Should You Repair or Replace a Leaky Toilet Bowl?

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Every home in Singapore has a toilet that may differ based on every homeowner’s needs. From the latest toilet bowl feature, design, brand, or size, you cannot keep up with all the choices available in the market. A good toilet buying guide is surely a great help. Since the toilet is one of the most frequently used plumbing fixtures in the house, it is likely to malfunction after being used for a few years or more. One of the most common toilet bowl problems is a toilet bowl leak. Water leaks cause multiple problems like structural damage, mold, fungus, and hygiene issues. Since toilet bowl replacement is expensive, most homeowners would opt for a repair for their leaking toilet. Hence, some of the most frequent toilet leak problems and solutions recommended for ending toilet leaks are discussed for reference.


Leaks Near The Bottom of the Toilet

The location of the leaking water is one of the best indications to find out the cause of the leak. If the leak is located near the bottom of the toilet bowl, it is advisable to contact a professional toilet bowl service to accurately diagnose the problem. The toilet is fixed to the floor by a wax ring. When a person uses the toilet, there will be pressure to the wax ring that causes damage over a period of time. The wax ring is fairly inexpensive and available in hardware stores.

For replacing the damaged wax ring, the toilet should be removed. This is why you should engage a professional plumber to replace a leaking toilet bowl since they are the ones with the tools and expertise. An experienced plumber may notice that there are cracks in the toilet. If the cracks are very small, the plumber can repair them. However, for larger cracks, it is advisable to replace the toilet, since toilet repairs are only a short-term solution.


Leaks Near the Water Tank


A water tank is fixed to the toilet bowl using washers or bolts. In some cases, due to pressure or other reasons, the bolts may become loose. Tightening the bolts can help resolve the problem in some cases. It is also advisable to inspect the washers. If the washers are damaged, they should be replaced to stop water leakage. In a few cases, tightening the nuts or replacing the washers may not fix the problem, so the next thing to carefully inspect is the water tank to find the place from where the water is leaking. There may be a crack or hole in the toilet tank which usually cannot be fixed, hence, toilet bowl replacement is advisable.


The Toilet is Constantly Running Water


Though this is less dangerous compared to external water leakage, it should not be taken lightly. Another common toilet bowl problem homeowners often face is toilets constantly running water. Usually, water will flow into the toilet bowl only when the toilet is flushed and then stop flowing. However, in some cases, homeowners hear water flowing into the toilet bowl constantly, even when the toilet is not being used. In addition to the annoying noise, this water wastage also increases the water bills. The toilet has a flapper valve that opens when the toilet is being flushed and then closes immediately right after. In case this flapper valve malfunctions, water will continuously leak. In a few cases, there may be cracks in the toilet bowl causing water leakage which cannot be repaired. This is a sign that you need a toilet bowl replacement.


Condensation on the Toilet Tank


Hot water is used in most bathrooms, so the temperature and humidity levels are high. If the water is filled in the toilet tank is cold due to the weather, some water will condense on the exteriors of the toilet tank forming puddles on the floor or wetting the wall. This condensed water can lead to mold formation. There can be possible dangers if the toilet bowl leak is ignored, especially with the homeowner’s health. To fix this problem, additional hardware to cover the toilet tank and prevent puddle formation is needed. Another fix to this problem is heating the water before it fills the toilet tank. Depending on the temperature differences, no toilet replacement is necessary. Then again, prevention is still better than cure, it is better to know how to prevent toilet bowl leaks to avoid the risks to your health. Get your toilet bowls regularly checked by your trusted toilet plumbers.



Replacing a toilet bowl can be very expensive which is why homeowners opt for a repair which sometimes is just a temporary fix to the leaking problem. Toilet bowl problems such as leaks near the bottom of the toilet, near the water tank, inside the toilet bowl, or condensation on the toilet tank, all have different solutions. Hiring a competent plumber is a big help to really know and understand the answer to our leaking problems.


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