Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional for Your Toilet Bowl Installation

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Nobody can go a single day without using a toilet. However, just like any other fixtures in your home, your toilet, too, can start showing problems and even stop working completely after being used for a long time. You then will have to invest in a new toilet bowl brand.

After purchasing a toilet bowl, you need to think about installing the toilet bowl. Many people believe that toilet bowl installation is an easy task and may do it alone. However, this will not prove to be a wise decision. To some extent, referring a professional to consult about the signs when toilet bowl installation is improper is a good idea. With regards to this, it will be best to opt for a professional toilet installation service, and there are quite a few reasons why you should do so.


Professional Plumbers Have More Knowledge


You should know the importance of hiring a professional not only to hire a plumber to install your toilet bowl, but you should also hire a professional plumber like those professional plumbers who work at Toilet Bowl City Singapore. 

Each of our plumbers goes through a comprehensive training process. They have to be aware of plumbing and gain immense practical knowledge properly. They must obtain certificates and accreditation before being permitted to serve clients. That is why we choose our Toilet Bowl City Singapore experts for toilet bowl installation and to prevent common toilet problems. We assure you that our plumbers’ work will be complete on time and to perfection.


You May Not Be Able to Notice Underlying Issues


Now that your current toilet is uninstalled and replaced with a new one, you may assume that your task is done. In contrast, you are unaware that various underlying issues must be addressed before installing the new toilet.

Professional plumbers can easily recognize the signs that your toilet bowl is leaking or broken pipes that you never will be able to. Moreover, since you will not identify these issues and install your new toilet, you will soon witness problems. Therefore, if you want the job done properly and want all underlying problems to be fixed permanently, you must hire a professional for toilet bowl installation in Singapore.


It Takes Time and Professional Knowledge


Proper toilet bowl installation and replacement takes time. It will take you even longer since you do not even have the experience.

If your old toilet bowl has fully stopped working or has leaked. You must directly address them because there are possible dangers if you ignore a leaking toilet bowl. you must complete the task as soon as possible, as no one can live without a toilet, even for a day. You will have to postpone or miss some vital work and sit back at home to complete the installation procedure, even if you have important work to do. Nevertheless, you will realize how different and complex the installation procedure is from what appears in DIY tutorials once you try it.

You have to be ready to spend hours, and you cannot be sure that you will install the new toilet. However, if you do, you cannot be sure if you did it the right way since you do not have the necessary knowledge.

Professional expertise is needed to know some toilet buying guide and to accomplish a toilet installation task to perfection. Professional plumbers will quickly identify any underlying issues, fix them, and then install your new toilet with their expertise.

You would not have to waste your time or spend money on items and equipment that are not necessary. All you have to do now is hire a professional plumber and watch the work to be done, installing it correctly and perfectly, then relax and enjoy your newly installed toilet.



Many people believe that toilet bowl installation is an easy task and may do it alone. However, hiring a professional plumber for your toilet bowl installation is a great choice. Plumbers’ learned the best techniques for toilet bowl installation and prevent common toilet bowl problems. Besides, professional plumbers have more knowledge, plumbers easily understand the underlying issues, and accomplish a toilet installation to perfection. If you need any help in installing or replacing your 1 piece or 2 piece toilet bowl, consider getting the services of a professional plumber.


At Toilet Bowl City Singapore, we understand the need to keep home service expenses within your budget. Hence, we offer honest and reasonable pricing for any of your toilet bowl installation works. Select from our range of toilet bowl brands, browse our past toilet bowl installation projects for inspiration, or read up on toilet bowl-related articles to find out more about toilet bowl installation services. Get in touch with us now via WhatsApp at +65 8241 0032!