Should I Install One-Piece or Two-Piece Toilet Bowl?

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Finding a new toilet bowl is quite a task. You have to make sure that your new toilet bowl matches the interiors of your bathroom or if it is from a good toilet bowl brand that can last you for a long time. Other than that, you have to decide whether you want to invest in a one-piece toilet bowl or a two-piece toilet bowl. To help in deciding which toilet bowl to install among the two, it is best to understand and learn about these two types of toilet bowls.


One-Piece and Two-Piece

The two-piece toilet bowl includes a separate bowl and a separate tank. There is also a connection between the bowl and the tank. A one-piece toilet bowl is a modeled unit where the bowl and the tank are connected as a single piece. You will notice there is a clear seam present in a two-piece toilet bowl, while this cannot be seen with a one-piece toilet bowl. Now that you are aware of the basic differences between these two types of toilet bowls, it is best to consider some factors when choosing the best toilet bowl based on your needs.


Check Your Budget


You have to give importance to your budget when deciding which toilet bowl to buy. A one-piece toilet bowl is usually more expensive. This is mainly because of the manufacturing procedure. It costs more to create a one-piece toilet bowl; thus, you have to pay more when buying one.

A two-piece toilet bowl has been around for a much longer time and is produced on a larger scale. This reduces its cost quite a bit. Since the one-piece toilet bowl does not have much market volume, its production expenses are higher, which is a factor that affects the toilet bowl price, making it more costly.


What Style Fits Your Bathroom?

Another thing that you need to give importance to is whether the one-piece or two-piece toilet bowl will look better in your bathroom.

Saniton Indica ST2999-SC3122 is a great two-piece toilet bowl with such a popular design that can easily match every bathroom setting.

On the other hand, American Standard Milano is a one-piece toilet bowl that has a contemporary design that is the best fit for modern-style bathrooms.

Bathroom Space


You are now aware that a two-piece toilet bowl comes with a separate bowl and tank that takes up extra space in your bathroom. In contrast, a one-piece toilet bowl is a single unit with a bowl and a tank fused together. It will be space-saving since you do not need extra space to place your tank. If you have a tiny bathroom or do not want your toilet bowl to take up too much space, then a one-piece toilet bowl can prove to be a better choice as it is one of the best toilet bowl models for small bathrooms.

You can consult the assistance of toilet bowl experts to save even more space and make the wisest choice possible. They shall visit your home, check the space in your bathroom, and understand your requirements. Keeping these factors in mind, they can suggest the best toilet bowl for your needs. Besides that, they can also install your new toilet bowl properly and efficiently.


Functionality and Durability


It is important to consider the functionality and durability as well when you are deciding between a one-piece or two-piece toilet bowl model. As far as functionality is concerned, the one-piece toilet bowl and the two-piece toilet bowl have similar functions. When it comes to durability, a one-piece toilet bowl is a single big piece of porcelain, there are no joining parts that you need to maintain. The lesser connectivity or parts, the easier things become for you. Maintaining and cleaning this toilet bowl is much easier and you do not have to worry about any toilet bowl leaking from the tank and messing up the floor.

The two-piece toilet bowl may need to be given some extra attention when the rubber gasket that seals the toilet bowl tank is worn out. Apart from the need to replace the interior parts of the tank, both one-piece and two-piece toilet bowls can last you a very long time if used and taken care of properly.


Comfort And Seating Height


Comfort is a crucial aspect to consider when selecting a toilet bowl. The seating height plays a significant role in ensuring a comfortable experience, especially for individuals with mobility issues or back problems. Additionally, you can consider looking out for other features when buying the best toilet bowl for your bathroom to make a better selection.

One-piece toilet bowls like Baron W-368A 1-Piece Toilet Bowl generally offer a more comfortable seating experience due to their seamless design. With no gaps or joints between the tank and the bowl, there are fewer areas for dirt and bacteria to accumulate. This design also provides a sleek and modern appearance, making it an attractive option for many homeowners. 

On the other hand, two-piece toilet bowls have a separate tank and bowl, which may result in a slight gap between the two components. While this gap is usually minimal, it can be a breeding ground for dirt and grime. Nonetheless, one advantage of installing a two-piece toilet bowl is that it often offers adjustable seating heights, allowing users to find the most comfortable position for their needs. 


Water Efficiency And Flushing Power


Water efficiency is a crucial consideration in today’s environmentally conscious world. Choosing a toilet bowl with efficient flushing capabilities can help conserve water and reduce utility bills. Additionally, it is advisable to use a toilet bowl buying guide to make an informed decision.

One-piece toilet bowls are known for their water efficiency. They typically have a smaller water tank and use less water per flush compared to their two-piece counterparts. This is because one-piece toilet bowls are designed with advanced flushing systems that optimize water usage without compromising flushing power. If you’re planning to buy one, Baron toilet bowls are one of the considerable brands to choose from.

Two-piece toilet bowls, on the other hand, may consume more water per flush due to their larger tank size. However, advancements in technology have led to the development of water-saving options for two-piece toilet bowls as well. By choosing a model that has a low-flow design or dual-flush type of flushing system, you can still achieve water efficiency without sacrificing flushing power.


Durability And Ease Of Maintenance

Durability is a crucial factor to consider when investing in a toilet bowl. You want a product that will withstand the test of time and require minimal maintenance.

One-piece toilet bowls are generally more durable due to their seamless design, with no joints or connections between the tank and the bowl. This feature significantly reduces the risk of different types of toilet bowl leaks or cracks developing over time. As a result, one-piece toilet bowls are a popular choice for high-traffic areas, such as public restrooms.

While slightly less durable, two-piece toilet bowls like Tiara 219 2-Piece Toilet Bowl are still built to last. However, the connection between the tank and the bowl may require periodic maintenance to ensure a tight seal. This can involve replacing gaskets or tightening bolts. While this maintenance is relatively simple, it is an additional consideration to keep in mind.


Noise Reduction


One mistake to avoid when getting a new toilet bowl is choosing a toilet that has a noisy flusher. No one enjoys the loud noise that sometimes accompanies flushing a toilet. If noise reduction is a priority for you, it is essential to consider this when choosing between a one-piece and a two-piece toilet bowl.

One-piece toilet bowls are known for their noise-reduction capabilities. The seamless design and compact flushing mechanisms help minimize noise during the flushing process. This can be particularly beneficial if the toilet bowl is to be installed near bedrooms or common areas where noise can be disruptive. 

While two-piece toilet bowl products may generate slightly more noise, they can still offer noise reduction features. Look for models that incorporate sound-dampening technologies or have insulated tanks to minimize noise levels.


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If you are planning to install a new toilet bowl, then there are multiple toilet bowl products and toilet bowl brands you can choose from such as Saniton and American Standard. Choosing between a one-piece and a two-piece toilet bowl depends on various factors such as budget, bathroom space, style preferences, functionality, durability, comfort, water efficiency, and noise reduction. One-piece toilet bowls offer a seamless design, easy maintenance, and water efficiency, making them an excellent choice for modern bathrooms. On the other hand, two-piece toilet bowls may provide adjustable seating heights and water-saving options. Regardless of your choice, it is essential to have your toilet bowl professionally installed for optimal performance and longevity. Toilet Bowl City in Singapore offers reliable and hassle-free toilet bowl services, ensuring you make the right choice for your bathroom needs. Contact them today to experience top-notch service and convenience.


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