Standard Toilet Bowl vs Rimless Toilet Bowl

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Until a few decades ago, most homes in Singapore had conventional toilet bowls with a rim. The nozzles used for flushing these toilet bowls were hidden in the rim. However, it was often difficult to clean the rim of these toilet bowls properly, and harmful microbes would flourish in the rim if it was not cleaned thoroughly. In order to overcome this problem, the rimless toilet bowl was developed by most of the top companies manufacturing toilet bowls.

Before opting for a toilet bowl installation, homeowners would like to find out how the rimless toilet compares with standard toilet bowls with a rim. In this article, we will share the following: the design and other features of both standard and rimless toilet bowls are listed for easy comparison, along with tips for finding a service provider for toilet bowl services.


What Are Standard Toilet Bowls?


Standard models from certain toilet bowl brands are found in most older homes and other properties. They have a rim around the edges and nozzles that are connected to the flush tank that is hidden along the rim. The nozzles are also designed so that water will not splash out. Though round-shaped toilet bowls are most popular, the property owner can also purchase toilet bowls of other shapes like rectangular or square. 

Some homeowners prefer elongated toilet bowls since they are cheaper. However, this is one mistake to avoid when getting a new toilet bowl. The main problem faced is that the dirt, grime, and harmful microbes often accumulate in the rims, which are often difficult to reach while cleaning. Hence additional effort is required to ensure that these toilet bowls remain clean.


What Are Rimless Toilet Bowls?


The best-selling toilet bowl brands in Singapore realized that most people find it difficult to clean the standard toilets, so they developed toilet bowls that were rimless. Since there is no rim, the entire surface of the toilet is exposed and can be easily cleaned. Another advantage of installing a rimless toilet is that the water consumption is lower – making it one of the features to look out for when buying the best toilet bowl for your bathroom.

Instead of the small round nozzles found in standard toilets, the rimless toilets have larger nozzles that are engineered, so that water will enter the toilet bowl with great speed, and carry away the solid and liquid waste. Due to the higher speed of the water entering the toilet bowl and swirling in it to dislodge the dirt, less water is required for flushing. Furthermore, these types of toilets are also the best types of eco-friendly toilet bowls.


Choose A Reliable Toilet Bowl Service Provider


In addition to purchasing the best toilet that the family can afford, it is also important to know the things to look out for when hiring a plumber for toilet bowl installation. Toilet Bowl City Singapore is one of the most reputed toilet installation service providers in Singapore — having installed toilets in both commercial and residential properties. 

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Back in the day, bathrooms in Singapore had conventional toilets installed. These contained rims that tend to hide the flushing nozzles. Due to this, it was hard to know how to clean and maintain the toilet bowl. In order to solve this problem, the rimless toilet bowl was introduced by toilet bowl brands

Before purchasing a rimless toilet bowl, you should know all about its benefits and how it compares to standard toilet bowls. Rimless toilet bowls are more hygienic. They will prevent your bathroom from becoming a breeding ground of bacteria and viruses. Moreover, since rimless toilets have larger engineered nozzles, water will flow faster. And because of all of these reasons, rimless toilets are eco-friendlier. 

If you require assistance in buying and installing a rimless toilet bowl, engage professional toilet bowl services today so that they can provide you with a toilet bowl buying guide and provide installation services as well.


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