The Possible Dangers If You Ignore A Leaking Toilet Bowl

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A toilet bowl is an important part of every home or property that is used frequently throughout the day. Like any plumbing fixture often used, the toilet bowl usually malfunctions after five or more years as components get damaged. As water flows continuously in the toilet bowl, one of the most common toilet bowl issues faced is a toilet bowl leak. After installing their toilet bowl, many families tend to ignore toilet bowl leaks since they are not aware of the risks involved. Here are some of the reasons why the toilet bowl leakage problem should be fixed soon:


It Can Waste Water


A toilet bowl, whether it is a wall-mounted toilet bowl or a floor-mounted toilet bowl, typically has a tank where water is stored for flushing the toilet bowl whenever needed. The toilet bowl will leak when there is a problem with one or more valves regulating the flow of the water from the tank.

Once the flushing is done to wash away the waste, ideally, the water should stop flowing in the toilet bowl immediately. The leaking water is not washing away any waste in the toilet bowl, so it is effectively wasted. Purifying the water for toilet bowl use is costly, so it is best to stop wasting water as soon as possible.


The Costs of A Leaking Toilet

Most Singaporean homeowners are billed according to the amount of water they consume. Generally, the daily wasted water because of a leaking toilet bowl is approximately 80 litres. This causes an increase in the water bill. Additionally, the water charges per litres commonly increase annually. The leaking water can also damage the components of the toilet bowl, greatly reducing its life. To reduce wasting time and money, homeowners should lookout for signs of a leaking toilet bowl and have it repaired quickly.


Creates Annoying Noise

Depending on the specific reason why the water is leaking, the leaking water will usually create a distinct noise – which will be audible in the toilet bowl and different areas of the house. This noise can be irritating since it reminds family members that there is a problem to be fixed or a sign to replace their toilet bowl. It also makes it difficult for some or all family members to sleep or to concentrate on their work, thus reducing their productivity.


Can Cause Structural Damage To Your Home


The water will leak into the concrete structure of the home or building if the toilet bowl is leaking near its base, like a floor-mounted toilet bowl where the section is connected to the floor. This can weaken the building, cause erosion of the building material, corrosion of the beams, and building structural components. The toilet bowl leak should be repaired quickly as repairing structural damage is expensive.


Health Hazard


The humidity levels become very high when the water accumulates in any part of the bathroom because of toilet bowl leakage. Mold, mildew, and other harmful microbes grow in this environment. In addition to the damage to furniture and appliances due to mold formation, the mold spore can cause adverse effects on the air quality. Therefore, causing respiratory problems that can become a health hazard. Fixing toilet bowl leaks and learning how to clean and maintain your toilet bowl can prevent significant mold damage.



We often use our toilet bowl every day and it may malfunction after using it for quite some time. One of the common problems it frequently encounters is having a toilet bowl leak. It is important not to ignore this type of problem as it can pose dangers such as wasting water, creating annoying noises, causing structural home damage, and becoming a health hazard. When your toilet bowl is leaking, contact a professional plumber right away. Not only can they install your toilet bowl, but also repair any issues like a toilet bowl leak.


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