Things to Consider Before Buying a Tiara Toilet Bowl

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If your present toilet bowl has started showing problems or has stopped working completely, then you will have to invest in installing a new toilet bowl. When shopping for a new toilet bowl, you might be surprised at the many choices you have. There are several toilet bowl brands with different models that it can be confusing to select one among them. If you are only interested in the best toilet bowl, then the Tiara toilet bowl is the ideal choice for you. Most Singaporeans install a Tiara toilet bowl in their bathroom not only for its aesthetic but it being also eco-friendly, cost-effective, and comfortable to use.

In case you have decided to get a Tiara toilet bowl for your home, you still have a little more to do. Here are things to consider before buying a Tiara toilet bowl.




Conserving water is important if you want to help towards preserving the environment, and also if you want to save your monthly water bills. Standard toilet bowls products use less water per flush compared to older models. High-efficient toilet bowls that even use less water per flush are now available. A factor to consider when choosing the best toilet bowl for your home is making sure that it is water-saving. Since you are opting for a Tiara toilet bowl, you do not have to worry about this as each of them is known for saving water.


Choose the right dimensions for your bathroom


There are many toilet bowls available in the market that suit different needs. When buying a Tiara toilet bowl, you have to make sure that you selected one that has the right dimensions to make it a perfect fit for your bathroom. You can go for a Tiara 2-piece toilet bowl wherein the toilet bowl and the tank are separated and bolted together during installation. Otherwise, you may opt for a 1-piece toilet bowl wherein several individual pieces are formed together to create a single seamless unit attached to the bowl and the tank.


Determine the rough-in and size requirements


Tiara toilet bowls are available in different sizes. Hence, before buying one, make sure to check the height, depth, and width of the space that you have in your bathroom. You also have to learn about the rough-in dimensions to ensure that your newly chosen Tiara toilet bowl makes a perfect fit. This way, when you install your new toilet bowl, it is neither too small nor too big for the space you have.


Choose the right flushing system


It is very important to carefully select your toilet bowl’s flushing system if you want to save water. There are single flush toilets available that use the same amount of water for both solid and liquid wastes. It also wastes more water. Dual flush toilet bowls are a better choice as they give the option to select between a half flush for liquid wastes and a full flush for solid wastes. You do not need to worry since you are opting for a Tiara toilet bowl as they are dual flush and help save water.


Match the toilet to your bathroom design style


All of us design our bathrooms in different ways. Likewise, different styles of toilet bowls are also available. While selecting a Tiara toilet bowl, make sure you choose a model that complements the style of your bathroom design. This is a feature to look out for when buying the best toilet bowl as it helps make your bathroom look more pleasing.


Consider toilet performance

All members of the family will use the toilet bowl a lot of times every day. When you pick a new toilet bowl, ensure that it performs really well. Select a toilet bowl that has a good flushing system to avoid common toilet bowl problems such as accumulating dirt and clogs. No matter which Tiara toilet bowl you choose, each of them performs well. It might be difficult for you to identify which is the best choice among them. You do not need to worry if you consult a toilet bowl professional to guide you in buying a toilet bowl. Toilet bowl professionals are trained and knowledgeable workers that give the best services. They can help you select the best Tiara toilet bowl for your home and install it efficiently and properly.


Tiara toilet bowl models

There are various Tiara toilet bowl models you can choose from. Firstly, the Tiara 208 2-piece toilet bowl is a washdown toilet bowl with a soft closing seat cover. It is also PUB-approved and built with an S-trap. Secondly, the Tiara 228 2-Piece toilet bowl has a dual flush and an S-trap toilet bowl that has a comfort curve and a slow closing cover seat. Thirdly, the Tiara 538 1-Piece toilet bowl has both an S-trap and P-trap toilet bowl, a rimless flush, and a UF seat cover. Lastly, the Tiara 522 1-Piece toilet bowl is PUB approved and is an S-trap toilet bowl. Furthermore, it has a dual flush with a UREA soft closing seat cover. All of them are water-saving.


If your current toilet bowl is experiencing issues or stopped working completely, then it is time to install a new toilet bowl. There are different toilet bowl products and brands available in the market. As the Tiara toilet bowl is one of the best-selling toilet bowl brands in Singapore, consider opting for it. There are several things to consider before buying one such as the right dimensions of your bathroom, the flushing system, the toilet bowl performance, etc. Once you select a Tiara toilet bowl model, consider engaging a professional to properly and quickly install your new toilet bowl.


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