Reasons Why Your Toilet Bowl Chokes Regularly

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A toilet bowl is often used at home, therefore toilet bowl chokes can be extremely frustrating for the entire family. Toilet chokes happen when there is a foreign matter blocking the drainage system. If your toilet bowl chokes frequently, hire a plumbing professional like Toilet Bowl City Singapore to do the toilet bowl choke. We will also share why a toilet bowl choke occurs so often, and how to prevent blockages in the future. 


Very Old Toilet


If your toilet bowl is very old, it is possible that it lacks the pressure that is required for clearing the trap and flushing it all out. Thus, it can lead to regular toilet chokes when there is low flow. If you encounter this kind of toilet bowl choke, it is a sign that you need to replace your toilet bowl with a modern model. 


Draining Slowly


A toilet which tends to drain slowly, even when it does not choke entirely, is a common toilet bowl problem you can avoid. In cases like this, slow drainage is a sign of a blocked pipe – this usually happens when your toilet bowl is faulty, improper setup of flange or a blockage in the piping. Once a foreign object like toilet paper blocks the pipe, it can result in a toilet bowl choke. Hiring a professional plumber can do toilet bowl choke services by using a plumbing snake to clear the blockage. 


Clogged Plumbing Vent

Today, toilet bowl installations have roof vents for guiding fresh air into the plumbing system which increases the flushing pressure. Over time, these vents can be blocked by animal nests, sticks, leaves, etc. If your toilet bowl is clogged, it may decrease the flushing pressure and result in regular chokes. If you do not know how to clean and maintain your toilet bowl, then an ideal solution is to hire a professional plumber as they have the right tools to remove tough blockages. 


Issues With The Sewer Line


Regular chokes in the drains and toilets usually happen due to problems in the sewer line, and this is a common toilet bowl issue you should never ignore. Toilet bowl chokes are a result from a collection of non-flushable items, wastes and toilet paper. Sewer lines can also be penetrated by tree roots which allows the entry of contaminants. Issues in the sewer lines can lead to problems in your home, and put your family’s health at risk. It is highly-recommended to hire professional toilet bowl services like Toilet Bowl City Singapore to address your toilet bowl choke. 



If you have a wall mounted or floor mounted toilet bowl, it is important to prevent flushing foreign objects as this will create problems like clogging. Once your toilet bowl experiences regular chokes, leaks, or decreased flushing pressure, then it is most likely a toilet bowl choke. Ignoring a toilet choke can result in severe issues, and this toilet bowl problem may affect the replacement cost

It is ideal if you hire a professional plumber from Toilet Bowl City Singapore as we provide toilet bowl choke services, toilet bowl installation & replacement services, and etc. Our professionals carry the right tools and they have enough experience to solve this issue.


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