Reasons Behind a Leaking Toilet Bowl

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A toilet bowl is surely one fixture you use the most in your home. This is a low-maintenance fixture that only needs cleaning once in a few days, and lasts you for a very long time. However, if your toilet bowl starts showing common toilet bowl problems, you should not ignore it. One problem that most people experience is a toilet bowl leak. You may have seen water pooling near your toilet and causing damage to your floor or walls. Your internal pump may also be left running thus wasting water and increasing your monthly utility bills. It is very important to get toilet bowl leaks fixed soon if you do not want this to happen. Here are the reasons behind a leaking toilet bowl:


Condensation On The Bowl

Before jumping to a conclusion that your toilet bowl is leaking, check first if it is just condensation. Bathrooms can get easily humid, particularly after a shower. As a result, condensation may drip near your toilet and you may mistake it as a sign of a toilet bowl leak.


Crack On The Tank Or Bowl


Your toilet bowl is created to hold water and the bowl is supposed to be durable. However, over time it may develop cracks. Water may directly drain into your bathroom through these cracks. If you have a ceramic or a porcelain toilet bowl that is heavily used, then glue or putty will not help to fully seal it. There will always be the risk of spilling wastewater onto the floor. If there is a crack in the structural part of your toilet bowl and it results in a leak, then ideally, you must replace the toilet bowl.


Rusted Pipes


The pipes leading to your toilet bowl can start rusting over time due to various reasons. Eventually, this may cause a crack in your pipe, and water can start leaking around your S-trap toilet bowl or P-trap toilet bowl.


Loose Or Worn Out Seal At The Base


If you notice the water has started to pool up close to the base of your HDB toilet bowl, then chances are that there is a toilet bowl leak. This may be due to the worn-out or loose parts that connect your toilet bowl to your floor.


Loose Or Worn Out Tank-To-Bowl Connections

The bowl and tank in 2-piece toilet bowls are connected with the help of bolts, nuts, and gaskets. If either of these parts gets loose, then you may notice your toilet bowl leaking water in that area. In case you find water on the floor close to your toilet bowl, it can be a result of a broken or cracked tank. You can use sealants or putty to temporarily repair the leak, but if you want a permanent solution then engaging professional toilet bowl services can help.

They will visit your home, understand the problem behind your toilet bowl leak and offer a solution. If your toilet bowl is outdated and cannot be repaired, then they may recommend replacing it with a new one. Since they are also aware of all the toilet bowl brands and models in Singapore, they can suggest the best toilet bowl based on your needs. Furthermore, they can also help with the toilet bowl installation.


Misadjusted Flush Valve Assembly


You must know by now that many factors can cause a toilet bowl leak on the exterior. However, your toilet bowl can also leak in the interior. One of the signs could be dripping noise or your toilet bowl continuously running. The leak in the interior part can be a result of some issue with the flush assembly. Most of the time, this will make the water move into the overflow valve and continuously fill up your tank.


Worn out flapper

Even a worn-out flapper can result in an internal toilet bowl leak. The job of the flapper is to prevent water in your tank from moving into your toilet bowl – be it a wall-mounted toilet bowl or floor-mounted toilet bowl. Though flappers are simple devices, they can get damaged. Over time, your flapper may crack, warp, or break. When this happens, water will continuously leak in the toilet bowl.


Bad float

Water must stop flowing into the tank of your toilet bowl after reaching a certain level. The float remains on the top of the water, controlling the water level. When it reaches the right point, the flapper disengages the supply. If you notice your toilet bowl tank is overflowing, then it can be because of a bad float. You can hire a toilet bowl services expert such as Toilet Bowl City Singapore who will fix the issue efficiently. They will replace your faulty float with a new one so you will not experience a leak anymore. They will also check if there are other toilet bowl issues and fix them so that you will have no problems in the future.


Rusted fill valve


If your tank overflows and it is not because of the float, then your fill valve may have corroded or got damaged. This valve, together with the float, controls the water that moves into the tank. It helps to make sure the tank is as full when needed.


Broken connectors


There are many connectors present in your toilet bowl that help prevent your toilet bowl from leaking. If the seal of any connections is lost, then it can result in a toilet bowl leak. When this happens, you will need to replace the connector. Instead of trying to do it on your own, it will be best to engage a professional to help and fix it perfectly.



If your toilet bowl is experiencing problems such as having different types of toilet bowl leaks, then it is best to know the reasons behind it. Your toilet bowl leaking may be due to reasons which range from having cracks on the tank or bowl to broken connectors. You may contemplate whether to repair or replace your leaky toilet bowl. In any case, it is recommended that you engage professional toilet bowls services as they are experts who will identify the problem quickly, find a solution, and offer other toilet bowl services.


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