Toilet Bowl Problems That May Affect the Replacement Cost

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Is your current toilet showing some signs that you need a toilet bowl replacement? The signs may include having marks and cracks, not working properly, or not working at all. No matter what the issue is, you are left with no choice but to opt for toilet bowl replacement. Now that you have decided to replace your old toilet, the first thing that you may be worried about is the toilet bowl replacement cost. Well, the replacement charges will not be the same for everyone and there are different factors affecting the price of toilet bowl replacement. Now, let us learn some of the problems that can affect the replacement cost.


Long Term Leaks


You may not even notice the signs that your toilet bowl is leaking, perhaps not until you start noticing stains on the floor. However, this will have an impact when you opt for toilet bowl replacement. The plumbers will check your toilet bowl and if it has not caused too much damage yet then the charges will not be that high. However, if the leak has been happening for a long time, then the damage caused might be detrimental. The plumber will have to repair the overall damage which can incur additional costs. This is why we also have to be educated on the possible dangers if you ignore a leaking toilet bowl to reduce any additional charges we have to pay.


Incorrect Installation Of The Previous Flange


The part that mounts the toilet on the floor and connects it to the drain is called the flange. Now, if you tried completing the toilet bowl replacement task on your own, and did not put the flange in place correctly, then sooner or later you will find signs that the toilet bowl installation is improper. You will now have to pay to get this fixed. This is why it is important to hire a professional plumber for your toilet bowl installation.


Toilet Clog


Your toilet is now clogging frequently and you are probably asking yourself now if you should do a toilet bowl repair or replacement. Unfortunately, if you encounter this problem, you probably need a replacement. This is a common issue with older models because they are not as efficient as the newer ones. Now, when you opt for a toilet bowl replacement, this factor also has to be considered and the charges can turn out to be very high. However, if you choose Toilet Bowl City Singapore then it will be different. We offer quality toilet bowl services at affordable rates. We want our clients to be satisfied, which is why we see to it that you will face no issues at all with your new toilet bowl.


Cracked Toilet

A cracked toilet bowl is not a very common toilet bowl problem that you can avoid but they do happen. If you notice water on the floor, then chances are your bowl is cracked. If your toilet’s water level is lower than normal, your toilet bowl might have a crack. That crack might result in water leaks that create an unwanted stain on the bathroom floor. Your plumber will have to handle this issue before they can replace your old toilet. This too shall affect your replacement cost.



There are toilet bowl problems that we might encounter that can affect the cost of replacement. Some of the problems are the water leaks that have been going on for quite some time, incorrect flange installation, frequently clogged toilets, and a cracked toilet bowl. Once you find one of these problems in your old toilet, it is best to call professional toilet bowl services to fix the problem and replace the toilet properly and efficiently if needed.


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