Ways on How To Unclog Your Toilet Bowl Choke

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It is very inconvenient if you have a clogged toilet bowl. It can be bothersome for those homeowners who are not sure on how to handle the issue, that is why they look for professional toilet bowl choke services. However, if you want to go for DIY, then you should be knowledgeable on some household solutions. Here are 5 DIY ways to unclog your choked toilet drain. 


Baking Soda and Vinegar


One of the things on how to properly clean and maintain your toilet bowl is to Mix ⅓ cup vinegar and ⅓ cup baking soda in a medium sized measuring cup. This will instantly give a fizz to the mixture, and pour the mixture right away down your choked drain. Measure the ingredients carefully to avoid accidents inside the bathroom. 


Hot Water


Start boiling water and pour it right into your toilet bowl, in this way it can dissolve the choked material fast. Follow this up with vinegar and hot water. Pour the mixture into your toilet bowl and wait until the choke has gone. If this method does not work, then call a professional plumber to do the toilet bowl choke service instead. 


Bent Wire Hanger

A toilet bowl choke is a common toilet bowl issue you should never ignore. For this method, just get a normal wire coat hanger and straighten it out as much as you can, and bend over one end to shape it like a small hook. This will help remove all types of material such as tissues, hair, from the drain of your installed toilet bowl. Remember not to push the material further, instead pull them out. Once you got almost everything out, pour hot water to clear up any residuals in the toilet drain. 


Drain Snake

Toilet bowl chokes can occur even for the best type of toilet bowl models, if they are not properly utilized. A budget-friendly plumbing tool that can give amazing results to address a choked toilet drain is a drain snake. A drain snake is very flexible, and has a long metal rope that has a metal spiral ending. Start by pushing the drain snake to remove the materials that are causing your toilet bowl to choke. 


Dish Detergent


A toilet choke is a common toilet bowl problem which you can avoid, however if you are facing this issue, you might want to try this method as well. Try pouring a quarter cup of dish detergent into it. The next thing to do is boil some water, then the dish detergent will lubricate and break down any greasy residue. If the situation continues, then try using rubber gloves.

If any of these ways does not work, then it is advisable to hire a professional toilet bowl services to help you solve your toilet bowl choke. 



Just like how to prevent a toilet bowl from leaking, there are several ways on how to get rid of a choke in your toilet bowl. Such as mixing and pouring baking soda and vinegar, pouring hot water, using a bent wire hanger, using a drain snake or a dish detergent. If none of these ways work, then hiring a reliable and professional plumbing professional is the best solution. Our professionals from Toilet Bowl City Singapore can clear your toilet bowl choke by using the right tools and knowledge. We also provide toilet bowl installation and toilet bowl replacement services at a reasonable price. 


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