale, the cost naturally goes down.

The one-piece toilet bowl does not enjoy as much market volume, making the production expenses higher. It is also more expensive since its production is more complex.


Two-piece toilet bowls weigh around 55 kilograms, while the one-piece toilet bowl weighs nearly 88 kilograms. Moving these toilet bowls around the corners or up and down the stairs can be difficult. The installation procedure also becomes quite complex, which is why you should hire a professional to install your toilet bowl. Since it is a lot heavier, shipping becomes both challenging and expensive as well.

Tricky to Repair


It is much easier to repair two-piece toilet bowls as they have a separate tank and bowl. The faulty part can be disconnected, repaired, and then put back into place. If the faulty parts are damaged, then only that part can be replaced. On the other hand, one-piece toilet bowls are different and more complex. Since the parts cannot be detached, you will have to get the entire unit replaced if you accidentally break or damage any part of the toilet bowl.

If you choose the wrong toilet bowl installation company and they damage any part of your new toilet bowl during the installation, then you will have to replace your new one-piece toilet bowl even without using it yet. Therefore, you should only depend on a trustworthy company like Toilet Bowl City Singapore.

Each of our plumbing professionals has years of experience in installing toilet bowls in Singapore. We shall install your new one-piece toilet bowl to perfection, leaving you worry-free. In the future, if you face any common toilet bowl issues such as toilet bowl leaking, we can help to diagnose the cause and rectify the problem as well.



If you are considering installing a one-piece toilet bowl, then you should be aware of its pros and cons. This can serve as a guide to buying a toilet bowl and help you make a final decision. Once you are sure to install a one-piece toilet bowl, you must engage in a professional toilet bowl service as they have toilet bowl installers that are qualified to do the job because of their expertise and experience.


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