• Brand: Magnum
  • Model: 918S Turbo Tornado
  • Dimensions: L745 x W390 x H740mm


We provide Supply + Installation services only. For Enquiries or Bookings, Please Whatsapp to +65 8241 0032!

Installation fee covers the following:

  • Delivery
  • Installation
  • Disposal of old toilet
  • Clean up

*Additional charges may apply depending on job complexity

Magnum 918S Turbo Tornado 1-Piece Toilet Bowl

Features & Specifications:

  • Turbo Tornado Flushing Cistern
  • Water Saving
  • Slow Closing UF Seat & Cover
  • Comfort Curve Seat
  • Geberit Flushing System
  • Flushing Type: Dual Flush 2.8L (Full Flush) / 2.4L (Reduced Flush)
  • Roughing in: S-Trap 150/250mm  / P-trap 180mm

magnum-918s-turbo-tornado-1-piece-toilet- bowl-city-singapore-2

About Magnum

Magnum is a brand that offers a vast array of home solution products. Ranging from kitchenware, bathroom fixtures, bathroom accessories, up to high-quality and world class sanitary wares.

By offering a variety of products, this brand does not only care about providing more choices to their customers but also give quality that will last. We offer toilet bowls from Magnum that can elevate, not only your bathroom aesthetic but also your way of living.