What is The Difference Between One-Piece and Two-Piece Toilets?

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Homeowners planning to install a new toilet bowl often have to choose between a one-piece toilet bowl or a two-piece toilet bowl. Since they have not purchased any toilet bowl products before, many of these homeowners would like to know the differences between a one-piece and two-piece toilet bowl and which is more suited for their home. They would also like to compare the prices of these toilet bowls, so they can plan their budget accordingly. Here are the differences between a one-piece and a two-piece toilet bowl to help buyers make the right decision.


The Tank and Bowl


In a one-piece toilet bowl, the entire toilet bowl is molded as one using porcelain or ceramic. As the toilet bowl and the tank are connected during the molding process, no additional connection is required between the tank and the bowl. The one-piece toilet bowl is smaller in size which makes the process of manufacturing more complicated. The bowl is also designed for comfortable sitting. It is also easier to clean and maintain this toilet bowl since there are no joints or crevices as the toilet bowl is supplied as a single unit. It usually has a P-trap to prevent foul gasses from entering the house.

In comparison, for a two-piece toilet bowl such as Baron W-203A, the toilet bowl and the tank which holds the water for flushing are supplied as separate units to the home or other addresses specified. The units are connected using gaskets, nuts, and bolts during the toilet bowl installation. It is more difficult to access the joint or connection between the bowl section and tank section when cleaning it. Therefore, there is a possibility that bacteria and other harmful microbes may flourish in the toilet bowl. Due to the two sections, this toilet bowl is also more likely to get damaged which requires a toilet bowl replacement or repairs.


The Size, Weight, and Appearance


The size of a one-piece toilet bowl is usually less since no provision for making the connection is needed. It is also sleeker in appearance, making it popular in luxury homes and one of the best toilet bowl models for small bathrooms. The distance between the toilet drain pipe and the wall cannot be changed since the tank is already attached. The weight of the one-piece toilet bowl is usually more than a toilet bowl with two different sections because the toilet bowl is molded from ceramic. This makes it difficult to carry for installation especially in older flats where there is limited access to lifts.

A two-piece toilet bowl has a bowl that is connected to the tank, so it is more than the overall size of a toilet bowl. There is also a provision for adjusting the distance between the toilet drain pipe and the wall, it is by installing a water tank of different capacity or size. The overall weight of the two-piece toilet bowl is often less since the tank may be made from plastic, while the toilet bowl is made from ceramic. Hence it is easier to transport the different sections of the toilet bowl to any specified location. Most toilet bowls sold decades ago had two sections, so they are found in older homes.


The Toilet and Installation Cost


Many of the top toilet bowl brands are having one-piece and two-piece versions of the same toilet bowl so that customers can choose a model number based on their budget and personal preference. If we compare these toilet bowls from the best-selling toilet bowl brands, it is found that the one-piece toilet bowl is significantly more expensive compared to the two-piece toilet bowl. According to researchers comparing the market rates, the most popular and costliest models of one-piece toilet bowls have prices that are far more than the corresponding two-piece toilet bowls.

Though the transportation cost of a one-piece toilet bowl to a home is usually higher, the process of its installation is easier, because the toilet bowl has to be fixed to the floor, and the water supply connections have to be made. Transporting the two sections of the two-piece toilet bowl will be cheaper, but during installation, in addition to other connections, the tank has to be fixed to the toilet bowl, and the connections should also be tested. This additional connection and testing affect the price of the toilet bowl installation, thus increasing the installation time and expenses for a two-piece toilet bowl.



If you have plans on installing a new toilet bowl, aside from selecting toilet bowl brands such as Baron and Saniton, you will decide whether to have a one-piece or a two-piece toilet bowl. It is important to know their differences such as the tank and the bowl, its appearance, and the cost of installation. Once you have decided on what toilet bowl to install, it is best to engage a professional plumber as they are knowledgeable, have the proper experience and expertise to properly install your chosen toilet bowl. They also offer other toilet bowl services that you can utilize for your one-piece or two-piece toilet bowl.

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